7 Attractions To Experience From Home That Will Make You Fear

To fear is a mix of emotions that make us feel scared but alive at the same time. The adrenaline running through your veins and the heart pumping like crazy. But to fear is not for everybody. While we are passing through difficult times as the virus pandemic is still ongoing, we have to keep distancing, better staying at home and stoping or postponing our life style, routines, everything.

Horror fans know pretty much that mix of emotions, going to the cinemas to watch a new psychological thriller, reading a eerie book that may keep them awake late at night, going to haunted house attractions as a way to have fun and get that mix of emotions. To fear. To feel scared and alive.

Here’s a list of 7 videos of different attractions to watch from home that collect those emotions as if you were there to experience them.

Stranger Things

Back in 2018, Universal Studios made a Stranger Things maze for their annual Halloween Horror Nights event. It was based more in the second and third season of the Netflix’s series. Visitors face an encounter with Demogorgon and the hideous Mind Flayer and will give you some type of stress just by watching it.

Tower of Terror

The famous attraction located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, is an ultimate favorite. It is made for those who love suspense and nostalgia, as it is inspired by the series “The Twilight Zone”.

The story takes place in an old and abandoned hotel, in which five guests mysteriously disappeared inside an elevator during a stormy night in 1939. You’ll get on that elevator yourself to find out what happened.

As you ascend, the elevator just suddendly falls. It’s hard not to get excited with the feeling of falling down, fearing for your life.

The Conjuring

This maze is at Warner Bros. Studio Tour. It involves the participation of a guide who tells a story which is set and inspired by the Conjuring universe. You’ll explore and investigate the most famous paranormal cases while trying to escape the demonic spirits that are lurking in the shadows.

The Shining

Before the Stranger Things maze, Universal Studios had a The Shining maze at their Halloween Horror Nights back in 2017 which it was a terrifying experience based on the video. Every detail of the maze just matches with the scenarios in the movie, a blood-filled elevator, ghoulish twins, the horrifying bathroom scene, and there’s even a Jack Nicholson clone with an ax.


Knott’s Berry Farm is a theme park located in California. In 2019, a new maze called Waxworks was released which is a tour of the most horrible wax museum you have ever seen, mannequins and many actors ready to scare you.


The famous ship Queen Mary makes an annual event called Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, a scary festival with original mazes and tours. In 2016, they had a maze walk-through named B340, which is about the psychotic mind of a man known as Samuel the Savage. The experience is described as, “Tight spaces, darkness mixed with flashing lights, and pulse-pounding noises would drive anyone to the brink of insanity”.

The Exorcist

Universal Studios has shown that they have the best theme mazes as each year they choose from different horror movies to recreate and get real scares out of you. At their Halloween Horror Nights in 2016, they decided that The Exorcist was the perfect movie to make one of the best mazes out there. Just see for yourself.

Hopefully, sooner or later everything will go back to normal to go to theaters and visit haunted house attractions just to fear.

What do you think about these fearful attractions?

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