10 Creepy Things Found At Michael Jackson’s House

The King of Pop sold millions of albums and his success allowed him to build his own paradise. Based on his favorite theme park, he created “NEVERLAND”. He named the property after the fantasy island where Peter Pan lives together with the lost boys.

The 3,000-acre property was full of entertainment. It had a zoo and a concert hall. The ranch even had two functional trains to move around the property.

When Michael Jackson was under investigation, the authorities found curious and creepy objects inside the house. Here are 10 of them:

1. Real-size children’s dolls

The realistic dolls are disturbing enough, without the additional fact that they could be placed in whatever position Jackson wanted.

2. A door knocker with two guys kissing each other

This knocker with two guys kissing may be one of the weirdest yet.

3. Statues of half-naked boys

4. A drawing of Michael with a group of children

Wondering where is he taking them to…

5. His own golden throne.

This eccentric seat has jewels, gold and fine fabrics embedded. (Plus, there’s another doll at the picture)

6. A fortune teller machine

Again, very weird but how often did he use it?

7. A carousel

This carousel was one of the most bizzare things at Neverland Ranch. According to TMZ, some animals are holding something in their snouts -just like in the picture- which can make whining noises.

8. Hyperbaric chamber

The singer wouldn’t sleep in a bed but in this chamber to never grow old and look young forever.

9. Secret cabinet

According to TMZ and the media, in Michael Jackson’s closet, there were not only his clothes and shoes but also adult material, toys, children’s tales, old perfumes and the portrait of actor Macaulay Culkin, with whom he held a friendship.

10. Fairy figures

This might be nice -or not- if it wasn’t for the other statues of barely dressed children that go along with them.

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