Actividad paranormal en una morgue se captura en video

En la grabación se puede ver una escalofriante manifestación del más allá que sucedió en una morgue brasileña.

Un video filmado por dos trabajadores, que laboraban como guardias de seguridad, muestra una manifestación muy intensa en una morgue en Brasil, donde una puerta comenzó a azotarse inexplicablemente a altas horas de la madrugada.

En la grabación puede verse que los guardias estaban revisando el edificio, cuando de pronto, se sorprenden cuando una puerta roja comienza a cerrarse y abrirse abruptamente, mientras las luces comienzan a fallar en el desolado lugar.

Al notar la puerta que se movía, los hombres comienzan a acercarse cautelosamente hacia la puerta roja, cuando de un momento a otro, las luces se apagan por completo, a la par que el movimiento de la puerta se detiene por completo.

Podemos escuchar en el video que uno de los trabajadores afirma que pudo ver una entidad misteriosa.

Después de la publicación de esta grabación, varios usuarios de redes sociales discutieron sobre la veracidad del video, algunos piensan que pudo ser ficción o coincidencias, sin embargo, la mayoría cree que es real…

Aquí el video espeluznante …

¿Y tú que piensas sobre este video? ¿Será real?

The Nightmare: a shocking documentary about sleep paralysis

Its the middle of the night, you are trapped between sleep and wakefulness, you look around the room and everything seems to be in order, but a heavy feeling of worry overcomes yourself and experiencing shivering visual… this is the scary side of sleep paralysis.

Rodney Ascher has come to scare viewers with The Nightmare, a documentary about sleep paralysis, an condition that affects just over 6 out of every 100 people and consists of the inability to move any muscle in your body when you wake up, even though you remain fully conscious.

Those who had to suffer from sleep paralysis expressed the great desperation that they would feel during these episodes not being able to even ask for help.

The documentary The Nightmare explores the dark side of this spooky illness, interviewing 8 people on camera while bringing their experiences to life in a way that could conceivably induce nightmares in casual viewers.

One by one the sufferers share their story and their nightmares, some claim to have come face to face with a shadow man, who visits their bedroom every night walking right up to their bed, bent over, and stare into their eyes from a distance of about one inch.

Another of the subjects mentioned he was able to prevent having sleep paralysis by sleeping on his side. This position seemed rather uncomfortable after some time and the moment he decided to relax and sleep on his back, a red, tendril-y tentacle appeared on the ceiling.

When asked about including a more scientific approach to its documentary, Ascher said they found some scientific studies on this topic, such the one in the UK Mirror which had an interesting theory about how the entities people saw during their episodes could be a projection of their own internal body map and into their immediate surroundings.

However, Ascher did not think science could provide a reason why we see these specific experiences.

Have you ever experienced something such as sleep paralysis?

7 musicians who made a pact with the Devil

At some point in our lives, the thought of becoming famous has crossed our minds but it’s known that the road to success or fame is more complicated and unfair that the majority of people who try to follow such path, fail and fall by the wayside.

This situation is common since artists have to develop themselves in complicated environments to gain fame, however, there have been artists who apparently refused to endure such a difficult path and have chosen darker alternative: make a pact with the devil.

The thought that comes to mind is that these might be silly theories, although some artists themselves have admitted they had such pact… whether people, believe it or not, it’s their decision.

Niccolo Paganini

The 19th century was filled with magnificent musicians, and among them is Paganini, considered one of the best violinists in history. Since he was a child he showed great talent for the violin, but he did not find success until years later. When Paganini began to write extremely complicated works, during his performances he made sure that a deep dark shadow was behind him, a shadow not of his size but a much bigger one. For these reasons people began to claim that he had made a pact with the Devil.

This rumor was so popular that even after his death the Catholic Church refused to bury him until it finally happened several years later.


Giuseppe Tartini

A century before Paganini, Giuseppe Tartini had already offered his soul to the Devil, for the same reason. It is said that Tartini had always wanted fame as a musician, but he had never achieved it, his works and his performances were never worthy enough. Until one night Tartini had a dream in which he met the Devil, and in exchange for his soul, he was offered fame. The devil showed him music compositions never made before and rumors were spread that this was the reason why his greatest work was named “The Devil’s Trine”.

Tartini’s composition was so complex that, according to his contemporary musicians it was only possible to be performed if you had 6 fingers on each hand, something that was associated with the Devil and that would confirm Tartini’s supposed to dream.

Robert Johnson

Later on, during the 20th century, the rumors about musicians having pacts with the devil increased, the first one being Robert Johnson. An African-American musician who plays the Blues who as a child wanted to become a famous musician, but because of his humble origins it seemed like an impossible dream.

One night Johnson came face to face with the Devil himself, and he offered to show him songs in exchange for his soul, and Robert accepted. It is said that thanks to this pact he was given that exceptional handling of the instrument, as it seemed impossible for someone so young to play so well. This theory was reinforced with some of his songs, with stories about encounters and pacts with the Devil, as if he were telling his own story.

Jimmy Page

A member of the legendary Led Zeppelin band, he is one of those who are said to have made pacts in more modern times. The rumors began because of his strong interest in the occult and his interest in using the Ouija board. It is said that the price of the pact was not paid under his flesh but with that of the other members.

What supports this last theory is that several accidents and deaths have been linked to it, accidents were other people were involved, but never him.

Alice Cooper

Cooper is one of the artists who have openly accepted having a pact, after participating on a spiritual session he decided to change his name to the current Alice Cooper: he had sold his soul to the devil in exchange for fame. He later explained that his new name had been imposed on him in honor of a witch who in ancient times was burned at the stake.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan himself, the winner of multiple awards and even holder of a Nobel Prize for literature, confirmed on several occasions that all this fame and success was entirely due to a pact he made in his youth with “the big boss”, as he calls him.

The Rolling Stones

The members of the band, one of the longest and most famous in history, have been accused many times of satanic dealings and pacts with which they have achieved such fame. Although they have never confirmed it, their detractors assure it, mainly because of the satanic lyrics in their album “Their Satanic Majestic Request”, which shows clear sympathy for the obscure.

Apart from musicians like The Rolling Stones, it has been said that other artists such as Jimmy Hendrix were able to achieve fame through sinister pacts, because of their inhumane ability for their instruments. One of the most notorious lately has been Justin Bieber, attributing satanic meanings to some of his tattoos.

Have you heard of other musicians that made pacts with the Devil?


“Haunters: Art Of The Scare” is the documentary series you need to watch on Netflix!

In the world there are people who share a great passion for horror, for the creatures that make us all afraid and of course, for the haunted houses and the documentary series Haunters: The Art of The Scare is in charge of compiling the best and most terrifying experiences in existence and you can see it on Netflix!

In this series, we share different attractions created only to surprise people with a long and scary journey. Get ready to be immersed in the subculture of people dedicated to the creation of haunted houses.

The attractions you will see are extremely special because they are built with a surprising degree of complexity, creativity and a lot of horror. The dedication is so great that many people invest in the construction of these attractions, that they even recognize it as a second job.

In this series, you will also get insights about the famous McKamey’s Haunted House which has been proclaimed as the mother of Haunted houses for its extreme tour. The staff takes several Skype calls and questions the prospects, asking questions such as their deepest fear and their health and physical state.

Even though this haunted house has proven to make the bravest of all scream out of fear, people still feel like they need to prove their bravery and McKamey’s is the place to do so.

Most of the haunted house owners that are interviewed in this series, actually have a full time normal job such as legal assistants or sellers, however they all agree that the art of scaring people is their true passion and serves as a way to escape from the uptight world we all live in.

People share their thoughts about haunted houses and what it means for them saying that the haunted attraction is one of the most sophisticated art forms that you’ll ever experience, from visual to sensory. What makes a great haunter is, they are obsessed about it and once you begin to scare someone, you just cant stop.

“A heart-warming and heart-stopping documentary about people who sacrifice everything to create the most popular and polarizing haunted houses for Halloween – from boo-scare mazes to a controversial new subculture of extreme terror experiences.

Have you even been inside a Haunted House before?

Baba Vanga’s chilling prophecies come true

There are people with the incredible gift of predicting the future and although many or most of us receive the information with some skepticism, there are those who have definitely managed to surprise us. Without a doubt, this is the case of “Baba Vanga”, one of the world’s most renowned seers for her accurate predictions…

She was a Bulgarian woman named Vangelia Pandeva, born in 1911, and shortly before she passed away in 1996, she revealed several future events that have left us impressed, because to this day they are still coming true.

One of those prophecies, which we are currently going through, is none other than the virus that now is spreading among the people in the world.

Baba Vanga’s incredible story began at the age of 12, when she had an accident that left her marked for life. A large tornado crossed her path, lifting her up and throwing her 400 meters into a field. It was a miracle that she was alive, however, as a result of the accident she gradually lost her vision and four years later she lost her sight completely.

At the age of 16 Baba received a divine gift, as she began to have visions in which several of them have had spooky successes, for example; The Twin Towers on September 11, communicating that “the American brothers would be attacked by steel birds. She also predicted the end of World War II, the decease of Princess Diana, and of course, the coronavirus, the global disease that would end many lives…

In the 1970s Baba made mention of the virus, prophesying that in the 20th century in the year of the twins “20 20”, a new disease would begin in China that would spread around the world and remove the lives of many people, especially the elderly. She even mentioned that the antidote would take a year to develop.

After the virus, she announced that in the same year there would be other scary events, one of which is a meteorite that would arrive to the earth (Nostradamus also warned about this event). This is actually quite spooky, as NASA is currently investigating a meteorite that is threatening to come close to the earth.

Before she passes away, she also anticipated and warned of other events that would occur later, such as a huge Tsunami that would wipe out parts of India, Pakistan, China, and Japan.

She also anticipated other disturbing events in the future, which we may not yet be able to understand, but from her successful record, many of us might think it could come true…

In 2028 a spaceship will be launched to Venus, we will fight famine and there will be new sources of energy, apart from the announcement of extraterrestrial life. By 2033 the ice at the poles will melt and the water level will rise, causing several civilizations to be lost. 2088 a new disease will attack the world and cause aging in seconds. 2111 people will merge with robots.

2183 Mars will be colonized and only the rich will be able to live there. 2256 A spaceship will arrive on Earth and bring new fatal diseases. 2378 There is a new race. 3803 Humans find a new planet but its climate ruins the organism that will develop mutations.

3805 A war begins between planets because of the resources each one has, of which millions of people lose their lives. 4599 humans achieve immortality, among other things, and finally 5079 the end of the world…

After reading this, do you believe Baba Yanga’s predictions, only time will tell…

3 Spooky virtual tours you can take for free while at home


It was a quiet afternoon in April 1986 when suddenly a series of explosions broke out in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant spreading a gigantic amount of radioactive smoke in the atmosphere, a real catastrophe in history.

300,000 people were evacuated from areas of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus leaving many of the places uninhabitable even to this day. The streets became a ghost area and if you are one of the curious ones, you can take a virtual tour and visit the ghost town of Prypiat, with a 360 video that will surely give you chills. In spite of the fact that it is totally solitary, you can feel the pain of the thousands of inhabitants who had to evacuate after the catastrophe.

Dracula’s Castle In Transylvania

Bran Castle, in Romania a huge medieval-style fortress located in the Transylvanian Alps. This architectural work is commonly identified as “Dracula’s Castle” since the novelist Bram Stoker was inspired by this medieval fortress, to write the descriptions of Count Dracula’s dwelling, in the classic gothic horror novel. This castle has become one of the main tourist attractions in the region, although specialists say that the Prince of Wallachia Vlad III Draculea (the Impaler), a historical figure who led to the fictional Dracula, never lived under its roof.

Although the writer Bram Stoker never set foot inside this palace, he was able to get to know it through English libraries which provided all the maps and reference books he needed, from this point onwards his ghoulish imagination did the rest and added some magic into the castle.

And for your surprise, you are able to visit this castle too! through various video tours from its official website or even walk around freely by yourself, just go up the stair and begin your tour!

The Paris Catacombs

Upon entering the catacombs of Paris, you will have chills down your spine, for it is a place like no other in the world, here rest millions of souls At the end of the 18th century

The French government was facing major problems related to public health, so the cemeteries took the extreme decision to transfer the deceased to an underground site. The Paris authorities chose a site outside the capital: the former Tombe-Issoire quarries under the Montrouge plain.

The first transfers were made between 1785 – 1787 and later the area was consecrated as the “Municipal Ossuary of Paris”. From 1809, the catacombs were opened to the public by appointment.

You can take an interactive virtual tour through and take a look around the chilling walls of the catacombs, which are rich with history.

What place would you like to see on a virtual tour?

The most cursed movies in Hollywood history

For over 100 years, a three-minute short film entitled Le Manoir du Diable (1896) was one of the first titles to go into scary movies. And although it is indisputable that watching such projects is quite entertaining, there are certain films that seem not only to be spooky, but also cursed…

Poltergeist (1982)

It is said that the Poltergeist’s curse not only affected the first film but the whole trilogy. Why and how did the curse begin? Supposedly, during the filming of Poltergeist real skeletons were used in some scenes, mostly in that pool scene.

The first victim to suffer from the movie’s curse was Dominique Dunne who played Dana Freeling. The actress lost her life because of her evil boyfriend.

Then it was Heather O’Rourke’s turn to play the sweet Carol Anne. After the filming of the third installment was over, the innocent girl with only 12 years old, suffered intestinal stenosis, which the doctors did not diagnose correctly and that is how the beloved Heather lost her life.

Sometime later Julian Beck, who was to appear in the sequel to Poltergeist, passed away at the age of 60 of cancer. Will Sampson, who interpreted an Indian doctor in the sequel, passed away ironically from post-operative problems. Although these last two deaths I leave it to you to think whether or not they are the work of the Poltergeist curse.

The Omen (1976)

What everyone thought would be one more movie that involved the supernatural, ended up becoming a real nightmare. The first tragedy was when actor Gregory Peck and the screenwriter of the film were hit by lightning several hours apart, while they were on a flight.

Due to these incidents, the production team decided to rent a private jet, but they did not get on it since shortly after taking off, it crashed into a vehicle that, of course, resulted in the death of the pilot’s wife and son.

In addition to all of these accidents John Richardson, the special effects manager of the film suffered a car accident along with his assistant Liz Moore, and the most macabre part of this is that the accident was quite similar to the scene filmed by Richardson.

The Exorcist (1973)

For those who might not know, The Exorcist is based on the real case of alleged demonic possession of a 14-year-old boy, but no one imagined that this would have an impact when filming The Exorcist.

The filming had to be postponed due to a fire that damaged the entire set of the McNeil house, but strangely only one room was left intact: Regan’s room. Also, actress Ellen Burstyn suffered severe spinal damage during the scene where she was thrown to the ground by Regan. The painful experience left her touched for life and her screams of pain we hear in the film are very

To these disturbing situations, we must add the deaths of 7 other members including Jack McGowran and Vasiliki Maliaros. Even some of the people involved in the making of The Exorcist passed away from strange causes.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

The reason this film has been accused to be cursed is mainly because of its filming location: the Dakota building. This building is known for being a haunted or cursed place, with a dark back history…

It is said that numerous satanic rituals, black magic, witchcraft were performed in the building which led to a series of paranormal phenomena and deaths.

Despite the dark history behind the building, the filming of Rosemary’s Baby was carried on without expecting the crew and cast to be affected by its curse. The first person to suffer was the composer of the BSO, Krysztof Komeda. The cause of his death was a brain clot, very similar to the cause that one of the characters passed away in the film, coincidence perhaps?

But the real tragedy was what happened to the actress Sharon Tate, a young woman pregnant woman, with 26 years old Sharon Tate was in her residence with some of her friends where all lost their lives by Charles Manson’s cult: The Manson Family.

Do you believe these movies are cursed?

Las 7 trompetas del Apocalipsis

La Biblia tiene escrituras proféticas que nos revelan cosas terribles, y se refiere a acontecimientos trágicos que sucederán antes del juicio final. Se dice que Dios envía 7 ángeles a la tierra y cada uno tocará su trompeta, esto con la finalidad de anunciarnos que el fin los tiempos está por llegar…

Enseguida se producirán fenómenos catastróficos como inmensos granizos de fuego que provocarán fuertes incendios, será el final de la tercera parte de los seres vivientes y habrá oscuridad en la tierra, como horribles plagas, entre otras cosas.

Antes de que esto suceda, desaparecerán las personas más limpias o “los siervos de Dios” para excluirlos de su furia, mientras que en la tierra dejará a los más desobedientes con la intención de que tomemos consciencia y arrepentirnos de nuestros actos, así mismo podremos elegir entre el camino del bien o del mal.

Los escalofriantes eventos ocurrirán durante las siete trompetas, donde según el libro del Apocalipsis serán los siguientes…

Primera Trompeta

Piedras de meteoritos cubiertos en llamas caerán sobre la tierra que al impactarse provocaran peligrosos incendios. Será la perdición de bosques, campos, cultivos y pastos invadidos entre llamas, y no solo eso, pues se dice que los volcanes también llegarán a hacer erupción.

Segunda Trompeta

Un enorme asteroide se introducirá a la órbita del planeta a gran velocidad que caerá sobre el mar, provocará la destrucción de barcos, cruceros, buques de carga y naves semejantes. También será la pérdida de muchas especies, pintando así sus aguas de color rojo.

Tercera Trompeta

Otro asteroide impactará sobre la tercera parte de nuestros ríos perjudicando así a las plantas de agua. El agua oscurecerá por los restos de asteroide y será fatal para el organismo, pues todas aquellas personas que lleguen a beberla perderán la vida envenenados.

Cuarta Trompeta

Después de las primeras tres trompetas, el día oscurecerá igual que la noche y esto se debe al material desprendido por los asteroides y el humo como la contaminación que circulará por el aire. En la cuarta trompeta comenzarán a destruirse los edificios, calles y carreteras. Perjudicará los sistemas de comunicación tanto como los de transportes y comenzará el caos.

Estas primeras cuatro trompetas abrirán muchos ojos a la humanidad, sin embargo las que vienen a continuación no son nada comparadas con las anteriores, pues las últimas tres trompetas son consideradas las más graves ya que entrará el reino del mal a nuestro mundo…

Quinta Trompeta

Satanás y su ejército de demonios llegarán a la tierra, pero no con aspectos horrorosos tal y como los pintan en las imágenes. Éste aparecerá como la imagen de Jesús, haciéndole creer a la humanidad que él fue quien envió todas las tragedias anteriores para que se arrepientan y lo adoren. Las personas que se nieguen a hacerlo serán atormentados de manera terrible y cruel, pero ofrecerá piedad a todos aquellos quienes lo sigan.

Sexta Trompeta

El ejército de Satanás crece con más fuerza mezclado de soldados demonios y en parte de personas quienes decidieron adorarlo por un poco de piedad. La tierra estará completamente destruida y será un campo de batalla donde su ejército será ordenado en acabar con la vida de todas las personas desobedientes que se opusieron a seguirlo, como última advertencia.

Séptima y última Trompeta

El mundo se sacudirá con un fuerte terremoto, acompañado de truenos y relámpagos. Llegará la gloria del señor iluminando los cielos, Cristo resucitará a los difuntos, y todos los fieles creyentes serán convertidos en seres inmortales. Podrán adorar al maestro que deseen, ya sea el de Jesús o Satanás. Durante esos tres años de destrucción, con la séptima trompeta llegarán los siete ángeles con las siete copas de la ira de Dios.

¿Y tú crees que el Apocalipsis esta cerca? 

Proxima serie documental de Netflix, donde hablarán de los lugares más embrujados del mundo

Ahora con la moda de que mucha gente hace recorridos nocturnos en lugares abandonados con tal de demostrarle a la audiencia pruebas o evidencias que demuestren que el más allá existe, por supuesto que Netflix, no quiso quedarse atrás…

Si eres una persona fanática al género de horror, no te puedes perder de esta increíble noticia que Netflix ha anunciado, pues ahora están preparando una serie de estilo documental donde hablarán de todas las casas, hoteles, y cementerios más embrujados de los Estados Unidos.

Han seleccionado los sitios más escalofriantes, aquellos lugares que por sus historias se han ganado el título como “Los lugares más embrujados de todo el mundo”, donde han sido testigos de terribles historias, actos infames que han dejado con el tiempo un ambiente pesado con innumerables apariciones fantasmales.

Debido a la gran audiencia y al éxito que tuvo este género en sus últimas películas y series como la maldición de “Hill house”, por ejemplo. Es ahora que se decidió crear este documental para mostrar los lugares reales donde se han vivido terribles experiencias paranormales.

Uno de los sitios que se tiene destinada una visita obligatoria es la casa de “Amityville”, ubicada en 112 de Ocean Avenue en la ciudad de Amityville, Nueva York.

Esta casa ha sido una de las más famosas debido a lo que sucedió a la familia DeFeo. Los residentes posteriores a la tragedia afirmaron haber sido atacados por espíritus malignos. Éste caso fue tan grande que los grandes productores del cine se inspiraron para sacar su primera película estrenada en el año de 1979.

Se sabe que la primera temporada contará con pocos capítulos y solo se enfocará en las casas embrujadas, ya que si se tiene el éxito esperado irán a lugares aún más aterradores para subirlas en las siguientes temporadas.

Aún no se ha confirmado fechas de estreno ni el nombre de la esperada serie. Sin embargo, conociendo las producciones que ha realizado Netflix durante estos últimos años, sabemos que no es un novato en cuanto a documentales, por lo que este nuevo proyecto cuenta con grandes expectativas.

Por lo pronto, solo nos queda esperar con ansias el día de su estreno…

Padre vende muñeco poseído en Ebay, después de que éste cobrara vida

Existen muchos objetos extraños a la venta que la gente está dispuesta a comprar a través de eBay, y aunque suene increíble, algunos de los productos con más demanda en el mercado son los objetos “encantados”…

Según los vendedores de muñecas encantadas, algunas de ellas se mueven, otras emiten escalofriantes sonidos y lo peor de todo también pueden atacar a sus propietarios si no se tienen las debidas precauciones.

Uno de los casos más famosos, fue la venta de una muñeca con traje de conejito. El vendedor publicó abiertamente que estaba “poseída”, en la descripción redactó que tendría que deshacerse urgentemente de ella, ya que su hijo había sido rasguñado por la muñeca.

Junto con las características del producto, también compartió la espeluznante foto de la muñeca y otra mostrando las pruebas de los rasguños.

Además, declaró que sus familiares eran testigos de vivir escalofriantes escenas paranormales en su domicilio como; fuertes golpes, voces, ser tocados por dicha presencia maligna y hasta la manifestación fantasmal de un muchacho desaparecer frente a ellos.

Aún así, la honestidad del vendedor no detuvo a algunos interesantes compradores, la muñeca se vendió por la cantidad de £69, pero al final por alguna extraña razón no pudo concretarse el pago…

El vendedor público lo siguiente:
“¡Resubastada por no haber sido pagada! ¡Si no estás dispuesto a comprarla no hagas ninguna oferta!
¡Necesito vender esta muñeca AHORA! Tenemos esta muñeca hace poco tiempo. Escuchamos sonidos extraños y esta muñeca ha arañado a mi hijo en la cara mientras dormía. Después de este suceso mi hijo comenzó a experimentar el sonambulismo. Hemos realizado psicofonías y grabado la voz de un niño. Mientras que tenía a mi hijo sentado en mi regazo alguien que no podía ver decía que me veía. Tuve una sensación muy extraña cuando cogí por primera vez esta muñeca. No quiero que esta muñeca regrese nunca más a mi casa. Esta muñeca es muy antigua. Sólo compradores del Reino Unido. No se aceptan devoluciones.”

El 10 de mayo de 2014 a las 14:58:01, el vendedor añadió la siguiente información:
“Mi hijo mayor también ha dicho que vio a un niño en su habitación una noche, me dijo que tenía una cara blanquecina y que desapareció por la ventana.”

Existen recomendaciones para la compra y venta de objetos embrujados dentro de eBay, donde advierten a todos los usuarios compradores de artículos embrujados, que este tipo de compras no es para todo el mundo y que su recomendación es mejor que sea para gente especializada en fines de investigación paranormales.

Aconseja que este tipo de compras son serias y que si no se está dispuesto a ser responsables o hacerle frente a las consecuencias que pueden llegar a ocurrir al tener un objeto maldito, es mejor no comprarlo.

Por último, te aconsejan tener cuidado con en este tipo de productos, ya que si no se tienen elementos de protección como agua bendita o sal de mar, pudiera ocurrir un terrible suceso…