The Tomb of Marie Laveau “The Queen of Voodoo”

Learn the story of Marie Laveau “The Queen of Voodoo”, and the legend regarding her grave … In 1794, Marie Laveau was born in the French Quarter of New Orleans, a woman who, despite being a Catholic, witchcraft was always part of her life, because the city’s African slaves were voodoo practitioners. She was a […]

La Tumba de Marie Laveau “La reina del Vudú”

Conoce la historia de Marie Laveau “la Reina del Vudú”, y la leyenda respecto a su tumba… En 1794, en el barrio Francés de Nueva Orleans nació Marie Laveau, una mujer que a pesar de ser católica, la brujería siempre fue parte de su vida, pues los esclavos africanos de la ciudad eran practicantes del […]

“Madame LaLaurie Mansion” The most haunted house in New Orleans

Meet “LaLaurie’s mansion” the home of a woman who was so evil, that the American Horror Story: Coven series made her one of the characters. It´s said that New Orleans is the most haunted city in the United States, as the history of the city has been marked by voodoo culture and ghost legends. Madame […]

You can sleep in a hostel inside an old and haunted jail

There are many haunted places to sleep, for example hospitals, hotels or houses, however, a prison? only in Ottawa … In Ottawa, Canada there is a hostel called “Hi Ottawa Jail” that is inside an old prison approximately 150 years old. The hostel past is dark… it´s said that the hostel is haunted, and if […]

Visit the creepy “House of Frankenstein Wax Museum”

If you have the opportunity to visit New York and you are a lover of horror, the “House of Frankenstein Wax Museum” is a destination not to be missed … House de Frankenstein wax museum is not like any other, as these wax monsters seem to come alive… “Victor Frankenstein according to Mary Shelley created […]

The old route 666 “The Devil’s Road”

Route 491 was previously marked by the number of the beast “666”, it´s said that this road that passes through Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona is inhabited by demonic forces, which is why people know it as “the Devil’s Road.” Statistics put the road among the 20 most dangerous in the United States, it´s […]

Visita la exhibición de Tim Burton en Las Vegas

¡No pierdas la oportunidad de visitar la exhibición de Tim Burton en Las Vegas! Tienes hasta abril del 2020. En octubre del 2019 The Neon Museum de Las Vegas, Nevada, abrió sus puertas para mostrar la gótica y fantasiosa exhibición de arte del director Tim Burton. En un principio, la fecha final para visitar la […]