Creepy old ventriloquist doll comes alive on video

If you are one of the people who feel disturbed under the appearance of ventriloquist dolls, now imagine that I told you that there is one that seems to be possessed… Well, that’s what Michael Diamond says, a 48-year-old man who apparently likes to keep antiques inside his home. It all started a few days […]

Escalofriante muñeco antiguo de ventrílocuo cobra vida en video

Si eres una de las personas que se sienten perturbadas bajo el aspecto de los muñecos de ventrílocuo, ahora imagina que te dijera que existe uno que al parecer se encuentra poseído… Bueno, eso es lo que dice Michael Diamond, un hombre de 48 años que al parecer le gusta conservar las antigüedades dentro de […]

Hocus Pocus returns the sequel to the screen, Sarah Jessica Parker confirms it

Disney revealed the return to the screen of one of his films, most anticipated by all lovers of the classic Hocus Pocus. The movie tells a story that happened centuries ago, on Halloween night in Salem, three witches were taken to the gallows because of practicing witchcraft and being responsible for the disappearance of children. […]

A chilling bony hand touches a girl while she was playing

A video was published on a Facebook account, which immediately caused it to go viral, as many users of social networks said it can be seen in it, a creepy bony hand. This happened in Guanajuato, Mexico. The girl’s father recorded her playing on the shelf of a cupboard, he thought it was so funny […]

A bar that transforms into “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

“Ill Minister Pub” has brought to Dallas, Texas, one of Tim Burton’s classic films, where all fans have to know this place that becomes completely honoring Halloween, inspired by the theme “The Nightmare Before Christmas” The bar is completely adorned with a spooky and gothic style, accompanied by our favorite characters such as Jack and […]

Un bar que se transforma en “El Extraño Mundo de Jack”

“Ill Minister Pub” a traído a Dallas, Texas, una de las películas clásicas de Tim Burton, donde todos los fanáticos tenemos que conocer este lugar que se disfraza completamente haciendo honor al Halloween, inspirado en la temática “The Nightmare Before Christmas” El bar esta completamente adornado con un estilo espeluznante y gótico, acompañado con nuestros […]

Ahora puedes visitar un bar inspirado en Bettlejuice ¡Es muy bizarro!

Esto va para todos los fieles fanáticos de Tim Burton, y es que no dejan de sorprendernos con sus diferentes lugares temáticos relacionados con las vibraciones bizarras del artista. pues existe un bar llamado Beetle House, donde puedes disfrutar Halloween todo el año, un bar especialmente inspirado en uno de nuestro films favoritos “Beetlejuice”de 1988. […]

If you miss Halloween, now you can visit a bar inspired by Beetlejuice all year round

This goes for all the loyal fans of Tim Burton, and it is that they keep surprising us with their different thematic places related to the bizarre vibrations of the artist. There is a bar called Beetle House, where you can enjoy Halloween all year round, a bar specially inspired by one of our favorite […]

Now you can write spooky stories sitting inside Stephen King’s house and take a spooky tour around

Great news for fans, readers and writers! The horror director Stephen King’s mansion, located in Bangor, Maine, has opened the door for those who are looking for inspiration to write. Although obviously the writer of the supernatural will not be in the mansion, the chilling facilities will be enough to immerse you in a spooky […]

The new Netflix horror movie “Eli”, They say you’ll see demons after watching it

The new Netflix movie, called “Eli”, has completely surprised all its fans, because they say it is such a chilling tape with an unexpected end. It has caused so much furor in the networks, that some users say that after seeing it they see demons out of the corner of their eyes. This movie premiered […]