The return of Jeepers Creepers 4 has been confirmed, the premiere is in October!

Good news has reached us for all horror lovers and for all fans of this demonic creature, as the return of Jeepers Creepers to the screen has been confirmed for October of this year.

The mythological beast of Jeepers Creepers has taken its place in the world of horror, thanks to its first two movies that despite being low-budget were successful.

Although Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017) disappointed many of its followers, Screen Media get the distribution rights to make changes and improve.

However, the fourth film is already around the corner to the surprise of many “Jeepers Creepers; Reborn” finished its recordings in Los Angeles between November and December of last year so it is already in the early stages of post-production.

In an exclusive for Variety, Screen Media confirmed that the new film will take a more terrifying turn than we have seen before, since its purpose from the beginning is to attract again the entire audience that was lost with the third movie.

“As excited as we are, we know that fans will be even more thrilled (and chilled) to return to the world of the Creeper, now with a much scarier vision from director Timo Vuorensola, who is the perfect fit to restart this franchise”

It’s not yet known which is the cast, not even images of the recording set have been shared that show us any idea of ​​what the new environment of the franchise will be, however Screen Media affirms that Jeepers Creepers will be a film that will surprise us…

He also shares a short summary of the synopsis …

“The film unfolds as the Horror Hound festival holds its first ever event in Louisiana, where it attracts hundreds of geeks, freaks and die-hard horror fans from far and wide.

Among them is fanboy Chase and his girlfriend Laine, who is forced to come along for the ride. But as the event approaches, Laine begins to experience unexplained premonitions and disturbing visions associated with the town’s past, and in particular, local legend/urban myth The Creeper.

As the festival arrives and the blood-soaked entertainment builds to a frenzy, Laine believes that something unearthly has been summoned…and that she is at the center of it.”

The exact day of the premiere is not known, but what is a fact is that the film will be released in October of this year, just in time for Halloween …

Okiku «The Living Doll» who grows real hair

This is the story of “Okiku”, the possessed doll…

This tragic story dates back to 1918 when a young man bought a souvenir doll for his little sister in Sapporo, Japan. The doll was 40 centimeters tall, dressed in a kimono, her hair was short up to her shoulders, and her eyes were black as a moonless night.

Little Okiku, 2 years old, adored her from the first time she saw her, and together they spent the best year of their lives until a cold unfortunately made Okiku sick, taking her to her grave, separating from her best friend: the inseparable doll who she had named after herself… Okiku.

Her relatives made a shrine to Okiku and placed the doll on the altar, as a representation of the child, where they prayed to her every day for her eternal rest. As time passed, Okiku’s hair began to grow down to her knees, a sign that their deceased daughter had clung to this world and possessed her most precious doll to stay forever.

In 1938, the family gave the doll to the Mannenji temple, where the monks have cared for her as a deity, cutting her hair periodically and taking photographs of her with different lengths of hair. To this day Okiku can be found on an altar in this same temple.

There is no doubt that Okiku is a paranormal being since scientists have performed various tests on her and although they find no explanation for the paranormal happenings, they all conclude that the hair belongs to a real girl.

And you’d be able to visit Okiku?

How Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, and The Nightmare Before Christmas are all connected

Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, and The Nightmare Before Christmas are the same story…

Surely, most of us have seen hundreds of films that have marked part of our childhood, adolescence, or even adulthood. Without a doubt, one of these three films was one of those, which is why I want to talk to you about the relationship these animations have in a single story…

According to a theory circulated on the Internet, it says that these films follow the same character with his dog in different stages of his life, in short; Victor, the boy who revives his dog grew up and became the boyfriend of a dead, then when he died his soul was moved to the underworld where he finally became Jack, the king of Halloween…


It all started with the movie Frankenweenie where we meet Victor, an intelligent but extremely shy boy, who had almost no friends so the only one he considered his best friend was his dog Sparky. He loved science and earned the admiration of the new teacher who came to class for his peculiar way of explaining his theory about the power of lightning electricity in the human body.

However, being such an intelligent child in the field, this isolated him more and more from society. His father didn’t share the same idea, so he convinced him to get on a baseball team from his school so that he could blend in with the other kids his age and be a «normal» one.

Under pressure from his father at a baseball game, Victor threw the ball so hard that it flew out onto the avenue and they didn’t realize that his dog Sparky came out behind it. Unfortunately, while looking for it, a passing car hit him, leaving his poor pet lifeless.

This shattered Victor, losing his best friend but thanks to science he devised a plan which was to revive his dog Sparky and incredibly succeeds. However, because of this many colleagues discovered his experiment and brings problems to the life of the child when they try to do the same, but reviving monstrous beings. In the end, everything is solved, but the sad thing is that Sparky loses his life again.

People get together and put the wires from the car battery to place them in the body of their dog to pass energy to it, and thanks to this the dog gets up again, that’s how this movie released in 2012 ended, however, the theory says that that really wasn’t the end…

After this, Victor furthered his studies and created many inventions of which many were failures, but one, in particular, was his greatest success… a time machine.

Victor traveled to the past in the company of his dog, but on the way something went wrong and his machine broke down taking him back several years causing the boy to lose his memory along with a useless machine.

His only memory was that his name was Victor and that he had a dog that he decided to name Scraps, as he could not remember his real name. This is where we move on to the next movie, «Corpse Bride»…

Corpse Bride

Victor is found by a couple of fishermen and he returns rich with his great inventions, since in spite of everything he followed his great love and wisdom for the sciences. With the passing of time, his pet dies and Victor grows up to become an adult with his same essence… loneliness.

His adoptive parents force him to marry to improve his social condition, a situation that Victor did not like very much, however, it was not so bad because he meets his future fiancée Victoria, and ends up totally in love with her.

Victor’s nerves and carelessness at the rehearsal ceremony, do not allow him to do things right and he ends up getting into a mess by transporting himself to the world of the dead where he meets Emily and meets his now bony dog Scraps.

After a long adventure full of conflicts, Victor manages to help Emily and free her from her curse to finally be transferred to her eternal rest. Finally, Victor returns to the world of the living to fulfill his dream, marry his beloved Victoria, and live the rest of their lives together.

According to the theory, the following years Victor was very happy and loved his wife Victoria, but after his experience in the kingdom of the dead, he was marked for life and for that reason he loved Halloween, as this reminded him of his best friend Scraps, who would wait for him in the underworld.

On the other hand, his wife loved Christmas, and in spite of the differences, their love was so great that they both respected their preferences. Victor celebrated Halloween in a big way with Victoria, as well as she celebrated Christmas with him.

Time passed and the day arrived when Victor had to be separated by destiny from his wife, as he lost his life in a tragic situation on a Halloween night, he was finally reunited with his best friend Scraps in the afterlife…

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Victor in life loved Halloween so much, that in the other world he was chosen to be sent to «Halloween Town», a place especially for all the souls who love this holiday and carry out their eternal rest. He was sent with Scraps since he refused to leave without him, only that before leaving his memories had to be erased to wake up in this world and live a new «life» together.

It was then that Victor took on a new identity, naming himself as Jack, and his dog Scraps (formerly Sparky) as Zero. Jack became the king of Halloween because every night he showed his incredible passion for the celebration, however, soon after something inside Jack did not make him happy and he realizes that something is missing, that was the love of his life.

Even though he doesn’t remember anything about it, when Jack knows about Christmas he feels a great passion for this holiday, because inside he reminds him of his beloved Victoria.

That’s why the film shows how he insists on bringing Christmas to Halloween Town, even though all his fellow monsters oppose his plans, unconsciously Jack knew it was Victoria’s favorite holiday.

Returning to Victoria’s life, months after Victor’s death, she too loses her life and is sent to the underworld where she hopes to finally be reunited with her beloved husband.

Sadly, not finding him, she tries desperately to go to Halloween Town where she hoped he would be there and see him again, but not sharing the same love for that date, she was denied by the greater forces to be sent. She then goes to a scientist who helps her through by having her reincarnate in Sally’s body.

She doesn’t remember anything about her past life either, but fate brought her to meet Jack, and as in the beginning, she ended up madly in love with him, not knowing that he was really her beloved Victor, the love of her life…

The situations, adventures, and dangers that they live in this dark animated fantasy film makes them come together again, without even knowing that they always were, but this time for all eternity, and not alone, but also accompanied by Victor’s best friend… Scraps.

Which of these movies is your favorite and why?

La serie de Netflix que debes ver si alguna vez te preguntaste… ¿hay vida después de la muerte?

¿Que pasa después de que terminamos esta vida? ¿Hacia donde vamos después de dejar el plano terrenal?… si tú eres de las personas que miles de veces te has preguntado lo mismo, quizás esta serie de Netflix es para ti…

Surviving Death es el nombre de la serie que ya podemos encontrar en la plataforma de Netflix. Una serie diferente a lo que estamos acostumbrados pues en esta nos revela los misterios “del más allá” basándose en la ciencia y los testimonios reales de la gente que afirman haber pisado el otro lado ya sea por minutos de fallecer o al realizar un viaje astral a diferentes planos espirituales.

¿Pero al dejar este mundo perdemos por completo la existencia?… “Lo único que sé es que cuando pierdes la vida todos los que te amaban van a extrañarte muchísimo” es lo que contesta Keanu Reeves, mientras que series como The OA opinan que nuestra alma viaja a otros planos donde vivimos otras vidas.

Las respuestas son infinitas debido a la diversidad de opiniones, teorías e incluso experiencias, sin embargo, Surviving Death está dispuesto a llegar más allá para revelarnos la verdad.

“En este momento en que el mundo está experimentando tantas perdidas, espero que la serie le hable a cualquiera que alguna vez se haya preguntado acerca de un ser querido perdido” compartió el director de la serie Ricki Stern.

La serie está basada en libro de investigación que lleva por mismo nombre “Surviving Death” por Leslie Kean.

“La cuestión de qué nos sucede después de abandonar la vida es algo que hemos reflexionado a lo largo de la historia: enfrentarnos a la mortalidad nos lleva por un camino para explorar la posibilidad de que la conciencia continúe viviendo después de que el alma abandona el cuerpo”, dijo Ricky Stern en una entrevista para Hollywood Reporter.

“Al leer el libro de Leslie Kean, Surviving Death, me fascinaron los numerosos científicos y médicos que han estado estudiando esta cuestión, los casos extraordinarios en los que la gente ha fallecido y regresa para compartir sus experiencias, y las historias conmovedoras de personas que buscan contacto con sus seres queridos a través de médiums”. Explicó.

“La serie Surviving Death lleva al espectador a los laboratorios de investigación de los científicos que exploran la conciencia y a las vidas de personas reales que han experimentado pérdidas y dolor, buscando respuestas a la pregunta, ¿qué sucede en el otro lado? ¿Hay vida después de fallecer?”. Finalizó.

Quizás haya muchas respuestas o quizás nunca sepamos la verdad… sin embargo, lo interesante de esta serie es que podemos escuchar las teorías de científicos, médiums, expertos espirituales y paranormales, psiquiatras y personas quienes vivieron la experiencia de regresar del más allá, o con recuerdos de sus vidas pasadas; todos ellos se juntan para analizar el tema a fondo e intentarnos descifrar la verdad.

La muerte… uno de los misterios más grandes del mundo, quizás la serie nos ayude a comprender más del tema o tal vez nos confunda más, pero sin duda, Surviving Death no es una opción dejarla pasar para aquellos que buscamos respuestas…

Strange antique photos that show how little we know about the world

Today’s technological advances along with the collection of information and antique relics provided by historians over the years have allowed us to get a scoop into the past and have a somewhat accurate idea of how society was living 100 years ago.

However, even with all this access there still numerous strange and amazing things documented that we might not even know about! these are some of the strangest, unique, and even heartbreaking photos from all around the world

1. In 1919, the temperance movement secured ratification of the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibited the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages. Bottles and barrels of whiskey and beer were destroyed in 1923-1924.

2. In 1900, acetylene was first used in welding torches, it is a gas capable of reaching 3000º. It not only has the capacity to burn incredibly fast but it burns also with great power which was perfect for melting metals. This is how a welding helmet used to look back in 1941.

3. On January 30, 1948, Mohahandas Karanchaans Gandhi was on his way to a square near his home in New Delhi where about 500 people were waiting for him to say a community prayer. A man approached him with his hands together as a sign of prayer. When he was in front of him, he shot three bullets into his chest. This photo shows all of his belongings.

4. The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most extraordinary monuments in all of Egypt. The ancient Egyptians built the Great Sphinx of Giza, believed to be around 2500 BC. It was built using rock extracted from the same Giza plain and probably dates back to the reign of Chephren (around 2520-2494 BC), in the heart of the ancient Egyptian Empire. The photo shows the excavation of the Sphinx when it was discovered in 1850.

5. The Cyclomer was a human-powered vehicle capable of operation on both land and water. Using 4 rectangular air-filled floats for buoyancy, propelled with two fan blades which have been attached to the spokes, this bike is or was supposed to help people cross the water a quite innovative project for 1930s.

6. Hitler Youth was an organization that trained young men preparing them for war, recruiting around 8.8 million members, however, numbers decreased drastically little over one million once the war began. The photo shows an injured young soldier in Germany in the trenches during World War II in 1945.

7. The Belgian geologist André Dumont discovered coal in the Campine basin in 1900. The Belgian Province Limburg, encouraged entrepreneurs from Liège to open coal mines, mainly producing coal for the steel industry. The photo shows around 18 men (possibly more), all coal miners huddled in an elevator after a long day’s work at a coal mine.

8. The so-called Mammoth camera, the largest camera in the world. It was built in the United States in the year 1900 and weighed approximately 450 kilos. The size of the glass plates was 130 x 240 cm.

9. A mother embraces her newborn baby after giving birth in 1941. The mother must wear her civilian respirator mask, while she tries to protect her baby by encasing him in a baby gas helmet, which buckles up around the baby’s bottom. The bellows on her baby’s gas mask are pumped by the mother to provide the baby with air.

10. In 1910 this hydrogalvanic therapy became famous for rehabilitating and stimulating atrophied muscles. Its inventor was the German doctor Paul Schnee. Nowadays people still get hydrogalvanic therapy or «galvanic baths» although it is done with a more scientific method with oppositely charged metal plates and spa-like environments.

11. After an investment of $17 million, Walt Disney finally achieved his dream on July 17, 1955, and created a world where his characters and settings would come to life and this is how the Disney Employee canteen looked back in 1961.

12. In the 19th century, Zhan Shichai became a very famous giant who traveled all around Europe, the United States, and Australia with his stage name «Chang, the Chinese giant». Born in Fuzhou, Fujian Province in the 1840s his height was claimed to be over 8 feet.

13. The first known photograph of an obscene gesture happened on Opening Day, 1886 when the baseball player Charles Radbourn gives the photographer the middle finger. What could the man have said to upset him so much?

14. During the Second World War, the future Queen of England, Elizabeth II, served in the territorial women’s auxiliary service as a mechanic and ambulance driver. In this photo, she is holding a watch in her hands, a gift from her colleagues.

15. This photograph shows Nikola Tesla sitting in his lab in Colorado Springs next to a fully functioning Tesla coil. The photograph was taken by Dickenson V. Alley using a multi-exposure technique.

16. This is how jobhunting looked like in the 1930s during the Great Depression. Millions of people were out of work across the United States, this is a photo of a man unable to find a job locally. Not only this man, but many had to travel from place to place, hoping to find some work.

17. In 1967 Sweden initiated a driving change, switching driving on the left to the right side of the road. This photo shows the first morning when people attempted to drive on the right side of the road.

18. Frenchman Edouard de Laboulaye proposed the idea of a monument for the United States for the first time back in 1865. after ten years, the sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was assigned to this project. This is The Statue of Liberty under construction in a workshop in Paris 1884.

Have you seen any of these photos before?

The scary and bizarre folk tale that inspired the movie «Coraline»

The true story of Coraline Jones

«She looks like your mother. She looks like your mother. Except she has big black buttons for eyes. Or she has glass eyes that glow in the dark.»

Coraline and the secret door film

This unique and somewhat spooky film tells the story of a young girl, Coraline Jones, who while exploring finds an unusual magical brick door in her family’s new home. The curious thing about this door is that it’s not bricked up when Coraline opens it, and through the door, she finds another World, almost exactly like her own world.

In this «Other World» Coraline finds her Other Mother, who has buttons instead of normal eyes. This Other Mother is more fun than Coraline’s’ real mother, at least at first… but then it becomes clear that she wants Coraline to stay with her forever and sew buttons on her eyes, just like her.

No need for more spoilers, in case you haven’t watched the movie, but suffice it to say that Coraline is a brilliant and scary story for children and adults (although, according to English author of short fiction Neil Gaiman, adults tend to find it more disturbing). But Gaiman is far from the first to realize that fake mothers have the potential to be monstrous.

The True Story of Coraline Jones

This Other Mom character was partly inspired by a strange and bizarre story by Victorian author Lucy Clifford called «The New Mom»

Clifford’s story has been retold in folklore collections such as «The Pear Drum», and Alvin Schwartz changed it to «The Drum» in his book «Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark». So the tale has been around for quite some time and this is how the real story of Coraline goes…

There are two sisters in this story, they’re called Blue-Eyes and Turkey. One day, the sisters meet a strange girl with an unusual instrument, which she calls a «pearl» and says there are a tiny man and tiny woman inside. Whenever she plays the pearl, they come out and dance, and the woman tells a secret.

The sisters want to see the little people dance, but the girl says she only shows them the naughty children. «Yes, to the naughty children, and the worse the children are, the better the man and woman dance,» said the girl.

She carefully placed the pearl under her mantle and prepared to go on her way. Then, Blue-Eyes and Turkey go home to their mother and little brother, and they start crying because they want to see those little people, but they don’t know how to be naughty.

When their mother hears they are planning to be naughty, she has a rather… strange response. «Then…» said the mother sadly, and as she spoke, her eyes filled with tears, and a sobbing nearly drowned her out «Then, I should go, leave them and send home a new mother, with glass eyes.

The sisters were scared, but they were sure their mother was lying, so they go out looking for the strange girl and her pearl again. The girl confirms to them that there is no such thing as a mother with glass eyes because «they would be too expensive to make.»

So Blue Eyes and Turkey decide to be naughty. They come home, break all their cups, and throw their bread and butter on the floor. Their mother is distressed and sends them to bed, but when they return to the strange girl the next day, she tells them they were not naughty enough.

Naturally, the girls continue throwing tantrums and making a mess, until the sisters are so extremely naughty that their mother says she’s going off the deep end, and even in some versions of the story, the girls beat up their little brother.

The sisters run after their mother, begging her to stay, but she runs off into the fields and disappears. They then return to the girl with the pearl for the last time… and surprisingly the girl assures them that they have not yet been naughty enough and that the little people have gone away.

«The little man and the woman are far away. Look, his box is empty,» said the girl. And then, for the first time, the girls saw that the lid of the box was up and hanging back and that there was no little boy in it.

The girl with the pearl eventually leaves too, leaving Blue Eyes and Turkey alone in their empty house. They wait and wait, but their mother never returns and one day unexpectedly they hear a loud knock at the door.

Filled with fear and trembling, Blue-Eyes leaned against the door while Turkey went to the window. Pressing her face against one side of the frame, she looked out. She could only see a black hat and a long, bony arm carrying a black leather bag.

A strange bright light could be seen shining under the door, Turkey’s heart sank and her cheeks turned pale, for she knew that it was the gleam of two glass eyes…

Turkey slowly crawled all the way to Blue-Eyes. «It is, it is, it is!» she whispered, her voice trembling with fear, «it’s the new mother! She’s come and brought her luggage in a black leather bag hanging from her arm!»

«Oh what shall we do?» cried Blue-Eyes, and again there were the terrible blows. «Come and put your back against the door too, Turkey,» cried Blue-Eyes «I’m afraid it’ll break.

At last, the sisters escaped into the forest where they decided to live, forever. Every now and then, when darkness has fallen and the night is quiet, Blue-Eyes and Turkey sneak up to the home where they were once so happy, and with beating hearts they look and listen; a blinding flash comes through the window, and they know that it is the light from the new mother’s glass eyes.

Although in this tale of Coraline’s true story, the girls are trapped with the new mother forever; the good news is that, in the film, Coraline Jones manages to return home, and reunite with her real mother.

What do you think about «The New Mom» creepy story?

Las 10 películas más esperadas de terror que llegaran para este 2021

Tras la pandemia, el año pasado parecía que el cine de terror había parado por completo, sin embargo, este 2021 tenemos excelentes noticias para todos los amantes del género pues las producciones se han reactivado y por fin se harán los estrenos de muchas películas que habíamos estado esperando.

Aquí te compartimos una lista de algunas películas con fechas de estrenos que saldrán a la luz muy pronto…

Antlers: Criatura oscura

Otra película de Guillermo del Toro que nos tuvo en ascuas esperando su fecha de estreno.

Una profesora se percata de la extraña conducta de uno de sus solitarios alumnos, con la ayuda de su hermano (el sheriff de la localidad) deciden investigarlo, pero a medida de que lo van conociendo pronto descubrirán que el joven esconde un oscuro secreto.

Fecha de estreno: 19 de febrero del 2021


Una de las película más esperadas por toda la audiencia, ya que además de contar con buen elenco también viene acompañada de excelentes críticas y un premio en la pasada edición del Festival de Sitges.

La película muestra a tres generaciones (abuela, madre e hija) quienes viven encerradas debido a que la abuela padece una extraña enfermedad neurodegenerativa. Cuando la Matriarca desaparece inexplicablemente las preguntas comienzan a surgir, pero también la posibilidad de que un ente maligno este de por medio.

Fecha de estreno: 4 de marzo del 2021


Es sin duda una de las películas más esperadas por todos los fanáticos de Spiderman, pues el famoso villano de los cómics finalmente tendrá su propia película, además pinta para ser algo aterradora. Jared Leto interpreta el personaje de Morbius, un doctor que tras sufrir una enfermedad en la sangre intenta curarse con experimentos, sin embargo, algo falla en sus pruebas que termina por convertirse en un terrorífico vampiro.

Fecha de estreno: 19 de marzo del 2021

Un lugar tranquilo 2

La primera entrega dejó a muchos de los fans con ganas de querer ver más pero para suerte de todos, la secuela ya se encuentra a la vuelta de la esquina…

Unos monstruosos seres atormentan la tierra acabando con todo aquel que se atreva hacer tan solo una pizca de ruido. El mundo sigue igual, sin embargo, la familia Abbot ahora sabe la clave para acabar con estos escalofriantes seres y emprenderán un viaje peligroso que podría costarles la vida.

Fecha de estreno: 23 de abril del 2021

Last mighty in Soho

Dirigida por el director británico Edgar Wright, promete que esta cinta será una de las grandes del cine de terror. Esta película es una de las más esperadas y no solo por su gran elenco (Anya Taylor-Joy y Matt Smith), sino porque también el director nunca decepciona.

Una joven viaja en el tiempo y llega a lo que fue Londres en el año de 1960. Para su suerte ella se encuentra con su gran ídolo, una cantante de aquellos años, sin embargo, pronto descubrirá que la vida en esa época no es lo que realmente esperaba.

Fecha de estreno: 23 de abril del 2021

Spiral: Saw

¡El regreso de Saw!, así es, para quienes no lo sabían Saw vuelve a la pantalla, pero no con la historia que ya conocemos sino con algo muy diferente a lo que estábamos acostumbrados, pues Darren Lynn Bousman ha decidido hacer cambios a la franquicia y con “Spiral” volver desde el principio… Entonces, ¿Que nos espera en esta película?, aún no lo sabemos, solo nos queda esperar emocionados el día de su estreno.

Fecha de estreno: 20 de mayo del 2021

Expediente Warren: Obligado por el demonio

Las campanas de felicidad suenan en mis oídos porque este año está por llegar la siguiente película de “El Conjuro”. El matrimonio Warren (Patrick Wilson y Vera Farmiga) regresa en acción para investigar el siguiente caso que en vida real dejó a muchos helados….

Un hombre es acusado de terminar con la vida de una persona. Sin embargo, su extraño comportamiento alerta a los Warren, quienes están seguros que el sujeto está poseído por un ser maligno.

Fecha de estreno: 4 de junio.


Viene en camino la secuela de la clásica película de terror (1992) que todos hemos estado esperando, Candyman, el hombre sobrenatural con la mano de garfio, el que se aparece con tan solo repetir su nombre frente al espejo y acaba con la vida de sus víctimas.

La leyenda ha perdurado por años en el vecindario de Chicago, y aunque todo fluye tranquilo nadie se imagina que el individuo ha regresado, justo donde todo comenzó.

Fecha de estreno: 27 de Agosto del 2021

Jeepers Creepers 4: Reborn

Para todos los fanáticos del monstruoso ser endemoniado “Creeper”, regresa la cuarta entrega con una versión distinta a las demás, pues Screen Media se quedó con los derechos de distribución de la franquicia prometiendo que Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, nos dará una dosis de terror que no será fácil de olvidar.

La joven Laine, empieza a tener premoniciones sin explicación e imágenes perturbadoras relacionadas con la criatura mitológica. Asiste a un festival de horror donde comienzan las misteriosas desapariciones, pero Laine sabe qué hay algo más oscuro detrás de todo esto.

Fecha de estreno: Octubre 2021.


Definitivamente, Michael Myers tenía que salir en esta lista. Otra película que nos ha dejado con la incertidumbre por el retraso del estreno. Sin embargo, hay buenas noticas porque este año regresa el icono del terror en la pantalla.

Básicamente es la continuación de la película estrenada en el 2018, donde Laurie Strode volverá a enfrentarse a Michael Myers, su viejo enemigo que la atormentó desde hace 4 décadas atrás.

Fecha de estreno: Octubre 2021.

¿Y tú cual es la película de terror que estas esperando?

Se ha confirmado el regreso de Jeepers Creepers 4 ¡Se estrena en octubre!

Buenas noticias nos han llegado para todos los amantes del terror y para todos los fanáticos de la criatura endemoniada, pues se ha confirmado el regreso de Jeepers Creepers a la pantalla para octubre de este año.

La bestia mitológica de Jeepers Creepers se ha ganado su lugar en el mundo del horror, gracias a sus dos primeras entregas que a pesar de haber sido de bajo presupuesto fueron un éxito y consiguieron recaudar fondos para seguir adelante con el proyecto.

Aunque el lanzamiento de Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017) defraudó a muchos de sus seguidores, esto llevó a que Screen Media se quedara con los derechos de distribución para hacer cambios y reimplantar la forma de lo que era la franquicia.

Sin embargo, la cuarta entrega ya se encuentra a la vuelta de la esquina pues para sorpresa de muchos “Jeepers Creepers; Reborn” terminó sus grabaciones en Los Ángeles entre noviembre y diciembre del año pasado por lo que ya se encuentra en las primeras fases de postproducción.

En una exclusiva para Variety, Screen Media confirmó que la nueva cinta dará un giro más aterrador de lo que hemos visto con anterioridad, pues su misión desde el principio es atraer nuevamente a toda la audiencia que se perdió con la tercera entrega.

“Aunque estamos muy emocionados, sabemos que los fans lo estarán aún más por volver al mundo del Creeper. Ahora con una versión mucho más aterrorizadora del director Timo Vuorensola, una elección perfecta para el reinicio de la franquicia”.

Aún no se sabe cual es el elenco de actores, ni siquiera se han compartido imágenes del set de grabación que nos muestre alguna idea de lo que será el nuevo entorno de la franquicia, sin embargo Screen Media afirma que Jeepers Creepers será una película que deje a los fanáticos con la boca abierta…

También nos comparte un pequeño resumen de la sinopsis…

“La película tiene lugar al mismo tiempo que el festival Horror Hound tiene su primera edición en Luisiana. Allí atrae a cientos de geeks, frikis y grandes fans del horror de todas partes.

Entre estos está Chase y su novia Laine, quien es obligada a unirse al viaje. Pero a medida que el evento se acerca, Laine empieza a experimentar premoniciones sin explicación e imágenes perturbadoras relacionadas con el pasado de la ciudad. En particular con una leyenda local/mito urbano, el Creeper.

El festival empieza y el entretenimiento lleno de líquidos sanguíneos hace que aumente el frenesí, pero Laine cree que algo que no es de la Tierra está siendo invocado… y ella es el centro de todo”.

No se sabe el día exacto del estreno, pero lo que sí es un hecho es que la película saldrá para octubre de este mismo año, justo a tiempo para Halloween…

Los casos de fenómenos paranormales han incrementado durante el encierro de cuarentena

Según el parapsicólogo y especialista en Ciencias Ocultas y Paranormales Alejandro Morgan, asegura que en tiempos de encierro debido a la contingencia, se han incrementaron los números de casos donde las familias piden ayuda desesperadamente por experimentar sucesos paranormales dentro de sus hogares…

El experto acudió a una entrevista para el programa “No Tan Millennials”, donde habla sobre la existencia de los fenómenos paranormales y comparte que durante la cuarentena muchas personas realizaron trabajos de magia negra, además de rituales e invocaciones espirituales para que las malas energías atormenten la casa de sus enemigos.

Explicó que muchas de las situaciones comenzaron a presentarse a partir de que algunas familias recibieron extraños objetos en la entrada de sus domicilios por lo que advierte tener cuidado de recogerlos…

También aclara que muchos son propensos a ser atacados con mayor intensidad debido a la vulnerabilidad en el que se encuentran; depresión, sensibilidad, estrés, enojo, etc. Mientras que otro número son personas naturalmente cargadas y fuera de su eje.

El especialista dice que es difícil averiguar cuando la persona tiene un daño espiritual o un problema de armonización en sus chacras, sin embargo, comparte algunas señales que la gente puede identificar si ese es el caso…

“Si alguien no logra conciliar el sueño entre las 2 y las 4 de la mañana durante varios días y tiene mucha pesadez en la zona de sus hombros y cervicales, eso es un daño espiritual”, aclara Morgan.

Para saber con exactitud si una persona es atacada espiritualmente, el experto indicó acudir con especialistas que trabajen con mancias, es decir, cualquier objeto de comunicación espiritual o personas con el don de descubrir las vibraciones del lugar o la persona afectada. Esto les permite saber si el individuo sufre de un daño espiritual o si se trata de un espíritu absorbiendo la energía del mismo.

Alejandro Morgan, nos explica que los sucesos paranormales se generan cuando se presenta un desequilibro entre el mundo espiritual y el terrenal. De esa manera puede perjudicarnos, ya que somos más propensos a recibir un trabajo negativo o incluso, tener la visita de una energía que perjudique nuestro biorritmo.

“Las personas que no creen, en el fondo saben que esto existe y tienen miedo a creer… El no creer te aleja de Dios, y uno está más predispuesto a recibir trabajos espirituales”, dijo Morgan.

“La magia negra está aplicada al amor, la salud y al trabajo. Cualquiera de esos tres pilares al ser humano lo desequilibran”.

¿Sufres alguna de estas señales? Si es así lo mejor sería buscar a un experto, no querrás que alguna entidad o energía negativa afecte tu vida…

The 7 Scariest Video Games Out There

If you like horror games, you might want to try the following ones…

If there’s something in video games that no other medium is capable of making us feel, it’s immersion. The feeling of not being a spectator, but a protagonist. That’s the key which creators have been working on,  to make us shake and fear while playing their video games. And by playing the following 7, we will put ourselves in the shoes of reporters, mentally ill and unfortunate security guards.

Of course, there are many more games that are full of terror but these are the ones that due to the game mechanics, they become so startling.

Mystery and horror video games


The game starts with a reporter who visits a kind of madhouse which is nothing out of the ordinary, except that the place seems to have been through something, since there’s no one around. You obviously become the reporter while playing, so you will try to enter and once you make it, you’ll realize that all the mentally ill are everywhere and ready to harm you. Your only weapon will be the camera which will help you to see through the dark. However, you are in need of new batteries, so you must decide when to use your camera and trust your instinct.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

As the name implies, you will become an amnesiac who wakes up on an island and must try to survive until you find and enter into a castle. But that’s where everything turns bad. The enemies are invincible and will appear when you least expect it and the only thing you can do is running away. This becomes really stressful and chilling since you are in a dungeon full of narrow corridors and little by little, you will start remembering the shocking events that led you to the beginning of your adventure.

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

Something that allows us to feel somehow safe in this type of video games, is the possibility of seeing our enemies or guessing where they might appear from. However, Fatal Frame 2 takes away that from us. The enemies in this game are ghosts so you cannot see or touch them, but they can hurt you. Your only weapon against them is a camera that will help you to see them through and attack them at the same time while using the flash camera. Obviously, the biggest scares will come out when you take pictures while looking for them and they appear right in front of you.

Silent Hill 2

This one has become a total classic and one of the most important games in the genre. People at Silent Hill will be the main characters, hiding their enemies through fog and twisting the minds of all who reach their dark streets. The most terrifying thing of all is, you don’t fight against other people, but with creatures that were made from the depths of yourself.

Five Nights of Freddy’s

It may be not the best horror video game out there, but surely knows how to get you scare. You turn yourself into security guard at a place full of with animatronics. There shouldn’t be any problem but you got a night shift and the animatronics are actually haunted. You must keep an eye on the security cameras which they only can be seen one at a time and try to be faster than the animatronics in order to catch and stop them before they reach the office.

Until Dawn

During the 1980s, the horror genre had a major turn by making stories about young rebels that went on trips and what should have been a fun getaway, would end up being terror and death. This is what Until Dawn tries to achieve, when 8 young people went to some huts to hang out until they realized they were being chased by murderers and scary creatures. You get full control of all the characters and whether they live or lose their lives will be up to the decisions you take.

Despite not being somewhat revolutionary, it manages to get you scare anyway. There’s also a virtual reality version that is getting recognition. And coming from a horror game, that speaks from itself.

Horror video games that were canceled


Although the release of this video game was canceled, users who managed to play the demo said it was enough to give it the recognition it deserves. With an endless corridor, a deceased woman, and lots of awful moments that brought out the worst scares to those who played it. Also, thanks to the alarming and gloomy story that was shown in the little sample, the game could have been one of the best the genre has had.

Would you dare to play these frightening video games?