The dark story of Barney you didn’t know

Many of us fondly remember the cute purplish dinosaur named Barney, the one who was always willing to help his little friends when they needed him. The show was phenomenal. But maybe some episodes might not have been so innocent as everyone believed. That’s what the other side of the story suggests. There’s this hidden episode where, beyond showing the cute dinosaur we know, looked chilling and devilish.

This rumor was well-known, since several children now adults, share different stories through social media. They declared that they’d been victims of what seemed to be a “harmless Barney DVD”. They said that when reproducing the dvd, it became a really traumatic experience for them.

It was mentioned that the DVD box showed a common picture of Barney along Baby Bop, BJ and Riff with a description that read there were new episodes never seen before. Of course many children fell into the trap, trusting to watch something new and ended up convincing their parents to buy the DVD for them. Though, they never could have imagined that they were about to watch such disturbing scenes that marked them forever.

One of the most horrifying stories, was written by an anonymous young man who told about his experience while watching the DVD.

He said that it was an ordinary day when everything started. He was walking with his mother through a kind of fair. The boy was a big fan of Barney, and saw that in a small stall, all kind of toys and DVDs of the dinosaur were sold. The boy was interested by one in particular, a DVD with “new episodes” and soon convinced his mother to buy him the film.

Once they arrived home, the boy, excited and without wasting any more time, asked his mother for help to play the videotape. She agreed to do it and then left him alone. Everything looked normal, the boy was enjoying each episode included until he considered watching an extra one that seemed very strange.

When he chose the episode, it started just like the other ones with the famous song everyone knows, but suddenly the scenes became a bit bizarre… There was a little girl sitting on her back at the corner and was not close to the dinosaur. The camera then, focused on Barney who looked different. He had a chilling smile and very piercing eyes.

The boy didn’t understand what was happening at that moment but after the camera was focused on the dinosaur for several minutes, desperate cries from frightened children asking for help, could be heard. At that moment, Barney’s song started again but this time backwards.

Later, the scene went completely dark with just a middle red dot turning on and off. A little girl started crying very loudly, wailing and saying how sorry she was. Suddenly, Barney’s laughter began to sound sinister while the girl screamed in horror.

The creepiest thing was that, when the picture on the screen became clear again, the dinosaur could be seen right at the corner where the girl was before, but now without her.

After that, the stage on the next scene was completely destroyed chapter and there were several children lying on the floor with very frightened eyes. Unexpectedly there was a power outage at the boy’s house who was just terrified after watching such traumatic scenes, so he ran to his mother.

The young man ended his story by saying that he woke up that night and realized the power was restored because the television was on and paused in the last scene of before. The only difference was Barney standing in the middle looking towards the camera with a malevolent smile.

The DVD disappeared and never found it back.

This show on Netflix is so scary that is compared to The Haunting of Hill House

Netflix is a platform that is here to stay and has been leaving us completely amazed with its original movies and series. Recently, a new show was released and, due to its high level of horror is compared to The Haunting of Hill House, which is one of the most successful scary series.

The series is called: Typewriter and it’s not that known but it definitely has a huge potential to scare you.

Typewriter, is an indian horror series by director and producer, Sujoy Ghosh. The plot focuses on a haunted house and a book which catch the attention of a group of young students who aspire to be ghost hunters.

It all started when a family moved into a house that was abandoned for a long time. This caused the property to release a huge darkness and unleash chilling mysteries as well as provoking the loss of many lives in town. Only three friends know the truth and are willing to face any danger in order to prove that the evil comes from the house.

According to some reviews from users, the series seems to be a combination between Stranger Things and Scooby Doo, but with a gloomy environment that will make you not wanting to watch it with the lights off.

The season contains lots of tension and chills that will make you jump off the couch and also due to the unexpectedly sounds that can be heard through the episodes. From this series, you can expect all types of scary moments.

The season has only 5 episodes that lasts an hour each and there’s no doubt the series is worth to watch and enjoy at home while in quarantine.

Fans are already looking forward for the second season. They have been constantly demanding to Sujoy Ghosh for more episodes through social media.

As every series, there’s always some negative comments. However there were more reviews with positive comments about the series and many people ended up surprised with how terrifying Typewriter actually is.

Did you already watch Typewriter?

The ventriloquist who used a child’s lifeless body as a puppet

There are ventriloquists with the talent of making the public smile by making shows with their puppets. Although many of these tend to have disturbing expressions, in the end, they show us symphaty with their funny jokes.

Charlie McCarthy used to be one of them. He was recognized for being a successful ventriloquist in the 20th century, as during his performances, he used to have a rather peculiar puppet. However, things would change when it was discovered that he had a dark secret that he had been carrying for some time.

In 1920, McCarthy became famous in one of his first shows by introducing Edgar, a ventriloquist puppet with quite different characteristics from a normal one. It represented an 8-year-old boy. His complexion was plump and his facial features were very expressive and somewhat chilling, and even though his eyes were made of wood, it could reflect a look of sadness or even evil.

Still, what made McCarthy grow and turn him into a master, was his ability to change his voice in an extremely different way and without showing any facial movement when interpreting Edgar’s voice. This was what got the attention of many people who followed him through his tours.

However, not all people thought the same back then. There were many who were superstitious and started rumors of McCarthy being an apprentice of witchery, since they believed that he used some evil trick to make the puppet speak. This rumor spread so fast that people began banning children from attending to his performances.

People started talking even more about the topic when it was found out that McCarthy, had a strange fascination with the puppet. He used to take care of him as if it was his own son and didn’t allow the public or the work staff to get close to Edgar. He was the only one who could touch and keep him inside his box.

At the end, his career ended one night while McCarthy was touring the United States. When the show was over, he went to the dressing room and locked himself in there for hours. The theater workers realized that he was still inside the place, so they knocked through the door to warn him they were about to close, but McCarthy didn’t answer.

After countless rumors that ran over the star, it was expected that employees feared coming into the room. They decided to call the police thinking the worst. When they arrived and forced the dressing room door, they found something that left them totally in shock…

McCarthy was lying on the ground lifeless, his neck completely destroyed and soaked in red.

After reacting to the terrible scene, the authorities focused on finding Edgar. They thought that some individual had entered into the dressing room in order to take McCarthy’s life and steal the puppet.

But when they found the box and opened it, the puppet was there with a penetrating and chilling gaze that even the officers themselves feared to grab him, but it was necessary to, since they had to carry out the investigation to discover who had caused that horrible tragedy.

While analyzing the puppet, they discovered something even more terrifying. The investigation into McCarthy’s death was interrupted when they found out that Edgar was not actually a puppet but the actual body of a child.

There were fingerprints on the puppet’s fingers and his face was covered with a latex mask to cover his paleness. They couldn’t figure out the identity of that poor boy and the most dreadful thing is that nobody knew how McCarthy got to keep up the body of that innocent.

Charlie McCarthy wasn’t actually a bad person. There’s this theory which mentions he lost his son and after much sadness and being in denial to accept his loss, he decided to keep his body and turn him into a puppet so that way he could live even if this was only during his shows.

Have you heard about this disturbing story before?

3 other gruesome books similar to Necronomicon

In the Lovecraftian mythology, there’s a very famous book called Necronomicon, which supposedly contains knowledge so beyond the reach of human understanding and just by reading it, will make you lose your mind. But despite being the most known, it’s not the only one. There are at least three other books inside the mythology created by other writers that put together the interesting and plenty Lovecraft universe.

De Vermis Mysteriis

Written by Ludvig Prinn, a Belgian crusader who apostatized in 1271 after being captured by the Arabs. He became interested in magic and educated himself with Syrian warlocks. The man turned 100 and returned to Europe, and the Holy Inquisition sought him out due to rumors about his abilities and ended up being imprisoned. It was in prison where he gathered his wisdom and put it on the book known as De Vermis Mysteriis.

The book consists of 700 pages with 17 chapters on various topics, including knowledge of supernatural beings or ways to communicate with spirits. There’s also a section about a drug that allows time travel and it also contains diagrams for different potions, including a method to extend life.

Unaussprechlichen Kulten

The translation for the title is Nameless Cults or Black book. Supposedly, the author was a certain Friedrich Von Jurzt and it is known that the content of it, was written thanks to the many trips that the author did around the world, getting to know other cults and secret societies which followed some dogma or worshiped ancient deities.

The first edition consisted of 1000 pages, as well as illustrations by the author. It is said it was full of blasphemies against current religions and had encrypted knowledge to prevent anyone from reading the most dangerous texts which included instructions for rituals.

Book of Eibon

This book describes the life of a sorcerer and necromancer in which spells, incatation and summons are included. The first time it appeared was in the novel called, The Lair of the White Worm and it continued showing off in stories like The Haunter of the Dark, The dreams in the Witch House, and others.

It specifically tells about hyperborean culture and technologies, referring to two cities and a species of ape-like beings called voormis, apart from talking about many deities.

Would you dare to read them?

3 AM – Why is the Devil’s hour?

Learn about the story behind 3 AM, also known as The Witching Hour, when the dawn is at its darkest moment…

Why 3 AM is a hideous time?

Throughout history, 3 AM has been the time when most paranormal activity has been recorded. It’s the reverse time of Jesus’ death. Between 3 AM and 5 AM, there are different types of ghostly manifestations but there is one specifically that happens at 3:33 AM, which is the demonic rush hour, when demons mock God.

Loud noises, blows or any kind of manifestation that come in groups of three, are an insult to the holy trinity, that is, the father, the son and the holy spirit.

Manifestations at the Devil’s Hour

At 3 AM, the portal between the living and the dead seems to open, in which the spirits that have not resigned themselves to their death, demons or any sinister entity could sneak into our world or even to our own dreams.

It’s during this hideous hour, the darkest time before dawn when many of us have experienced what is known as sleep paralysis, which has been proposed as an explanation for reports of paranormal phenomena like when someone feels a presence of a supernatural malevolent being which immobilizes the person as if sitting on the chest.

This is why some of us wake up at 3 in the morning for no apparent reason because there’s a strong and negative energy in the air and also one of the causes for dogs to howl at dawn. It is said they can see the sorrow spirits pass by.

During this time, people also become more sensitive to the activity of spirits. In fact, demonic possessions are more likely to happen at dawn when the beings from the beyond are stronger and the living are more vulnerable.

Have you experienced paranormal activity at 3 AM?

New Bird Box sequel movie is confirmed on Netflix

If you are a horror lover and consider yourself a fan of The Bird Box, which was released on Netflix in 2018, this news are definitely for you, as the book’s writer has confirmed his return, so keep reading for more details.

When we thought Bird Box was over, Netflix surprised us with news of an upcoming sequel for the movie. In an interview, the book’s writer, Josh Malerman, confirmed his return, as well as announcing that the movie will follow the same path as his next book: Malorie.

“Malorie starts off at the school for the blind, which is where the movie ends. It advances a couple of years and it will take place 12 years after the events of the first movie. I can’t say much, but I can say it’s in process. Sometimes it is weird all this secret, but I am willing”, Malerman said.

If we recalled, in the first Bird Box movie, the survivors of a post-apocalyptic world, should avoid being face to face with mysterious creatures that take the form of their worst fears and somehow, people can get hypnotized and being control by them.

That is why Malorie (Sandra Bullock) and her two children, seeing that there’s no hope, decide to go on a trip blindfolded by a river where they face terrible dangers. In the end, they manage to get to a school for the blind, which seems to be a safe haven.

Although there are not many details yet about the second part, a good option will be to look into the new book by Josh Malerman, which will be released on July 21st, 2020. In the synopsis, he relates that the story takes place 12 years later, when Malorie’s children are already teenagers.

Malorie finds out that there’s another community of survivors, and upon receiving a list with their names, she realizes that some of them are familiar, so she decides to take another journey that leads her to face many new dangers.

The Bird Box burst to become one of the most viewed movies on Netflix, after the first week of its release. It gained more than 45 million views among users and despite having negative reviews, it received a higher positive score. For the new sequel, it is estimated to get even higher numbers.

The sequel doesn’t have yet a trailer or a release date, this will depend on the platform and for them to start filming. However, fans are very happy about this good news, since they have expressed their interest on their social media about the upcoming movie.

No doubt this film of the horror genre is one to put on my list and to wait patiently for its release date. I definitely won’t miss it out and you shouldn’t either.

Scary New Netflix Series Based On Real Life Events That You Can’t Miss!

Netflix is bringing another surprise for all horror lovers this month, a series that mixes supernatural events with a creepy and mysterious atmosphere…

If you liked series like Dark, Marianne or The Haunting of Hill House, then this one is actually for you because the series has come with great strenght, since it plays with the most common elements of the genre but in a unique way thanks to the plot being based on a legend of a real locality and it will probably make you not get up from the couch.

The Italian series is called Curon and it consists of a seven-episode season.

Curon is a town in Milan where Anna returns with her two children 17 years later, after escaping from a curse that covered the town. Rumor has it that the bells at a bell tower that floats in the middle of a lake, ring from time to time. However, the curious of this is that there are no such bells over, because they were removed from the structure 70 years before.

Everytime this phenomenon occurs, those who heard the chimes, will be victims of an evil that is located at the place, a terrifying legend that Anna witnessed after losing her mother. She returns to confront her fears, but disappears whatsover and now her children are the protagonists of solving this mystery.

The scariest thing about the series is that not everything is fiction, as the plot hides certain pieces that are real…

Curon is a city that is located in the North of Italy, which is recognized by the bell tower found on the surface of a lake (the same symbolic picture used at the series). The bell tower was part of an ancient Roman church dating back to the 14th century, however it was submerged by water when the government thought it would be very attractive to build a dam for tourists back in the 1950s.

Despite the fact that the villagers were upset and tried to avoid the construction, the authorities didn’t listen to them and continued anyway with the project, even evicting the villagers themselves. This was how Curon became a ghost town totally submerged by water and only the surface of the bell tower is left as a memory.

It is said that the bells were withdrawn before the tower was submerged into water and ever since, during winter nights, the bells rumbling can still be heard.

The Netflix series was released in June and, as expected, it has been a total success thanks to the horror, suspense, mystery used. Together with the elements based on real life, Curon has the perfect combination for you to stay for hours in front of the TV.

If you are a horror lover, you shouldn’t miss this new eerie series brought to you by Netflix…

A horror promise: The odd story of the Silent Twins is going to the big screen

The bond between twins, is something so unique that no one can understand completely unless you have one. There’s this strong connection between them no one can break it apart. That’s the type of union June and Jennifer Gibbons used to have, a shared bond that led them to therapy until one of them sacrificed herself for the other.

It’s been declared that a movie is on the plans to bring the story of these girls known as The Silent Twins. The name was given to them because they refused to communicate with anyone but themselves. However, what’s even weirder was not their threat of silent to the world but their peculiar bond and words of promise: “If one of us died, the other must begin to speak and live a normal life”.

Born in April 11th, 1963 in Barbados, they relocated and started a new life with their family in 1974 at Haverfordwest, Wales. Since they were the only black girls in the community, it became a traumatic experience for them and thus, starting to isolate and making their idioglossia evolved.

This condition refers to the “private language” of young children, especially twins, later known as cryptophasia or twin talk, because it’s a lanaguage only they can understand. So all attempts of many therapists to get the twins to communicate with others were in vain, except for their younger sister Rose.

They were even separated to attend different schools in order to break their isolation but that only provoked them to distance even more and became catatonic while being apart. So when they were together again, they spent many years only at their room and made plays and stories in a sort of soap opera style with dolls and later on, began their writing careers with number of stories, poems and novels.

Normally their stories would be set primarily in the United States but curiously a lot of their stories involved young men and women who exhibited strange and often criminal behaviour.

During their teenage years, the girls began experimenting with substances and alcohol as well as comitted a numbers of crimes such as vandalism, theft and arson which led them to being admitted to the Broadmoor Hospital, a high-security psychiatric hospital only to remain there for 11 years.

While being in the hospital, they began to believe that it was necessary for one of them to die because if one day they could be set free from the hospital, one should give up her life so that way the other one could live a normal life and being completely free.

After much discussion, Jennifer agreed to make the sacrifice of her life. In March 1993, the twins were transferred to Caswell Clinic in Bridgend, Wales but strangely, during their arrival Jennifer could not be roused.

She had to be taken to the hospital where she died soon after of acute myocarditis, a sudden inflammation of the heart. The horryifing thing about this is that there was no evidence of poison in her system, and her death remains a mystery. Another intriguing fact was June revealed that Jennifer had been acting strangely the day before and saying she was dying.

Journalist Marjorie Wallace, part of The Sunday Times, covered their story and gave them the known name of The Silent Twins. She used to visit the twins in order to understand their odd and sometimes unsettling behavior and also the love and obsessive hatred each other had, and years later she released a book about the two under the same name in which she revealed that the diaries of the twins used to describe that their close relationship made them feel “possesed”.

According to Wallace, she visited June a few days later after Jennifer’s death, mentioning she was acting in a strange way and said: “I’m free at last, liberated, and at last Jennifer has given up her life for me”.

Today, June is 57 and lives near her parents in West Wales.

The movie was announced early this year with the script based on the book by Wallace, The Silent Twins, which will be helmed by Polish director Agnieszka Smoczynska, known for The Lure (2015) and Fuga (2018). Also, Black Panther’s Letitia Wright has signed to be part of the upcoming film as well as The Long Song star Tamara Lawrance.

The odd story of the Gibbons’ sisters has been introduced to the public in different documentaries, one back in 1986 with the same name that they are known as and the other in 1994 called “The Silent Twin – Withouth My Shadow”. This is going to be the first time to be on the big screen.

It was reported that the movie would begin shooting on April but more details are yet to be reveal.

5 horror artists that will creep you out

If we talk about dark and delusional paintings, capable of making your stomach turn, surely you will think of the most famous and well-known names such as Goya or Bosch. But there are many modern and contemporary artists who take the art of horror further, seeking to freak out and terrify anyone with such frightening worlds displayed at their canvases.

R. Giger

The horrible creatures found in the Alien films were inspired from his painting called Necronom, becoming his most famous creation. Although, he seems to be an artist with a curious imagination, his work is based on the vivid horror that took place during the Cold War as well as the atomic threatens that there used to be. Giger made an interpretation for such things and can be seen in his art by the presence of death and phallic symbols.

Kris Kuksi

Kris’ works have won many awards for how intricate and meticulous they are. His sculptures are created with pieces that the artist collects himself. He assembles and manipulates them to create extremely disturbing and strange scenes, in which he often tries to capture the beginning and the end of civilizations and always with background gears that seem to be a constant reminder of the passing time.

Zdzislaw Beksinski

Beksinski was a Polish painter and photographer who has one of the most elaborate and terrifying Gothic and Baroque styles of recent times. Despite creating such ghoulish paintings, Beksinski had a quiet life and even though he used to not go to the museums many often, he always allowed to have a conversation to people. However, perhaps his art turned more meaningful after the tragedies that occured during his latest years, when his wife died and a year after, his son took his life. Not to mention his own death, when the son of a neighbor attacked him in a malicious way.

Michael Hussar

He is an American artist with a quite strange and disturbing style. According to the painter himself, his works are a vouyerist perception of humanity, with monsters and falsehood, a Gothic wonder that illuminates the gray area between truths and lies. If anything can be said about his work, it’ll be about the predominance of redish shades in practically all of his paintings, as well as the exaggerated features of his characters seem to be a constant mockery.

Junji Ito

He is a horror manga artist whose works often display certain recurring themes such as blood, characters that seem normal but end up going crazy, deep-sea organisms and the inevitability of death. He is very famous for how disturbing all of his work is, but even with the roughness of his drawings, he has gained many followers.

Which artist do you think is the most terrifying?

Se confirma nueva secuela de la película de Bird Box en Netflix

Si eres un amante del terror y te consideras fanático de “The Bird Box”, película estrenada en Netflix en el 2018, sin duda ésta noticia es para ti, pues el escritor del libro nos ha confirmado su regreso, así que quédate para que puedas leer más sobre los detalles…

Cuando pensábamos que Bird Box había terminado, nos llega la sorpresa de que Netflix está desarrollando una nueva película, pues en una entrevista, el escritor del libro, Josh Malerman, confirmó su regreso, a parte anunció que la cinta seguirá el mismo rumbo que su próximo libro “Malorie”.

Josh Malerman dijo lo siguiente:

“Malorie comienza en la escuela para ciegos, que es donde termina la película. Avanza un par de años y va a transcurrir 12 años después de los eventos de la primera película. No puedo decir mucho, pero puedo decir que está en desarrollo. A veces es extraño, todo este secreto, pero estoy dispuesto”.

Si recordamos la primera película de “Bird Box”,  Los sobrevivientes de un mundo post-apocalíptico, deben evitar ver cara cara con misteriosas criaturas que toman la forma de sus peores miedos y de alguna manera los hipnotiza para que éstos terminen con su vida.

Por eso Malorie (Sandra Bullock) y sus dos hijos, al ver que no hay más esperanza desprenden un viaje con los ojos vendados por un río donde se enfrentan a terribles peligros. Al final, logran llegar a una escuela para invidentes, lo que parece ser un refugio seguro.

Aunque no hay muchos detalles sobre la segunda parte, una buena opción sería buscar el nuevo libro de Josh Malerman, que será lanzado éste 21 de julio del 2020. En la sinopsis relata que la historia viene 12 años después, cuando los hijos de Malorie ya son unos adolescentes…

Malorie se entera que existe otra comunidad de sobrevivientes, y al recibir una lista con sus nombres se percata que alguno de ellos es alguien conocido, por eso decide emprender otro viaje, lo cual la lleva a enfrentarse a muchos nuevos peligros.

The Bird Box reventó al convertirse en una de las películas más vistas en Netflix, pues después de la primera semana de su estreno alcanzó más de 45 millones de vistas entre los usuarios. A pesar de contar con críticas negativas, obtuvo un puntaje mayor positivo, por lo que se estima en esta ocasión cifras mayores para la nueva secuela.

La secuela aún no cuenta con trailer ni fecha de estreno, esto dependerá de la confirmación de la plataforma y que den inicio al rodaje, sin embargo, los fanáticos están muy felices por ésta buena noticia, ya que en las redes sociales han manifestado su interés por que la nueva película salga pronto.

Sin duda, es una película del género de terror que no puede faltar en mi lista, solo nos queda esperar con mucha paciencia a que nos indiquen su fecha de estreno, definitivamente no pienso perdérmela…