The true story of “The Haunting in Connecticut”

Know the story of the horror movie “The Haunting in Connecticut”.

In 1986 it´s the year in which the darkness begins that a New York family was about to face, Philip the eldest son of the Snedeker family is diagnosed with cancer so the family decides to move to Connecticut where the right hospital for him is located. The new house was the worst part of this story.

When renting the house it came with a condition, not throwing any object that is in the basement and that were memories, which were made up of all the stuff that a coroner needs to embalm. The basement was a funeral home from 1936 to 1980.

The basement where Philip and his brother’s room would be, was next to the old funeral home, only sliding doors separated them. Philip from the beginning began to say that there was an evil presence in the house, constantly listening to a voice of a man in the basement that said: “Philip come here”. His mother Carmen thought they were hallucinations, but he wasn´t the only one who saw things, the younger sister saw spirits in the mirror.

In an early morning Philip and his brother saw three sinister men in the darkness, who stared at them and whispered something awful, then the entities began to laugh and one of them threw one of his toys against the wall, breaking it into a thousand pieces. On another occasion, Philip came to see a boy dressed as Superman, then they learned that this boy was embalmed in the house and in his funeral he was using the superhero costume.

One of the most horrible episodes was, when under the influence of a dark entity, Philip tried to make evil things to a cousin who lived with them, so Philip was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for 45 days.

Time passed and unfortunately for its economic situation, the family couldn´t leave the house, even if the paranormal manifestations became stronger and stronger; things moved by themselves, there were inexplicable noises and the beds vibrated; It was then that they had to resort to help the Warren’s couple.

While the paranormal investigators arrived at the house, Lorraine visited the basement alone, and had a vision of a large man who was manipulating and moving the bodies. Lorraine realized that not only did they face a tormented spirit, but a demon, so she and her husband Edward called Priest Timothy Conlan, who performed an exorcism to end that diabolical entity.

After all that torment, the Snedeker family found calm, Philip found himself defeating cancer and they moved out of the house.

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The haunted Stanley Hotel … The true story of “The Shining”

Get to know the true story of “The Shining”, one of the most memorable horror movies of all times.

It all started with a dream … during a Halloween night in 1974, Stephen King dreamed his son was screaming, with a deep horror on his face as he was chased by a fire hose, along the hall of a hotel.

When Stephen King woke up, he went to the window of the hotel where he was staying and began to admire the rocky mountains that adjoined a black sky, and this was the moment where he was inspired to write one of the greatest horror stories: “The Shining”.

The hotel where this crucial episode happened in the life of Stephen King and many of us, horror fans, is the Stanley Hotel, located in Colorado, United States, where not only King had a dream, but he experienced paranormal events with his wife.

The hotel is known for being one of the most haunted in North America; This place was another element that inspired the writer to create his creepy novel.

During the stay of King and his wife, who accompanied him, they slept in room 217, and although it seems difficult to believe, they were the only guests inside the sinister hotel, since the tourist complex only opened its doors a few months in the year, and closed shortly before winter came, by October 30 when the couple arrived, it was already the end of the season.

The first mysterious event that the couple lived, was when they returned to the room shortly after dinner in the desolate dining room, because upon entering, all their belongings were messy, as if someone had shaken their bags, but not someone human, because the employees said that nobody entered.

Another paranormal incident happened during the morning when King walked by himself along the corridors of the hotel, he saw how the carpet moved as if by it was being controlled with magic.

This is the information that Stephen King shared with the media, however, the dark legend tells that he also had an encounter with ghost children wandering in the hotel, in addition to attending a party, where the other guests were spirits from beyond.

And although Stephen King’s story ends here and his visit to the haunted place, it´s not where the hotel’s story ends with respect to the paranormal, as both hotel employees and guests, they report having witnessed spooky manifestations. Children’s spirits living inside the hotel, silhouettes of children crossing the walls, the voices and laughter of little ones rumbling between the rooms and the long corridors of the hotel.

Another type of manifestations is that the belongings of the guests are inexplicably moved from the place, noises of invisible presences emanate inside the rooms, the lights blink sinisterly and the sink taps open themselves.

But without a doubt, the paranormal focus of the hotel is room 418, currently closed, because there lives an evil ghost that in the past frightened guests during the early morning to leave, always appearing furious in the corner of the room.

Despite the fact this hotel remains haunted, it is still quite popular and you can even take a tour, if you gather enough bravery to do it. 

Daily tours are incredibly popular, four different types of historical and haunted tours throughout the year. The Historic Stanley Night Tour takes you on a haunting evening through different dark spaces from the hotel, it introduces you to the active phenomena and spirit folklore that embraces this 100+-year-old hotel. 

There is also another, more friendly tour: The Historic Stanley Family Friends Tour with a more fun approach, it is an interactive tour in which kids can participate in very special I-spy games and other activities. 

A third type of tour with a more historical approach is the day tour, where you will be able to explore the hotel while learning about its background story and also its impact on pop culture. 

Due to its high ghostly activity, paranormal tours are held at the hotel, would you dare to go?

New “Silent Hill” movie is announced

After fourteen years of filming the first horror video game movie “Silent Hill”, the french director Christophe Gans said there will be a new movie coming soon.

But he won´t only film Silent Hill, but the Fatal Frame movie as well.

About Silent Hill Christophe said: “The project will always be anchored in this atmosphere of a small American town, ravaged by Puritanism. I think it’s time to make a new one.”

About Fatal Frame the director said: “The film will take place in Japan. I especially don’t want to uproot the game from its Japanese haunted house setting.”

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The dark story of Haunted Byberry Mental Hospital

If there is an asylum or hospital that could have been an inspiration for horror movies, surely Byberry Mental Hospital could be that place.

This is a huge hospital located in Philadelphia, which during its story saw thousands of patients with mental problems enter. And it became famous for the horrible treatments that the patients said they suffered, and if it were not because a worker took numerous photographs of the dark events, it would surely have lasted more years open.

The construction was so big, it took almost half a century for the more than 50 buildings that made up the hospital to be completed. And within them were mixed dormitories, nurseries, kitchens, laundries, a chapel and a mortuary, apart from the administration offices. It was such a large place that within its walls they managed to house a little more than 7,000 patients, at the time with the largest population of the place.

However, it´s curious that in the beginning the place was not a hospital, but a work farm for the mentally ill, it was until after it became an asylum, finally in 1907 it was consolidated as the Byberry Mental Hospital that brought so much horror to the world.

There were so many people who were there, that the conditions for the patients became poor and terrible, just like the treatment of the workers. There are photographs of patients tied with straps on their beds.

It was so much the carelessness, that the workers left the entire areas without any care, leaving the patients of those buildings practically abandoned.

In the 90’s the closing of its operations was declared, when the truth was discovered.

The scary thing is that the neighbors closest to the place (despite being miles away) gathered thousands of signatures so that the building was collapsed, according to them by the strange presence that the dark and abandoned place gave off.

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Now you can visit a restaurant-bar inspired by Beetlejuice all year round

Meet this restaurant-bar for Tim Burton fans, you will feel inside one of his films.

There is a bar called Beetle House, where you can enjoy Halloween all year round, a bar inspired mainly by one of our favorite films “Beetlejuice” of 1988.

The restaurant-bar has a twisted and spooky atmosphere of the film, it also presents delicious dishes to delight the palate, different drinks and the most fun is that the place is full of actors dressed as your favorite characters and you can take photos with each from them.

The restaurant-bar has a twisted and spooky atmosphere of the film, it also presents delicious dishes to delight the palate, different drinks and the most fun is that the place is full of actors dressed as your favorite characters and you can take photos with each from them.

The location of this place is located on East 6th Street New York, With a schedule of 4:00 pm, until 2:00 am.

There is a Bettle House in DC and Los Angeles too, for more information you can enter its official website.

It is a year-round Halloween celebration with an artistic and themed atmosphere inspired by the culture of horror, magic and artistic, literary and cinematographic works of Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, Bram Stoker, Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe and others more.

“We are kind of like an adult Halloween party with a Burtonesque feel, curated by Alfred Hitchcock, with a 90s goth band on stage and everyone is wearing Weird costumes.:) We are a safe place where every goth, punk, freak, weirdo, artist, and visitor is welcomed and celebrated” Beetle House.

You can also listen music related to Burton movies throughout the day. What else could we ask for?

Music, food, drinks, atmosphere, all excellent, but the best part for many of the visitors are the actors who play the characters of Tim Burton.

So we can´t wait any longer, we want to know Beetle House, would you go?

“Charlie No-Face” The true story of the Green Man tunnel

In the United States, Pennsylvania there is a famous legend of the ghost of a no-face man named: “Charlie”, who can be summoned in an abandoned railway tunnel known as “The tunnel of the green man”.

Rumors say that in the tunnel, Charlie he had an accident in which his face was lost and his life; And although this legend has been built based on many stories, this man did exist but the story of his life is a little different from the urban legend …

Real Story of The Green Man

This man was called Raymond Robinson, when he was 8 years old, he was playing with his friends, when suddenly they saw that there was a nest in a tower that held the high voltage lines, so Ray decided to go see if there were eggs there, unfortunately Ray touched the wires with electricity, but he didn´t pass away as many think.

The boy survived but had sequels forever…

After this, Ray learned braille and learned to walk only with a cane, years later he worked making belts and leather purses.

To avoid frightening people, Ray went out at night to walk along Route 351, those who crossed his path were so impressed that they could lose control of the car, because in the darkness they suddenly saw a faceless man smoking with one of the cheek holes.

There were also the curious who only drove down the road to meet him and ask him to photograph himself with them, he even made some friends with whom he occasionally shared beers and cigarettes.

Ray (Charlie) is also known as “The Green Man”, because they say that after his accident his skin caught a greenish tone, although they also say it was because of his green jacket that he used to protect himself from the cold.

Ray passed away in 1985, but his soul stayed wandering the roads of Pennsylvania, because people say that at night you can see a faceless man who smokes walking in the fog …

The Amityville House “the creepiest case of The Warren”

Know the true story of the movie The Amityville Horror.

It all started in 1975, when the Lutz family believed they had found the place of their dreams in that beautiful Dutch colonial house, unfortunately for them, they had reached the wrong place …

The property was marked by tragedy, the energy was so dark and so negative that the house was like a magnet for demonic and superhuman spirits.

Origin of the story (DeFeo Family)

It happened on November 13, 1974, when Ronald De Feo removed the lives of his parents and his 4 brothers. However, Ronald says, he didn´t commit that horrible act under his will, but influenced by a demonic presence.

Paranormal activity (Lutz Family)

Although only 13 months had passed since that tragedy, George and Kathleen Lutz moved to the old DeFeo house, which from the first day showed its true face.

While the Lutz were unpacking, a priest entered to bless the house, when he went up to the second floor and entered the room that had been inhabited by Marc and Jhon DeFeo (Ronald’s brothers), a spirit he couldn´t see shouted “out “.

He rushed out of the house and although he didn´t tell them what happened to the Lutz, he warned them that no one would sleep in that room.

From the first night in the house, the Lutz could feel supernatural presences, as the days went by the family began to change their behavior, George began to be distant and spent the time fanning the fire in the fireplace.

Lutz’s daughter was always playing in her room with her new imaginary friend, a red-eyed little pig named Jodie, who could change its form. The girl said no one could see Jodie, unless the pig wanted to.

Mysterious smells and black spots appeared in the house, hundreds of flies abounded in the forbidden room despite being winter. George started waking up every morning at 3:15, at which time the DeFeo family died. One of the nights George, upon waking, saw his wife’s face turn into that of a witch.

The family tried to fix the problem in their own hands. with a crucifix, they walked the whole house reciting the Lord’s prayer, a chorus of voices exploded in response, asking: “Are they going to stop?” That was the last night… The worst. The Lutz grabbed some of their belongings and they left the house, while invisible beings hit and pushed the furniture of the house.

The Warren

20 days after the Lutz had fled, a team of reporters, researchers and parapsychologists, were gathered by “The Warren” at the house of Amityville, when the spirits were provoked religiously didn´t hesitate to express their anger, acting fiercely against those present.

Lorraine Warren also felt overwhelmed by the feeling of a demonic presence, she could see the members of the DeFeo family on the ground covered in white sheets.

Jhon DeFeo Ghost

In the image below you can see a photo that the research team captured, it´s from the spirit of the boy Jhon DeFeo looking from the second floor of the house.

Amityville House

The original address of the house was 112 Ocean Avenue but now it changed to 108 Ocean Avenue, Amityville in in the state of New York.

And although you can´t enter, because it´s private property, many of the lovers of horror, pose for a photograph in front of the house on the other side of the street.

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“Papa Legba” the creepy god of voodoo compared to “St. Peter”

Papa Legba is a powerful voodoo deity who has the power to open and close the portals between the living and the dead.

Papa Legba will always be the first and last to be named in a voodoo invocation, since his permission is necessary for any type of communication or interaction between the two worlds.

Papa Legba is identified as St. Peter in the Catholic religion, the guardian of the gates of heaven.

All voodoo ceremonies begin with the following song:

“Oh, good Legba, listen to me: open the barrier to me. Dad Legba, open the barrier for me.
Open the barrier for me to enter.
Voodoo Legba, open the barrier to me.
I will thank the loas (spirits) when I return.
Ababó. “

And one of the most common prayers is:

“Open the road, open the fence, open the door. We want to get home, dad. “

It´s said that Papa Legba, who can speak all human languages, is the voice of God and has the gift of giving life, Legba goes to issues related to sexuality and to ask for help in life’s difficulties.

A devotee must kiss the ground three times to call Papa Legba and ask for his intersection, the person must receive it with rum, cigars and peanuts.

“Emily’s Bridge” where the spirit of a bride appears

What was supposed to be a love story, became a horror story, when the young and beautiful Emily who wore a red dress on her wedding day, was abandoned on the altar by the man she would marry, she, full of shame, ran out of the Church, took the carriage and fled to find her fiancé.

Just as she passed the Gold Brook Bridge in Stowe, Vermont, Emily lost control of the horses, so the carriage fell into the creek with her inside, the bride was unable to leave and lost her life underwater, as did the horses.

There is another version, which says that she was the one who left the church abandoning her fiancé, agreed to see on the bridge with her lover to escape together; When she reached the meeting point, the lover didn´t appear, and she was completely alone, so she decided to end her existence with a rope on the bridge.

Whatever the origin of the legend, it´s said that Emily’s soul is trapped on the bridge, which is now known as “Emily’s Bridge.” The locals and tourists have witnessed the paranormal manifestations of the spirit of the bride, the cars parked or passing through the bridge are scratched and touched, you can see the traces of the girl’s fine hands marked in the vehicle.

Strange noises are often heard on the bridge, regrets, macabre laughs and the grinding of a rope. There are witnesses who claim to have seen the white silhouette of a woman dressed as a bride who cries, while listening to horses whinny in the darkest of the night.

People who have played ouija on the bridge, are always visited by a spirit that calls itself “Emily”, when there is more paranormal activity in this tragic place, it´s between 12 a.m. and 3:30 a.m.

More information: Emily´s Bridge

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The “most haunted hotel in United States” invites couples on Valentine’s Day to spend a chilling night

Live a night full of horror on Valentine’s Day, nothing like a chilling experience to celebrate love …

The Crescent Hotel is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where it´s said that some “guests check out but never leave.”

The dark history of the hotel dates back to the late thirties, when the hotel served as a “cancer cure hospital” where they offered fake remedies to heal the sick, so many people lost their lives by trusting that cure.

In 2019, the dark legends about the history of the hotel became a reality, since the tomb of Norman Baker, the charlatan who promised the cure was found, in addition to more than 500 bottles where the supposed medicines were found, among other chilling proofs of the terrible act.

The macabre history and high paranormal activity has led the hotel to be visited by Ghost Hunters and Travel Channel.

Valentine´s day in the “Crescent Hotel”

In the hotel they usually do ghost tours, spiritualism sessions and paranormal investigations throughout the year, but for Valentine’s Day, they have organized something very special …

The hotel offers for the lovers a night in one of its premium rooms, also includes breakfast for 2 people, 2 ghost tours and 2 ghost t-shirts.

If you don’t feel like chilling activities, they also offer quieter packages for Valentine’s Day, such as a 4-course dinner for 2 people.

For more information: Crescent Hotel

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