Lemp Mansion’s ghostly activities are so intense, they make it the most haunted house in the USA

Apparitions, loud banging, and ghostly footsteps are things that happen almost every day and night, inside the Lemp Mansion, from St. Louis, Missouri. Due to its intense level of ghostly activities, it has become one of the most haunted places in all of the United States, what is the history of this house, you ask? […]

You won’t believe what these villages used to do before becoming ghost towns

A ghost town is commonly known as a deserted or abandoned village that has lost its vibrant energy, along with a numerous number of inhabitants. Usually, the towns become more settled as their citizens decide to migrate to bigger and more modern cities, leaving their village lives in the past, but have you ever stopped […]

If you ever see one of these black-eyed children knocking on your door, better not answer

When we see the image of a child, it usually gives us a feeling of tenderness and sometimes we feel the need to protect them… but you would think the same about the black-eyed children?  In Staffordshire, England, there have been reports of strange creatures that seem to take the form of helpless children, but […]

The “real” stories behind these old Native American monsters will give you chills: true or false?

Legends and myths about terrifying creatures are nothing new in this world. For hundreds of years, people have sat down and shared stories about monsters lurking around and although many of these today may seem like a mockery to us, such as the bigfoot or the chupacabra, it doesn´t mean that the story behind all […]

The Lovecraft Bar, a horror-themed place in Portland that is nothing like you ever seen before

You could make a pretty long list of all that exists in the world and is that now people are looking for more than a product that pleases them, but looking for an experience, they want to feel excitement even at the time of putting their feet inside the establishment, but few are the places […]

“Whispers Estate” one of the most haunted houses in the USA is now for sale

Many people in the world love haunted houses, they love that instant shot of adrenaline that they feel when they are scared, the atmosphere of mystery and suspense that fills every corner… and really, many of us are attracted at least a little, by that vibration of horror, right? but what would you think, if […]

As scary as Pennywise is, you will surely love these products

It doesn’t matter if you saw the classic Nineties, if you recently knew the movie or if you’re a fan of both, somehow you must have met that peculiar and completely terrifying clown, who always carries with him a chilling smile and a red balloon, you know who I’m talking about? The evil clown Pennywise […]

These places topped the creepiest places on earth and you wouldn’t dare to visit them

The more we have the opportunity to discover places in the world, the more we realize that it is full of places that really give us the creeps, and not necessarily because they have a macabre history in the background, but simply because of the scary way they look. In this list, we share with […]

One of the most infamous places of paranormal is getting a new tv series: The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

Are you the kind of person who loves everything paranormal and unusual, but doesn’t have the time, or the guts, to embark on a terrifying adventure? don’t worry, because A&E is launching a thrilling tv series all about one of the most intriguing and terrifying paranormal investigations for you to enjoy, and get scared as […]

If you ever feel like taking a trip to the past, all you have to do is rent a medieval castle in Spain!

Stunning castles, braveheart knights and mystical sorcerers… Welcome to the medieval era! You know that an era was extremely significant when it’s still a major icon in the modern world. Today there are millions of people around the world who have a deep admiration for the medieval era, and how not to? if it is […]