The dark truth behind “The Powerpuff Girls”

The Powerpuff Girls is a cartoon very dear to many of us, even several of their adventures remind us of part of our childhood, where we wanted to join them to fight the forces of evil.

The story in the cartoon began when Professor Utonium (a scientist) wanted to create the perfect girl by combining certain substances, but by accidentally adding more of the substance “X”, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup appeared with their super powers.

It’s a beautiful story and at the same time unusual, don’t you think? Have you ever wondered, what was the Professor’s reason for trying to create the perfect girl?… There are several theories that are told, but there is one in particular that left me with a huge hole in my heart…

It all began a long time ago when Professor Utonium was 19 years old, he was a very intelligent and outstanding young man at the University. There he met what would be the love of his life, a studious woman who shared the passion for science.

They began to spend a lot of time together, they would talk when arriving at the University, at lunchtime, between classes and always when leaving, one waited for the other to return home together, they began to realize all the things they had in common. The attraction they felt for each other increased, but no one dared to speak up about it.

After four months, the professor decided to take the initiative to confess his feelings to the girl, who immediately corresponded to his love. Some days later they became a couple and began a beautiful love relationship.

Their relationship was beautiful, they were even seen as the best couple, it went on this way for years until they grew up and finished their studies.

Both had successful jobs and that same year without really taking it into consideration, the Profesor’s girlfriend got pregnant, so they made the decision to get married to start a beautiful family. They were a truly happy couple, and even more so because of the news of the baby that was coming…

As the weeks passed, they were surprised by the doctor, they would have three babies. This news filled them with more happiness, they could not believe that they would be having triplets.

Finally the day of childbirth arrived, and the two lovers met their three little girls, the Profesor was extremely happy to have his new family who would be with him for the rest of his life.

After two years, their life was perfect, their daughters had grown and the Profesor’s wife always waited for him after his work, excited to be together. But unfortunately, the days of happiness were soon ending…

The wedding anniversary arrived. That same afternoon, before the Profesor arrived home, his beautiful wife wanted to surprise him with a special dinner, but since some essential ingredients were missing she decided to pass by the supermarket and get the necessary ingredients, in the company of her three daughters.

When Professor Utonio arrived, he was happy, because he had in his hands a large bouquet of flowers and some chocolates to surprise his wife, but the strange thing was that she was not waiting for him as she normally does. After a while, he began to worry, because he still didn’t hear from them.

Suddenly he heard the phone, he thought it could be his wife but when he answered it was a friend, who, with his cut off voice, told him to turn his tv on and watch the news.

The professor knew that something was not right, following the instructions of his friend he discovered that in the news they talked about a terrible car accident, it had happened a few hours ago, and upon hearing that the deceased were a woman with three girls, the Professor was totally shocked. However when the names of the victims were suddenly revealed, the poor man broke into tears in front of the television because unfortunately, it was his indeed family.

After two months, the professor was sunk in a strong depression. He didn’t want to go on with life, he had no motivation to move on, he even tried to finish everything but he had no courage to do so. Then he saw a picture of his family and he thought he had to do something about it.

He wanted to fill that huge void he felt after his loss, he wanted to fix it so much that he became obsessed with creating the lives of three perfect girls in his laboratory…

After several unsuccessful experiments, a mistake led him to success, because destiny gifted him three girls that were taken from him at the time… These became “The Powerpuff Girls”