The Haunting of Hill House will be back and the filming of season 2 is over

The Haunting of Hill House left the audience with a great appetite for more mystery, drama and suspense. After ten exciting episodes, the creator Mike Flanagan decided to give fans another taste of horror by introducing a new story.

The second season will be called “The Haunting of Bly Manor” in which the story will not only incorporate new actors such as the talented Rahul Kohli, T’Nia Miller, Amelia Eve and Benjamin Ainsworth but also maintain part of the original cast like Catherine Parker, Victoria Pedretti, and Henry Thomas among others.

The Haunting of Bly Manor was filmed in Vancouver. they finished this month, in February. However, Netflix will not release the terrifying part two right now, the public will probably enjoy it during the Halloween season.

Flanagan has done tremendous work with The Haunting of Hill House, this psychological thriller had everything a horror enthusiast could ask for from storyline all the way to aesthetics, no wonder why people have high expectations for the upcoming season but… what will be the new storyline?

The last episode of season one brings an end to the Crain family story. What follows up is a new fresh story where another family will be haunted in a completely new, frightening house.

“It’s a cool way to expand on some of the things I loved about season 1, but within the framework of a new story, without having to be restrained by the decisions we made last time.” Flanagan

Although there is no actual narrative connection between both seasons, what brings these two together are the small easter eggs in the moments of dialogue and in some of the ideas retrieved from Hill House. No matter how small the easter eggs might seem, they are guaranteed to trigger an emotion rush when you finally make a connection with the story.

Officially The Haunting of Bly Manor is based on Henry Jame’s 1898 gothic horror novel “The Turn of the Scre”which has been previously adapted to the big screen in 1961 as a film called “The Innocents”.

Flanagan shows plenty of enthusiasm for this new season saying “It’s such a treat to play in the world of Henry James” the creator along with the whole crew will unravel Henry Jame’s library of ghosts, introducing to the media world things that have never been seen before.

Would you dare to watch The Haunting of Bly Manor?

Prepare yourselves all horror lovers, a spooky Blue Moon is coming this year on Halloween

This October 2020 will be quite special since its coming with a Blue Moon which promises to add spooky and mysterious vibes all around the place. This unique astronomical phenomenon is popularly known as the Blue Moon and it is one of the most anticipated moon events of 2020.


A Blue Moon gets its name basically because, during this phenomenon, the moon appears to be bluish, due to the smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere. The reason why this happening is so unique is that a full moon only occurs every 29 days, but blue moons which happen to be a full blue moon, only occur every 2 and a half to three years based on statistics from NASA.


In general, people don’t really pay attention to the full moons that might happen every month, however, the reason why this 2020’s blue moon is so special is that it will be appearing exactly on October 31, perfect timing!

A full moon is a must when searching for Halloween pictures on Google, but the truth is that having such a phenomenon landing on this exact holiday is something that happens 3 or 4 times in a century, pretty rare.


According to meteorologists, after 2020’s spectacular Blue Moon the world will have to wait for another 19 years until the phenomenon manifests itself again on Halloween, so better not miss it!

¿Are you ready for this spooky Halloween?

A great reward awaits those who can spend 30 hours inside a coffin in Six Flags, would you dare?

The coffin challenge is a very popular activity that invites all thrill lovers to spend 30 hours inside a wooden coffin. If the participants manage to pass this challenge, a great prize will be awarded to them!

This particular and creative activity is carried out within Six Flags Park facilities, all around the world. Six Flags New England decides has carried out this amazing event for two consecutive years.

On its latest edition of the Fright Fest 30-Hour Coffin Challenge, the victorious winner took home $600 prize and also all participants were granted a pair of 2020 Gold Season Passes, a pair of 2019 Haunted House passes and a pair of passes to skip a ride line.

There were over 1,500 coffin dwellers waiting to participate in this massive event however, only six of them were selected. Six Flags staff mention that they were carefully picking the people who had stories that “spoke to them”

The challenge itself was quite fun but not easy. Participants were not allowed to leave their coffin at any time other than for their 13-minute bathroom break every three hours. They also had meal breaks in their coffin and a couple of mini-challenges were added to spice things up.

With the idea of making this challenge more entertaining, Six Flags staff created “The Wheel of Fright” including several random challenges such as being blindfolded, eating insects, holding a snake and more.

Registration for the Coffin Challenge is usually opened around September and the main event finally comes alive as expected, during the spooky month of October.

More information: Fright Fest 30-Hour Coffin Challenge

7 Signs that you have found the person you should spend your life with

Sometimes, we find ourselves so caught up looking for love that we easily settle down, and that is something that should never happen. In love, the idea is to find our soulmate.

If you think you may have found the right person forever, but you are not totally sure, look at the following list… If the person who is with you has all these characteristics, then it is your soulmate.

They put you first

For the first time in so long, you have found a person to whom you are a priority, willing to sacrifice many things for you if necessary. This person sees you for who you really are and values you in ways other people have never done.

They understand you

You finally feel that someone understands you, and you understand that person equally. You two simply “understand” each other.

Being with that person is almost too easy

Being with this special person is not as complicated as it has been previously in your other romantic relationships. It feels like being together comes naturally. They deserve each other.

They think the same way as you

You two have so much in common that, to be honest, it’s scary. They say and do things that seem to be synchronized. It is even possible that they are finding each other’s sentences at times.

You trust the person, you really trust

Trusting the other person is essential in any type of relationship. With this person, you have no reason to distrust, and they value the confidence you have. Trust is reciprocal too, you don’t feel that this person will hurt you and you know that you wouldn’t hurt them either.

They give you a feeling of comfort that you have never had before

You feel safe by their side. When they are together, they are certain that even on the most horrible day, everything will be fine. This person makes you happier than you have felt in a long time.

They challenge you to be better

In this life, we should all try to be better. This person inspires you to be the best version of you. You also push them and move forward together to become what you both should be. It is worth mentioning, that this person challenges you, but does not force you. Someone who really loves you will not force you to anything, ever.

5 Toys that were from the devil

During our childhood, one of the things we enjoyed the most, besides going to the park and playing around, was to play with our toys, those old friends who accompanied us when everyone else left. However, some of them would not last forever.

Since suddenly terrible rumors would be spread on television and newspapers saying “our toys were of the devil”, this news forced our parents to throw them away or burn them.


It was the toy we all wanted to have, you could feed it, take it to sleep and it was also a chatterbox. Its intelligence was surprising, although a little creepy, because it had the ability to learn new words, and its interaction with humans made us think it was alive.

But the rumors soon spread that the Furbies were possessed by the devil, came alive at night and sent subliminal messages from hell, and although perhaps it was an invention, it doesn’t sound so crazy to me.

I remember hearing news of children and parents, who reported unusual activity in the toy. Suddenly their Furbies did things for which they were not programmed, having arrived as noble and defenseless dolls, suddenly they were capricious and badly spoken dolls. You could even see expressions of anger on his face, but the phenomenon that gives more credibility to the theory that the Furbies have a soul is that they talked even if they didn’t have batteries.

The Elmo Doll

It is a programmable doll, it was created to say cute and appropriate things for children, but a family would be very scared after changing the batteries to their toy, as he began to say “take James’s life”, James was the owner of the doll.

The child’s mother began to notice a strange behavior in her son because the boy kept talking about his death when she realized that those evil messages that had been sown to her son, came from Elmo. She called the manufacturers Fisher-Price, who found no reason for the evil that lived in the doll.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

They say that Satan disguises himself in different ways, in this case it would be in the form of a simple game, which children adore, the religious assure that in the letters of this game there are hidden and subliminal messages that indoctrinate the children for a new era, where the occult reigns.

They claim that Yu-Gi-Oh’s cards are impregnated with the symbolism of the hidden brotherhood “Ordo Templi Orientis”, coming from Freemasonry. Some of these cards most related to the occult, are called “The Fallen Angel”, “Dark Magician”, “Dark Magician Girl”, among others.


Those funny dolls almost never had clothes, but they did have a colorful hair which you could style however you liked, they were known to bring good luck until a dark legend came out, saying they were demonic beings because as well as the goblins, the Trolls are also related to the occult.

It is said that the Trolls can cause a lot of mental and spiritual damage, as some people place their faith on them as a god, as long as these dolls use their magical powers for their benefit. However, the personality of the Trolls is quite possessive and rebellious so paying them back could be troublesome, as the story of a woman who says that the same Troll who granted him to have a child, then wanted to take it away, because he was jealous.


This toy is known for its beneficial results that generate health, as they help reduce stress in an easy and simple way, but on the other side, there is a rumor that the Spinner is the artifact of the devil himself.

A Christian pastor says that when a person takes a Spinner, because of the way they are placing their fingers, they make the sign of the devil, mocking God, and that the “666” mark of the devil is also formed.

New photo reveals what “Bird Box” creatures look like

If there is a movie that is recently in everyone’s mind, it is Bird Box. This movie by Susanne Bier’s is an amazing adaptation from Josh Malerman’s popular novel.

It tells a post-apocalyptic story of a woman struggling to survive “after a sinister presence leads most of society to end their own life,” offering a quite nerve-wracking and exciting journey with some fantastic performances.


However, given that these monsters actually play an important role in the movie, these are not seen or shown directly in any scene, the reason why many people wonder what they look like and how they could be.

And although the decision to never show these monsters was probably a correct choice in the end, even if it is shown to be a bit controversial for fans, it has not prevented people from imagining what they would look like.

But now, we do not have to imagine more, since the special effects studio SFX Atlas has released the following photo that gives the world a pretty good idea of ​​the design that was going to be used since at one time the filmmakers planned to reveal them on screen.


A while ago, Sandra Bullock talked about the decision to show the creatures and said that when she first saw the design, it made her laugh.

“It was a green man with a horrible babyface. He was like a snake, and I said,” I don’t want to see him when it appears for the first time. Just bring it to the room. Let’s continue to the scene. I turn and he’s there [growling at me.] It’s making me laugh. He was just a long, fat baby. “


While we are sure that the spectators would not have laughed once all the VFX and post-production tweaks had been made in the creature’s design, it was a smart decision to keep the mystery intact and not show what these monsters really do…

What do you think? Would you have liked to have seen the creatures in Bird Box? Or are you happy they never showed up?

The terrifying origin of Peppa Pig

“Peppa Pig is a hit with kids because of its cute and cuddly characters, that’s why parents allow their children to have fun watching Peppa. However, if they knew the dark legend behind this animated series, they would ban it completely…

Legend has it that many years ago, on a small farm lived a family who raised pigs and then sold their meat to the village butchers. In reality, this family consisted of only two members, Mr. Smith, and his little daughter Peppa Smith. Since Peppa’s mother was locked up in prison for trying to end her husband’s life, in the presence of the child.

Despite the terrible episode that Peppa lived through, she was a sweet and obedient child with her father, she liked to help with the breeding, so much so that every morning she went out happily to feed the piglets and then clean them and play with them. She was so affectionate that she had four favorites;

A huge, robust male who couldn’t see very well, a female who could only have two offspring, one of these offspring didn’t do the typical “oink” like the other animals, but rather grunted like a dinosaur, and the other offspring was very big like the father.

In her spare time, Peppa used to draw pictures and one day she came up with the idea of drawing one with chalk on the wall of the barn. She drew a forest, and inside it, a family of little pigs dressed in T-shirts and dresses. On top of each member she placed their names which were…

Mama Pig, next to her was George, who was wearing a dinosaur cuddly toy because he likes to growl like them. Then there was Papa Pig with his glasses because he couldn’t see well, and at the end Peppa Pig, which looked just like her because it was its favorite. She was so happy with her artwork that she immediately looked for her father to show it to him, but when Mr. Smith arrived he grabbed her by the hair and started to yell at her.

“Spoiled child! How many times do I have to tell you not to get attached to those pigs? This morning I fixed the grinding machine and I’ll start the meat production again. Those animals you drew on the wall, just this morning I decided to get rid of them and sell them to the butcher.”

Hearing what her father was saying to her, she burst into a loud cry full of pain, but her father didn’t care, he even ordered his daughter to grind up waste to feed the pigs while he was busy ending the life of Peppa’s favorite pig.

Peppa was very upset and still obeyed her father. She turned on the shredder and put the waste into a bucket, then climbed a ladder and, being at the top, gradually overtook the contents of the bucket.

But suddenly the machine began to make a sound as if something was stuck inside the gears and Peppa decided to look a little closer to find out what the cause was. Unfortunately, something went wrong and the ladder moved, poor Peppa fell into the machine…

When the father arrived in a hurry because of Peppa’s heart-rending screams, it was too late because he found only one terrible scene, the walls and floor completely covered with Peppa’s waste.

Mr. Smith’s grief was so deep when finding his daughter in such a condition that he decided to join his little girl in the afterlife. The next morning he was found in the barn leaning against the wall under the picture his little girl had drawn.

Some time later, it is rumored that the drawings were used by the creators of the Peppa Pig cartoon, regardless of the sad story that has been dragging on…

Mom freaks out when her 4-year-old reveals that he is the reincarnation of her unborn baby

One mother has shared the shocking moment where her four-year-old son remembered when he lost his life BEFORE he was born.

Laura Mazza, writing on Instagram, told how Luca said he died in his “belly” and became an angel. The Australian mother said that unfortunately before Luca was born, she lost a baby spontaneously, but soon after as a blessing, Luca arrived.

“I knew that Luca had walked this earth before. I could only see the way he looked, “As if he was a small man, he has always been wise and said some really funny things, he sang some old songs that he wouldn’t have heard in his four years of life”.

“But tonight, in the bathroom, he said something that really surprised me and made me really believe that he’s an old soul.” He said, “I lived in your belly… I was there, but then I left.”

Laura kept asking Luca what he meant… and was surprised by his answer. He said, “No, Mom, I came to your belly and then I stopped living; I went looking for you but I couldn’t find you, I went to your house, I went everywhere, but you couldn’t hear me when I called you; then I was sad, but then I became an angel. “I missed you, so I wanted to come back to you, so I became a baby in your belly and then I was born again.

“Now I’m happy, I’m your baby again and I’m happy that I can grow up now.” Laura explained how, when she heard Luca’s story, she burst into tears. “I just looked at him and cried. Our babies know who they want their mothers to be long before we know they exist,” she concluded.

“This is proof that they truly choose us and their souls are always with us in this life or the next,” said the blessed mother.

The dark truth behind “The Powerpuff Girls”

The Powerpuff Girls is a cartoon very dear to many of us, even several of their adventures remind us of part of our childhood, where we wanted to join them to fight the forces of evil.

The story in the cartoon began when Professor Utonium (a scientist) wanted to create the perfect girl by combining certain substances, but by accidentally adding more of the substance “X”, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup appeared with their super powers.

It’s a beautiful story and at the same time unusual, don’t you think? Have you ever wondered, what was the Professor’s reason for trying to create the perfect girl?… There are several theories that are told, but there is one in particular that left me with a huge hole in my heart…

It all began a long time ago when Professor Utonium was 19 years old, he was a very intelligent and outstanding young man at the University. There he met what would be the love of his life, a studious woman who shared the passion for science.

They began to spend a lot of time together, they would talk when arriving at the University, at lunchtime, between classes and always when leaving, one waited for the other to return home together, they began to realize all the things they had in common. The attraction they felt for each other increased, but no one dared to speak up about it.

After four months, the professor decided to take the initiative to confess his feelings to the girl, who immediately corresponded to his love. Some days later they became a couple and began a beautiful love relationship.

Their relationship was beautiful, they were even seen as the best couple, it went on this way for years until they grew up and finished their studies.

Both had successful jobs and that same year without really taking it into consideration, the Profesor’s girlfriend got pregnant, so they made the decision to get married to start a beautiful family. They were a truly happy couple, and even more so because of the news of the baby that was coming…

As the weeks passed, they were surprised by the doctor, they would have three babies. This news filled them with more happiness, they could not believe that they would be having triplets.

Finally the day of childbirth arrived, and the two lovers met their three little girls, the Profesor was extremely happy to have his new family who would be with him for the rest of his life.

After two years, their life was perfect, their daughters had grown and the Profesor’s wife always waited for him after his work, excited to be together. But unfortunately, the days of happiness were soon ending…

The wedding anniversary arrived. That same afternoon, before the Profesor arrived home, his beautiful wife wanted to surprise him with a special dinner, but since some essential ingredients were missing she decided to pass by the supermarket and get the necessary ingredients, in the company of her three daughters.

When Professor Utonio arrived, he was happy, because he had in his hands a large bouquet of flowers and some chocolates to surprise his wife, but the strange thing was that she was not waiting for him as she normally does. After a while, he began to worry, because he still didn’t hear from them.

Suddenly he heard the phone, he thought it could be his wife but when he answered it was a friend, who, with his cut off voice, told him to turn his tv on and watch the news.

The professor knew that something was not right, following the instructions of his friend he discovered that in the news they talked about a terrible car accident, it had happened a few hours ago, and upon hearing that the deceased were a woman with three girls, the Professor was totally shocked. However when the names of the victims were suddenly revealed, the poor man broke into tears in front of the television because unfortunately, it was his indeed family.

After two months, the professor was sunk in a strong depression. He didn’t want to go on with life, he had no motivation to move on, he even tried to finish everything but he had no courage to do so. Then he saw a picture of his family and he thought he had to do something about it.

He wanted to fill that huge void he felt after his loss, he wanted to fix it so much that he became obsessed with creating the lives of three perfect girls in his laboratory…

After several unsuccessful experiments, a mistake led him to success, because destiny gifted him three girls that were taken from him at the time… These became “The Powerpuff Girls”

Los mensajes subliminales y oscuros del “El mundo oculto de Sabrina”

Dirigida a adolescentes, la serie contiene mensajes inquietantes sobre el satanismo, el feminismo, la sexualidad y todo lo que hay en el medio. Aquí hay una mirada en profundidad detrás de El mundo oculto de Sabrina.


Lanzada justo antes de Halloween, la fiesta más importante en los círculos satánicos, la serie lleva a sus jóvenes espectadores a una aventura oculta combinada con todo tipo de mensajes sociales: a los espectadores se les enseña los conceptos básicos del satanismo, que la brujería es la mejor manera de volver a el “patriarcado”, y que el canibalismo no es tan malo después de todo.

En resumen, la serie es la élite oculta que muchos personas aseguran que “intenta lavar el cerebro” a los jóvenes.


En el primer episodio, la premisa se describe de la siguiente manera:

“En la ciudad de Greendale, donde siempre se siente como el Halloween, vivía una chica que es mitad bruja, mitad mortal, que, en su 16 cumpleaños, tendría que elegir entre dos mundos: el mundo de brujas de su familia y El mundo humano de sus amigas ”.


La premisa principal está hecha a medida para que se pueda relacionar con los adolescentes. Se trata de una niña de 16 años que va a la escuela secundaria, ama a su novio y sale con sus amigos. Pero, también, ella es una bruja y los miembros de su familia son satanistas orgullosos. 


A lo largo de sus aventuras infernales, suceden muchas cosas inquietantes y se entregan muchos mensajes. Éstos son algunos de los temas explotados por la serie.

Vendiendo satanismo


En cada episodio de la serie, los principales “puntos de venta” del satanismo se entrelazan en la trama y se presentan de una manera que se relaciona con los adolescentes. 

Las dos tías y la prima de Sabrina son brujos que gritan “alabar a Satanás” cada vez que sucede algo bueno. Sin embargo, no son arpías de nariz puntiaguda que viajan en escobas, sino mujeres simpáticas e inteligentes que actúan como madres cariñosas para Sabrina. De hecho, todas las brujas de la serie son personas ingeniosas, carismáticas y de buena apariencia que son de mente abierta y tolerantes con todos los estilos de vida.


Como se dijo anteriormente, Sabrina tiene un dilema: ¿debería convertirse en una bruja súper poderosa con todo tipo de poderes geniales? ¿O debería seguir siendo una chica básica? Así es como la serie presenta el “dilema”. Como se dice en la serie: “hay tantas cosas deliciosas sobre ser una bruja”.


Para convertirse en bruja, Sabrina debe pasar por un “bautismo oscuro” y entregarse a Satanás. Sin embargo, Sabrina tiene algunas preguntas que se utilizan para educar a los espectadores sobre el satanismo.


En un momento, Sabrina le pregunta al Sumo Sacerdote de su aquelarre: “Pero el diablo … es una encarnación del mal”. Y el le contesta: “Incorrecto Él es la encarnación del libre albedrío. Bien, Mal, Esas palabras son importantes para el Falso Dios, pero el Señor Oscuro está más allá de tales preceptos”.


Sí, a lo largo de la serie, se hace referencia a Dios como el Dios falso, una figura paterna impotente y opresiva. Para hacer que el bautismo oscuro sea aún más atractivo, el Sumo Sacerdote agrega: “A cambio de su servicio y devoción, las brujas están exentas del infierno”.


Justo antes del bautismo, el Sumo Sacerdote proporciona más satanismo: “Nuestro Señor Oscuro nos enseña: no hay ninguna ley más allá de Haz lo que quieras. Nuestro Señor Oscuro pregunta: “¿Te gustaría ser feliz?“.


A menudo se describe a Satanás como una figura liberadora y empoderadora para las mujeres.

A medida que Sabrina aprende sobre las artes oscuras, a veces se rebela contra su educación satánica y trata de romper con ella. ¿Ella tiene éxito? Por supuesto no. De hecho, Sabrina termina firmando el Libro de la Bestia (entregando su alma a Satanás), lo que la convierte en una bruja súper poderosa. Y estos superpoderes terminan salvando a toda la ciudad de Greendale. Gracias, Satanás.


Para hacer que el satanismo sea aún más atractivo, la serie también lo compara con el feminismo. Pues la mayoría de los hombres de la serie son malvados, por lo que la brujería ayuda a las chicas a vencer aquellos salvajes.


Así como la incitación al satanismo, la serie promueve sexo desenfrenado, canibalismo, entre otros temas un poco más polémicos.


¿Y tú ya viste la serie?