The Mystery of the Pollock Twins, a case of Reincarnation

Read about the story of the Pollock Twins, an odd case of reincarnation

It is known that the circle of life is to be born, to live and to die. But what comes next? There are many beliefs that try to explain the mysteries of the afterlife. And the case of the Pollock twins makes us think that what comes next after death is to be born again which it’s what we know as reincarnation.

The Pollock Twins

This story is set in the mid-20th century in Hexham, England. It was a Sunday morning, the happy marriage of John and Florence Pollock were on their way to mass with their daughters Johana and Jaqueline, aged 11 and 6 respectively.

They were a little late, so the little Pollock sisters decided to hurry up together with their friend to save up a seat in the church. Unfortunately none of them would arrive to their destiny. When they were crossing the street, a car hit them, ending their lives.

The parents of the Pollock sisters were in complete sorrow. However, in October 1958, a few months later, Florence became pregnant and the couple became parents of two adorable twins whom they named Guillan and Jennifer.

When the Pollock twins were 3 months old, the family moved and began a new life in Whitley-Bay. As the girls grew older, the parents noticed a strange behavior on them. Guillan took the role of an older sister and Jennifer as the younger. Also one of the twins had a birth mark which was similar to one Johana had and the other twin had also a birth mark which was similar to Jaqueline’s. But this was just the start of many coincidences…

When the twins were 4 years old, the parents decided that it was time to go back to Hexham. At the moment they arrived to town, the girls knew exactly where they were. When passing through the school where the deceased Pollock sisters studied, the twins mentioned that they used to attend classes there.

Not only did they remember that, but recognized places that the sisters usually visited and even knew the names of some neighbors. When they found the toy chest of the sisters, the twins knew the name of each toy. Guillan took the toys that belonged to Johana and Jennifer took Jaqueline’s.

Guillan and Jennifer even started to play a horrible game about falling to the ground to recreate the scene of the accident where the sisters lost their lives.

Every time they went out, if there were cars passing near them, they would get upset and hugged each other to console themselves, as if they could still recall the day of their death.

However, memories would start to fade. By the age of 5, the girls started to live a normal life, leaving behind the memories of their past lives as Johana and Jaqueline. According to experts, children who have experienced some type of reincarnation, starts to forget about their past lives by this age.

After reading the mysterious case of the Pollock twins, do you believe in reincarnation?

Baba Vanga’s chilling prophecies come true

There are people with the incredible gift of predicting the future and although many or most of us receive the information with some skepticism, there are those who have definitely managed to surprise us. Without a doubt, this is the case of “Baba Vanga”, one of the world’s most renowned seers for her accurate predictions…

She was a Bulgarian woman named Vangelia Pandeva, born in 1911, and shortly before she passed away in 1996, she revealed several future events that have left us impressed, because to this day they are still coming true.

One of those prophecies, which we are currently going through, is none other than the virus that now is spreading among the people in the world.

Baba Vanga’s incredible story began at the age of 12, when she had an accident that left her marked for life. A large tornado crossed her path, lifting her up and throwing her 400 meters into a field. It was a miracle that she was alive, however, as a result of the accident she gradually lost her vision and four years later she lost her sight completely.

At the age of 16 Baba received a divine gift, as she began to have visions in which several of them have had spooky successes, for example; The Twin Towers on September 11, communicating that “the American brothers would be attacked by steel birds. She also predicted the end of World War II, the decease of Princess Diana, and of course, the coronavirus, the global disease that would end many lives…

In the 1970s Baba made mention of the virus, prophesying that in the 20th century in the year of the twins “20 20”, a new disease would begin in China that would spread around the world and remove the lives of many people, especially the elderly. She even mentioned that the antidote would take a year to develop.

After the virus, she announced that in the same year there would be other scary events, one of which is a meteorite that would arrive to the earth (Nostradamus also warned about this event). This is actually quite spooky, as NASA is currently investigating a meteorite that is threatening to come close to the earth.

Before she passes away, she also anticipated and warned of other events that would occur later, such as a huge Tsunami that would wipe out parts of India, Pakistan, China, and Japan.

She also anticipated other disturbing events in the future, which we may not yet be able to understand, but from her successful record, many of us might think it could come true…

In 2028 a spaceship will be launched to Venus, we will fight famine and there will be new sources of energy, apart from the announcement of extraterrestrial life. By 2033 the ice at the poles will melt and the water level will rise, causing several civilizations to be lost. 2088 a new disease will attack the world and cause aging in seconds. 2111 people will merge with robots.

2183 Mars will be colonized and only the rich will be able to live there. 2256 A spaceship will arrive on Earth and bring new fatal diseases. 2378 There is a new race. 3803 Humans find a new planet but its climate ruins the organism that will develop mutations.

3805 A war begins between planets because of the resources each one has, of which millions of people lose their lives. 4599 humans achieve immortality, among other things, and finally 5079 the end of the world…

After reading this, do you believe Baba Yanga’s predictions, only time will tell…

The most cursed movies in Hollywood history

For over 100 years, a three-minute short film entitled Le Manoir du Diable (1896) was one of the first titles to go into scary movies. And although it is indisputable that watching such projects is quite entertaining, there are certain films that seem not only to be spooky, but also cursed…

Poltergeist (1982)

It is said that the Poltergeist’s curse not only affected the first film but the whole trilogy. Why and how did the curse begin? Supposedly, during the filming of Poltergeist real skeletons were used in some scenes, mostly in that pool scene.

The first victim to suffer from the movie’s curse was Dominique Dunne who played Dana Freeling. The actress lost her life because of her evil boyfriend.

Then it was Heather O’Rourke’s turn to play the sweet Carol Anne. After the filming of the third installment was over, the innocent girl with only 12 years old, suffered intestinal stenosis, which the doctors did not diagnose correctly and that is how the beloved Heather lost her life.

Sometime later Julian Beck, who was to appear in the sequel to Poltergeist, passed away at the age of 60 of cancer. Will Sampson, who interpreted an Indian doctor in the sequel, passed away ironically from post-operative problems. Although these last two deaths I leave it to you to think whether or not they are the work of the Poltergeist curse.

The Omen (1976)

What everyone thought would be one more movie that involved the supernatural, ended up becoming a real nightmare. The first tragedy was when actor Gregory Peck and the screenwriter of the film were hit by lightning several hours apart, while they were on a flight.

Due to these incidents, the production team decided to rent a private jet, but they did not get on it since shortly after taking off, it crashed into a vehicle that, of course, resulted in the death of the pilot’s wife and son.

In addition to all of these accidents John Richardson, the special effects manager of the film suffered a car accident along with his assistant Liz Moore, and the most macabre part of this is that the accident was quite similar to the scene filmed by Richardson.

The Exorcist (1973)

For those who might not know, The Exorcist is based on the real case of alleged demonic possession of a 14-year-old boy, but no one imagined that this would have an impact when filming The Exorcist.

The filming had to be postponed due to a fire that damaged the entire set of the McNeil house, but strangely only one room was left intact: Regan’s room. Also, actress Ellen Burstyn suffered severe spinal damage during the scene where she was thrown to the ground by Regan. The painful experience left her touched for life and her screams of pain we hear in the film are very

To these disturbing situations, we must add the deaths of 7 other members including Jack McGowran and Vasiliki Maliaros. Even some of the people involved in the making of The Exorcist passed away from strange causes.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

The reason this film has been accused to be cursed is mainly because of its filming location: the Dakota building. This building is known for being a haunted or cursed place, with a dark back history…

It is said that numerous satanic rituals, black magic, witchcraft were performed in the building which led to a series of paranormal phenomena and deaths.

Despite the dark history behind the building, the filming of Rosemary’s Baby was carried on without expecting the crew and cast to be affected by its curse. The first person to suffer was the composer of the BSO, Krysztof Komeda. The cause of his death was a brain clot, very similar to the cause that one of the characters passed away in the film, coincidence perhaps?

But the real tragedy was what happened to the actress Sharon Tate, a young woman pregnant woman, with 26 years old Sharon Tate was in her residence with some of her friends where all lost their lives by Charles Manson’s cult: The Manson Family.

Do you believe these movies are cursed?

The ghost children of the train tracks in Texas

Meet one of the scariest legends in San Antonio, Texas… The Ghost children of the train

In the middle of the last century, in San Antonio, Texas, a terrible accident occurred, while a driver was transporting 10 children on the school bus, an engine failure occurred and they were caught in the middle of the train tracks, just when the train was about to pass, so the train took the bus together with the life of all those innocent souls.


As time went by, people began to report that when the car broke down near the train tracks, they could suddenly feel like their car was pushed by invisible forces until they crossed the tracks, where there was no danger, the most Curious, it was that when they got out of the car, they could see multiple marks of small hands in their car, as if children had pushed it.


These stories became increasingly popular, so people over the decades have gone to check the reality of the legend, it´s said that if you put the car in neutral or turn it off, the car will always move towards in front, and if you put talcum powder in your car, the little hands of the children will be marked.


Experts have tried to find a scientific reason to explain the paranormal phenomenon, but to their surprise, after several studies, they deduced that the road is not straight or goes down, if not the opposite, slightly up, so it discards any of their theories, giving rise to an incredible ghost story.


It´s a lot of paranormal activity on these railway tracks, which has become a tourist destination for those who are looking for a bit of horror, apart from the strange phenomena mentioned above, there are also witnesses who say they have heard voices and seen the children, who, after their death, stayed on the tracks to avoid repeating the fate they suffered.


Here you can see two photos of “real” spirits in the train tracks…