5 Of The Most Mysterious And Unsettling Triangles In The World

From the Bermuda Triangle to the Bennington Triangle, these are five areas on Earth where magnetic activity, frequent seismic movements or strange phenomena occur, giving rise to all kinds of speculation and mystery.

Triangle of Silence

Spain also has a famous triangle with characteristics very similar to the Bermuda Triangle. The vertices go from the island of Es Vedrà, in the southwest of Ibiza, to the Peñón de Ifach in Calpe and a point on the southwest coast of the island of Mallorca. In this area there have been phenomena that cannot be explained as the ships get lost due to failures in the navigation devices.

There are many testimonies of UFO sightings as well as mysterious and strange metallic sounds. An explanation could be the supposed magnetic radiation of this rock that has been compared to the stones of Stonehenge, the pyramids of Egypt and the statues of Easter Island.

One of the most famous events occurred in 1979 when an airplane traveling from Mallorca to Tenerife was chased allegedly for eight minutes by a UFO while flying over Es Vedrà. The pilot decided to divert his route for safety reasons and make an emergency landing at Valencia airport. This event came as the first case of forced landing due to a UFO in Spanish aeronautics.

Devil’s Sea

It is also known as the Dragon Triangle. In the Pacific Ocean, near the coast of Japan, is another of the most mysterious places on Earth, an area where aircrafts and ships have disappeared under strange circumstances. The area of great seismic activity, goes from the west of Japan, to the north of Tokyo and a part of the Pacific forming a perfect triangle.

For years the area have been described as extremely dangerous because there have been multiple disappearances and very strange events. Perhaps the high magnetic activity in the area is one of the explanations, but the truth is that there are numerous testimonies and documented facts about the disappearance of ships and crew.

In fact, the Japanese government funded a research vessel in 1955 to study the Devil’s Sea. But the ship also disappeared with all the scientists on the expedition, prompting the Japanese government to label the area “officially” dangerous.

The Bridgewater Triangle

The next triangle is located around the cities of Abington, Rehoboth and Freetown. In the center is the Hockomock Swamp, which in the language of the Wampanoag Indians means “the place where spirits live”.

There are many testimonies that collect paranormal events in the so-called Bridgewater Triangle, ranging from UFO sightings, appearances of fireballs, discoveries of snakes and giant birds, mutilation of cattle and also got international attention for the people who lost their lives by satanic rituals that were performed by Carl Drew.

The Bennington Triangle

Located in southwestern Vermont, this triangle was called Bennington by Joseph A. Citro who compiled in 1992 the disappearances of at least four people between 1945 and 1950 in an area that included Glastenbury mountain and the cities like Bennington, Woodford, Shaftsbury and Somerset.

The first disappearance occurred on November 12, 1945, when 74-year-old Middie Rivers disappeared while hunting. Rivers was an experienced hunter and fisherman and was familiar with the local area. A year later, 18-year-old Paula Jean Welden disappeared without a trace while walking through a busy area.

Three years later, in 1949 James Tedford, a veteran, was the third person to go missing. According to witnesses, Tedford got on the bus and was still on the bus at the last stop before it reached Bennington. Sometime between the last stop and Bennington, Tedford disappeared. His belongings were still in the luggage rack.

The fourth person to disappear was Paul Jephson, an eight-year-old boy. On October 12, 1950, Jephson had accompanied his mother in a truck and while she was feeding the pigs, the little one disappeared.  It remains a mystery what happened to him.

The Bermuda Triangle

It’s not secret that one of the most famous triangles is the Bermuda triangle, where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It’s also known as the Devil’s Triangle.

For paranormal enthusiasts, they believe that strange phenomena occur in the Bermuda Triangle that science cannot explain.

However, science ensures that the disappearance of ships, aircrafts and small boats can be explained by the strong currents of the Gulf that lead to unstable weather with waves that can measure 30 meters, all combined with dense maritime traffic.

The science fiction book ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ (1974), by the writer Charles Echseider, turned the alleged disappearances into true myths. Nowadays, several hundred civilian and military ships pass through the region without mishap every day.

Have you heard about these triangles before?


The Best 5 Rituals You Can Practice Only On Halloween Night

As you may or may not know, Halloween is an abbreviation for All Hallow’s Eve. It started as an ancient Celtic festival that celebrated the end of summer known as Samhain, in addition to the celebration of a Celtic New Year and the end of the harvest season .

According to the tradition, the borders between the natural and the superhuman cease to exist and the souls of those who passed away take advantage of the moment to roam the world of the living and hundreds of people take advantage during that night to perform their spells.

Our favorite celebration is happening this Saturday, a day full of mysteries, symbolism and magic and even though this year, we may not celebrate Halloween as any other year or as we may have planned months before, we will tell you which are the best rituals to do on Halloween without exposing yourself too much but still getting the best of it and celebrate Halloween to the fullest.

Ritual for good luck

On Halloween night, place a chestnut on a white cloth for each member of the family, on which the initial of each person will have been drawn with paint or white marker. Cover the chestnuts with bay leaves and cinnamon sticks and close the cloth with a knot.

The next morning each member should take their amulet and keep it on their bedside table. The chestnut will bring good luck all year round.

Ritual to protect your home and business

You should go out into nature to collect some leaves and typical autumn fruits, such as chestnuts or apples. They should be placed in all corners in an odd number and they’ll serve as to protect your house or to attract prosperity for your business. You can also collect laurel and put it on the front door. Everything must be removed on November 3, thanking the protection that will last all year.

Ritual of abundance

In an earthenware or ceramic bowl, you need to place 7 grains of rice, a handful of oats and alfalfa sprouts. Everything is lit with a match and a little charcoal, while going through the home ‘smoking’ each room. You must ask that prosperity comes to your house and your family.  When the fire burns out, bury everything in the nearest garden.

Ritual of the moon

For this ritual, you’ll need a glass box. At midnight go outside, (it can be in your own yard), as long as you’re in a place that can receive moon light. Concentrate on the moon and reflect the light inside the box, while repeating: “In this receptacle of clear material, I keep this strength without equal.”

Before the end of the year, you can use the power imprisoned within the box up to three times to gain the strength, confidence and positive energy you need to achieve a certain goal. To do this you must open the box while repeating: “Fragment of lunar power that you see here, grant me your power for the first time.” While saying this, you must visualize what you want to achieve. The next two times you use your power of light, instead of saying “for the first time”, just change the final by saying “for the second time” and “for the third time” respectively.

Once you used it three times, you have to wash it with water that has also received the moonlight, dry and wrap it with a white cloth until next Halloween.

Love ritual

You’ll need a glass of water, a bowl, a couple of cinnamon sticks, and a red candle. In order for it to work out, you have to be alone in a quiet room. Write on a sheet your name and six aspects that are hurting you or you don’t want to repeat again in the relationship you are at the moment. If you are single right now, you can still write 6 aspects of past relationships that hurted you or don’t want to experience in the future.

Light the candle. Read aloud what you wrote three times and visualize all of that moving away. Burn the paper in the bowl with the cinnamon, and turn it off when it has burned with the water in the glass. Through a window, throw the content away from you and let the red candle to consume. This will help your relationship to be healthier and happier, or to attract a future love.

Have you heard about these rituals before? Which ones are you going to try this Halloween?

Make A Dinner Reservation At This Hocus Pocus Pop-Up Bar In Farmingdale

Nothing says more Halloween than our favorite movie of witches, Hocus Pocus. But imagine having a pop-up bar inspired in the movie? Well, we are here to tell you that there’s one that just debuted this month at Farmingdale, NY.

This pop-up experience will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the spooky world of the Sanderson Sisters.

The event is taking place from October 16 to October 18, October 21 to October 25, and October 28 to November 1, several times each day. You are still on time to enjoy this bar with decor, drinks and food inspired by the 1993 Halloween movie “Hocus Pocus,” which starred Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker.

“As a big movie fan, there is always a favorite movie at a specific time of year,” says Mike Marra, president of Unique Social Events and creator of Halloween pop-up bar “Witch Craft”. “During Halloween, almost everyone loves the Hocus Pocus movie.”

Each reservation ticket includes 2 hour table reservation for groups of upo eight people, one choice from Wtich Crafty Cocktail Menu and one choice from Salem Eats Menu.

Marra adds that “our first priority is the health of our customers and staff. Tables will be divided among all persons required to wear masks, except when they are seated to eat. Hand sanitizers will be provided at all tables.”

The menu includes a selection of small seasonal platters such as pumpkin risotto balls and crostini topped with brie cheese, grown apples locally and honey as well as witchcraft-themed cocktails and mocktails, some of which will steam up like a bubbling cauldron.

The bar will be largely covered in Halloween decorations and props related to the film and guests who come to the Friday and Saturday editions of the pop-up will be entertained by a trio of “Sanderson witches” performers.

“Our expectation is to give people a fun option to do this Halloween,” says Marra. “We saw this as an opportunity to celebrate but to make it an experience, while keeping it in a safe environment.”

Reservations times starts at 6:00 PM and ends at 11:00 PM.

You can book your tickets at their website for a very accesible price between $56 and $39.

What’s Beneath Us? Learn About The Mysteries That Hide These 7 Underground Cities Of The World

There are many underground cities around the world and plenty of history of a life that once was and activities few people ever heard about surrounding their passageways, ancient tunnels, and urban legends.

Back in the day, many reasons could have driven people underground, as to war, natural disasters, weather, lack of space on the surface and others and while the cities were built for different purposes before,  most of them are now fully functional urban spaces. Check out these 7 amazing underground cities around the world and learn some interesting facts.

1. Shanghai Tunnels, Portland, United States

Portland has its own underground city known as the Shanghai Tunnels, also known as the Portland Underground. Supposedly it once consisted of tunnel passageways linking Portland’s Old Town (Chinatown), to the central Downtown area.

Back in the day,  many downtown bars and hotels had their basements linked to the Willamette River waterfront so ships could unload the goods directly to the basements for storage and as a way to avoid rain and heavy traffic.

There are rumors that the tunnels had also been used for the practice of ‘shanghaiing’, which means kidnapping people for them to serve as sailors.

Nowadays, you can actually take a secure walking tour and explore a a portion of the Shanghai Tunnels.

2. Underground Cherkizovsky Market Town, Moscow, Russia

This may not be considered completely as such but in 2013 a police raid found hundreds of migrant workers in an ‘underground town’ in Moscow.

More than 200 people were hidden beneath the capital’s Cherkizovsky Market. The police discovered a subterranean factory containing work rooms filled with sewing machines, along with living quarters, a cafe, a cinema, a casino, and a chicken coop.

An explanation for this was that the Cherkizovsky Market -also known as Cherkizon- was the largest marketplace in Izmaylovo District, Moscow, but after authorities closed it down in 2009 due to numerous forbidden activities. Many workers moved under the streets of Moscow where they continued to live and operate their businesses.

3. Edinburgh Vaults, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The Edinburgh Vaults, also called the South Bridge Vaults, are a series of chambers formed within the 19 arches of South Bridge. The vaults were opened back in 1788 to house taverns, cobblers, cutlers, smelters and other tradesmen, but also to store forbidden materials.

It is rumor that serial killers such as Burke and Hare used to store various bodies down there and sold them for medical experiments. As businesses started to move out and the vaults became home to the city’s poorest souls.

Nowadays, the wet chambers give off a feel of ghastliness but you can actually visit them and listen to the guide’s shivering stories of the ghosts still lingering around.

4. Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow, Poland

Just over 9 miles outside of Krakow, the Wieliczka Salt Mine was built back in the 13th century and had produced table salt continuously until 2007. It has other names like the Underground Salt Cathedral of Poland or the Royal Salt Mine.

The mine was used for Nazis as a munitions factory and from being a series of dark caves, this underground salt city evolved to a complex labyrinth featuring over 185 miles of galleries, about 3000 chambers, 9 floors, surrounded by lots of chandeliers, a large numbers of statues and an entire cathedral, all made from rock salt. In fact, the first three floors are open to the public.

There are a lot of guided tour options, you can get to know the history of the salt mine in the Miners’ Tour or if you want to learn more about the religious aspects, the Pilgrims’ Tour includes a visit to the salt statue of John Paul II and a Holy Mass at the end.

5.     Derinkuyu, Turkey

Back in the day, the city was known as Malakopea and Christians used to hid there from Arab invaders. Later, Derinkuyu’s residents moved underground to escape invaders in Byzantine times as the Roman Empire was collapsing.

So nowadays Derinkuyu is a popular tourist attraction located down to 85 feet deep and the largest and best known of nearly 200 underground cities in Turkey’s Nevsehir Province.

6.     Leavenworth, Kansas, USA

Beneath the streets of this small Kansas town, there are tunnels and vaults that stretch under downtown Leavenworth and connect several of the town’s buildings. Yet it is full of mystery since nobody knows who built the underground city or as to why, though it can be accessed through several points.

It is said that the tunnels may have served as hiding places before the Civil War or during the war itself. Another possibility is that the tunnels were built to hide and move liquor back in the day when alcohol was not permitted yet in the United States as some of the tunnels lead to breweries.

7.     Coober Pedy, South Australia

It’s a small town often referred to as the “opal capital of the world” because of the quantity of precious opals that are mined there.

It’s considered as an underground city because many of the residents live in two or three-bedroom caves called dugouts due to the high temperatures in the region that frequently exceeds 40 °C in the summer. In fact, it’s usually so hot that golfers at the town only play at night using glow in the dark balls.

The inhabitants have many underground facilities as well, from shops and churches to an underground graveyard.

Have you heard of these underground cities before?

Disney’s Halloweentown Actually Exists And You Can Visit It This Fall

The Disney movie is one of our favorites to watch every year, but imagine if it was possible to visit the mystical place where witches, vampires and monsters of all sorts live in peace. Well, you actually can because it’s a real place.

In 1998, Disney’s classic “Halloweentown” was filmed in St. Helens, Oregon and ever since, they transform their Riverfront District into the Spirit of Halloweentown, a celebration of all things spooky.

The event is made to celebrate Halloween throughout October and every year it attracts tens of thousands of visitors that immerse themselves between giant scarecrows, fall colors and merchants turned to immortal forms as fairies, witches ghosts, and ghouls.

They decorate everything with such detail just like the recreation of the Giant Pumpkin to make you feel as if you are a part of the iconic movie and also you’ll find yourself with a huge feast as they offer traditional fall eats like nachos, homemade cakes and pies, caramel apples, chili, chowder and candy all around.

This year, the celebration will start from September 26 and will last to November 1. The Giant Pumpkin will be lighted up in October 3 and stays lit throughout the month which takes the celebration to another level.

And as they take Halloween very seriously, there are a lot of things to experience and see such as the Haunted Hotel which is a scary new attraction; the Museum of Peculiarities and Oddities, an Alien Exhibit, street performances, a tiny parade of pumpkins and many more.

There are several types of tickets and are limited right now as they are following orders regarding recommendations during the pandemic. Remember this is for everyone to have fun but also to keep you safe. So tickets are offered online only in order to control crowd numbers. To check prices and purchase your type of ticket, you can visit their website here.

“We’re passionate about celebrating Halloween and can’t wait to see you in 2020!” reads in their description.

Would you like to visit it?

Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

The world has proved us many times that there’s always something new yet to know such as things we still haven’t figured out or even some animals that we have never seen before. Nowadays, it is easier to capture in photographs anything that surrounds us due to technology and the use of smartphones. Sometimes we take pictures because we find something very pretty to the eyes but other times, it may be when we find something weird and unknown for us.

The following creatures were caught on camera and nobody was able to explain what kind of animal they were.

Marine creature in Tokyo

There’s only few and rare information about this sea creature, caught on the cameras by Hyper-Dophin, of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. They were doing some routine recordings near the southern shores of Tokyo when the creature of the photo appeared in front of the camera.

It looks like a dolphin but doesn’t share the actual shape of the jaw dolphins have. It doesn’t even match the shape with other known animals. On the other hand, it actually looks more anthropomorphic than we would like.

Qatar’s creature

The Arab press was the one that released the discovery of this strange creature. According to the reports, pictures were taken with a cellphone by a woman. She found the creature in a parking lot.

Several citizens claimed to have been in the place and seen it. When they got close the creature, it left without being seen. Leaving only the photo as a proof of its existence.

The Sakhalin creature

On the Russian coasts of Sakhalin, the body of this creature was found by soldiers. It was in such an advanced state of decomposition that it was difficult to define what it looked like when the creature was alive. However, the remainings were quite interesting and disturbing to see because one might think that it was a cetacean, but no cetacean has hair and this creature did.

Besides, the framework of its bones didn’t have the shape of any known fish. It also seemed to have like a reptile’s mouth, but again, the shape didn’t match. The soldiers took away the body and ever since, it’s still mystery what kind of animal it was.


This is in reference to the creature found in Russia. There’s a story from the 1920s, in which a marine creature was spotted off the coast of South Africa.

The only record that remains is an image and news covered by the Daily Mail of London on December 27th, 1924. The story describes how some people had witnessed the fighting of killer whales against another species. It was like a white fish that came out of the sea, pouncing towards the killer whales.

When this creature lost the battle, its body reached the shore (where the photo was taken). It was a giant 14-meter-long with white coat covering the entire body.

A peculiar characteristic was its nose looked like an elephant’s trunk and its tail like the one from a lobster. However, just as the Russian creature, no one determined what animal it was, and if they did, the information was not shared.

Thailand’s creature

In 2007, a small anthropomorphic and weird being appeared in a small town in Thailand. The creature’s was 3 ft 11 inches and according to the few information reported, people who lived in town assured they found it wandering in the rice field. They caught him thanks to a rodent trap they used.

However, what was initially considered odd and dangerous, ended up being considered a divine creature because after three weeks of death (when the photos were taken) the body still hadn’t rotted or emitted any odor. The only change was the creature’s skin went from brown to white. It is believed that it could be the malformation of another animal, but nobody has verified it.

5 Ghost Tours To Visit For a Scare This Fall

We previously mentioned that drive-thru haunted houses are coming to different parts of the US to save Halloween this year after the pandemic is still ongoing and as we are entering into September, we have the urge to find more reasons to welcome the spooky season and keep the spirit up.

If you love all things Halloween, ghost tours are not just quite entertaining and scary, they also can be educational. Here, are 5 ghost tours that you can visit for a scare this Fall.

Crescent Hotel Ghost Tours – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

“The haunted hotel where some guests checked out… but never left” You probably have heard many stories coming from America’s most haunted hotel however, there are many tales yet to hear about. From the “Girl in the Mist” to “the Lady in the Victorian lingerie in room 3500”. It’s a 75min walk tour  that starts around 8 pm. Tickets cost $24.50 per person plus tax. Children under the age of 12 can receive a discount at the selected tour times: 6:30 PM and 7 PM.

Spellbound Voodoo, Vampires, and Ghosts Tour Salem, Massachusetts

A guided tour of Salem’s most haunted sites. It’s been running for over 15 years and it’s a trip to the dark side of Salem’s sinister past. You get to learn about what really happened during the infamous Salem Witch Trials, discover startling information about true New England vampirism and be amazed by tales of real documented paranormal activity while also visiting one the most haunted homes in the country.

There are two tours each day. One at 2 PM and the other at 8 PM. Tickets start at $8 for a 90 minutes spooky adventure.

Ghost & Gravestones –Boston, Massachusetts

It’s a trolley tour based on the unusual occurrences, apparitions and strange legends of the city since 1998. From April to October, tours are daily and begin from 6 PM. On November, there are tours only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6 PM onwards. It’s a 90 minute long tour. Sometimes there are promos at ther website to save some money, so tickets can cost from $34 to $42.

Haunted Savanah Tours

A 105 minute guided tour to find the spirits that still haunt Savannah. You can learn and experience yourself as to why Savannah, Georgia has been awarded America’s Most Haunted City. You can hear stories about paranormal activity,  tread across forgotten graves, and learn what really happened in the looming, haunted mansions. There are daily tours that starts at 9 pm. Prices goes from $11.99 to 24.99.

Ybor City’s Ghost Tour

Near Tampa, Florida, an informative, entertaining and scary walk tour takes place, the Ybor City’s ghost tour. A guide will explain to you about real people stories, folklore and ghosts Since the city is full of history, it’s also reputed with apparitional sightings. The tour takes approximately 120 minutes. There are daily tours that starts at 8 pm. Prices goes from $10 to $25.

Will you go and visit them?

Labyrinth Of Death: 12 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Paris Catacombs

Paris, capital of France, in which thousand of tourists each year visit the City of Light because of its landmarks, cuisine, parks and gardens, shop opportunities, art collections and such.

But the city also has fascinating but terrifying places underneath.

We are talking about the famous Paris Catacombs, underground ossuaries which hold the remains of more than six million people in a small part of a tunnel network built to consolidate Paris’ ancient stone quarries.

Here, we bring you 12 facts you probably didn’t know about these gloomy catacombs beneath one of the most visited cities in the world.

1. The ossuary was created as part of the effort to eliminate the city’s overflowing cemeteries. After a series of gruesome Saint Innocents-cemetery-quarter basement wall crumbled in 1774, there was an urgency to move the remains due to the serious health problems that it was causing and by 1786, the remains were transfered to a mine shaft opened near the Rue de la Tombe-Issoire.

2. The process of moving the remains from the cemeteries into the Catacombs took over 12 years to complete.

3. It’s basically a maze in the heart of underground Paris. It’s miles and miles of path. It’s considered dangerous to explore them alone since they are very dark and has lots of narrow passageways or tight tunnels.

4. The authorities have opened and curated parts of the catacombs for the public. But most of the parts are out of reach and it’s prohibited to go beyond that. Les Catacombs De Paris offers tours of the creepy maze that run a little less than a mile and takes from 45 minutes to an hour to explore, which leaves almost two hundred miles of tunnel systems out of limits inside the maze.

5. As mentioned before, the Catacombs are overflowed with the remains of millions of Parisians so it’s one giant underground burial system. The cave is actually deeper and longer than you ever imagined so there are many entry points into the Paris Catacombs. For years, people have shared to the world how to find them. However, that increased illegal foot traffic inside the uncharted paths of the underground ossuary.

6. Quarries were dug out where limestone was mined centuries before. So, much of the tunnels are flood with waist-deep water as they are exposed to natural cracks in the rocks and underground water systems.

7. When the remains were moved into the Catacombs, the bones were dumped in piles, completely disorganized. So, Louis- Étienne Héricart de Thury and his team, were in charge to stack femurs and skulls to form art walls. There’s also sculptures made by Francois Décure. He carved images of the Quartier De Cazerne, Port Philipe, and even the Port Mahon prison.

8. There lies the remains of remarkable people such as Charles Perrault, author of well-known stories like “Cinderella” and “The Sleeping Beauty” or French fabulist Jean de La Fontaine and painter Simon Vouet, among others.

9. There’s a cultivation of mushrooms into the Catacombs. As weird as it sounds, there are several stories about how this started but one says that deserters of Napoleon’s army hid there and somehow found that it was the perfect environment for growing mushrooms. This little secret spread along other farmers who started to do the same. This practice still exists today and produces mushrooms with an exceptional flavor.

11. The Catacombs have been used as a hideout, to throw some secret parties, heist and many more things.

Napoleon’s army used to hid over there as well as the French Resistance used the tunnels to organize and plan for attacks against the Nazis who also used them to place several bunkers.

The Catacombs were once used to pull off a nefarious heist not so long ago. Back in 2017, a group of thieves drilled through the limestone walls to steal a collection of vintage wine with a value of nearly $275,000.

There are also stories that claim King Charles X would throw secret parties in the tunnels when he was merely the Comte d’Artois as well as many musicians have held prohibited concerts halls for years.

Police even discovered a fully equipped cinema-cum-restaurant in a large and previously uncharted cavern back in 2004.

12. There’s a group of people known as cataphiles who like to spend their time inside the catacombs. They consider themselves as urban explorers and many murals and graffiti found underground were most likely made by them.

Would you adventure yourself into the Paris Catacombs?

5 Drive-Thru Haunted Houses That Are Going To Save Halloween This Year

The majority of people thought the coronavirus pandemic will be last less than some weeks,  but in reality is still going strong and everything keeps being postponed. We are getting closer to hit Autumn and to celebrate Halloween seems not possible this year, unless…

Unless there is an alternative to look forward, like drive-thru haunted houses. They are pretty much a thing and are all popping up all over for you to still have fun this year.

It basically involves taking a haunted house concept while adding cars. It’s something that has existed for a while now but it’s surging in popularity by the times we are facing and it’s a good option for those who still want to keep Halloween traditions and get some scares while maintaining proper social distance too.

The new trend is making its way to many parts of the country. Here’s a list of 5 drive-thru haunted houses you may want to visit.

Stranger Things Drive Into

In LA, a Stranger Things drive-thru haunted house is already selling tickets to live a chilling experience as a Hawkins’ resident. You’ll hop into your car and drive to the Starcourt Mall to unlock the untold story of the series and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Stranger Things.

The tickets’ price start at $59 for 2 people in one car for 1 hour. You can get more information through their website here.

Haunted Road

In Orlando, some creatives got the idea to bring the “Haunted Road” to life. It will tell an original story through but with some twisted creatures and “unexpected scares” in every drive-thru scene.

There will be a family-friendly version of the event offered in the daytime and on select weekends. Admissions will cost $15 per person starting on September 25th. To keep yourself updated, you can visit their event website for more.

The Urban Legends

The Urban Legends of Southern California drive-thru haunt is coming to the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa from October 1st to November 1st

According to OCR, director Atilio Jamerson mentioned something that may give us an idea about what to expect from this experience, “Imagine your car pulling up into a dark alley, turning off your engine and being just completely powerless as you’re surrounded by creatures,” said during a Zoom interview with the production team.

Ticket prices goes from $49 to $69 per vehicle for a 45 minutes long-experience. To read more, visit their website here.

The Haunted Drive

The Haunted Drive is Houston’s only drive-thru Haunted House that will have a cost of $20 per vehicle and $30 for riders in truck bed. Opening weekend will be September 25th and 26th. They promise is a drive of terror, as there are multiple themed areas throughout the quarter mile long drive.

For more information, visit their website.

Dragon’s House of Horror

The haunted house started 16 years ago in the owner’s backyard. They are presenting  New Mexico’s first drive-thru haunted house Mile of Terror. The event location will be at the Santa Ana Star Center.

According to local report, an employee mentioned, “We have skinwalkers, we have clowns, we have hill billy, we have purge,” he identified himself as ‘Bobo the Butcher Clown.’

It will open for the weekends starting Friday, September 4th, then full-time in October. Tickets are already available online for $40 per car.

What do you think about this new trend to celebrate Halloween this year?

Randonautica: The Most Dangerous App. Don’t Try It!

Nowadays, using apps have become an essential part of our lives, as they provide us tools to help us to communicate, shop, entertain and such. Of course, one must be careful of what to download because some apps may bring some disturbing outcomes.

This is the case of the “Randonautica” app. It shows you a random location (depending on the area where you are) so that you can explore it. Although it may sound fun, if you are not prepared enough, it’s be better not to do so. The purpose of the app is to meet places but it may take you to strange situations, to find disturbing objects or even encounter some type of paranormal manifestation.

When you open Randonautica, it will ask for permission to access to your current location. Once you authorized it, you must read the instructions for security matters.

Even the app itself warns about the riskiness of using Randonautica. It also advises to explore preferably in daylight and accompanied by someone. The app asks to not enter private properties and in the case to find yourself in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, to leave the place immediately.

Randonautica uses a quantum random number generator to give you a set of coordinates for your local area. The idea is to encourage as mention before to explore around with a desired intention in mind of what you’d like to come across.

Before start, it provides three different options to give you locations. This will depend on what you have in mind, so it’s necessary that before choosing one, you must understand their functions.

The first one is called attractor, this means a place has the highest concentration of quantum dots and it may lead you to face weird situations.

The second is void. This is the opposite of an attractor. It means an area contains low quantum concentration. You could have some negative, awkward or disturbing experience.

The last one is anomaly. This is the stronger  pick of those two different options, so be careful and don’t take it lightly.

Once the option is chosen, you must think of something -this should be with a good intention as suggested by the app- and you’ll receive the coordinates of a location close to you.

It is important to choose wisely your intention because if it’s something bad, you could confront some scary or odd experience. Randonautica is only for those who are brave enough to face the unknown.

What’s so curious about this app is that it seems to predict the things that are going to happen according to what you thought of.

There are some creepy videos of explorations that some users have shared through social media. Especially in Tik Tok, where the #randonautchallenge went viral. It consists of filming the results of the exploration by those who are curious enough to do it.

While some experiences may be positive and fun, there are some that are not. Some people have been taken to abandoned places where some weird things happen and with no logical explanation. According to their experiences, cellphones starts to fail or vehicles get stuck. The most curious thing is that many claims to have seen the presence of owls which is the app’s logo.

But that’s not all. There are videos of unknown people staring at the users while they seem to be in a kind of trance. Also, smoke has been seen in the middle of nowhere, creepy figures, animals behaving strangely or cars chasing after them. In addition, finding peculiar objects such as dolls with gloomy appearances, creepy drawings or messages and even human remains…

The reason why these things happen is not certain, not even how the app works at all. Regardless, it’s best not to risk it. Because if something looks dangerous, it probably is. Your safety is more important than your curiosity.

Of course, if you still want to give it a try, don’t say we didn’t warn you…