Actividad paranormal en una morgue se captura en video

En la grabación se puede ver una escalofriante manifestación del más allá que sucedió en una morgue brasileña.

Un video filmado por dos trabajadores, que laboraban como guardias de seguridad, muestra una manifestación muy intensa en una morgue en Brasil, donde una puerta comenzó a azotarse inexplicablemente a altas horas de la madrugada.

En la grabación puede verse que los guardias estaban revisando el edificio, cuando de pronto, se sorprenden cuando una puerta roja comienza a cerrarse y abrirse abruptamente, mientras las luces comienzan a fallar en el desolado lugar.

Al notar la puerta que se movía, los hombres comienzan a acercarse cautelosamente hacia la puerta roja, cuando de un momento a otro, las luces se apagan por completo, a la par que el movimiento de la puerta se detiene por completo.

Podemos escuchar en el video que uno de los trabajadores afirma que pudo ver una entidad misteriosa.

Después de la publicación de esta grabación, varios usuarios de redes sociales discutieron sobre la veracidad del video, algunos piensan que pudo ser ficción o coincidencias, sin embargo, la mayoría cree que es real…

Aquí el video espeluznante …

¿Y tú que piensas sobre este video? ¿Será real?

The Nightmare: a shocking documentary about sleep paralysis

Its the middle of the night, you are trapped between sleep and wakefulness, you look around the room and everything seems to be in order, but a heavy feeling of worry overcomes yourself and experiencing shivering visual… this is the scary side of sleep paralysis.

Rodney Ascher has come to scare viewers with The Nightmare, a documentary about sleep paralysis, an condition that affects just over 6 out of every 100 people and consists of the inability to move any muscle in your body when you wake up, even though you remain fully conscious.

Those who had to suffer from sleep paralysis expressed the great desperation that they would feel during these episodes not being able to even ask for help.

The documentary The Nightmare explores the dark side of this spooky illness, interviewing 8 people on camera while bringing their experiences to life in a way that could conceivably induce nightmares in casual viewers.

One by one the sufferers share their story and their nightmares, some claim to have come face to face with a shadow man, who visits their bedroom every night walking right up to their bed, bent over, and stare into their eyes from a distance of about one inch.

Another of the subjects mentioned he was able to prevent having sleep paralysis by sleeping on his side. This position seemed rather uncomfortable after some time and the moment he decided to relax and sleep on his back, a red, tendril-y tentacle appeared on the ceiling.

When asked about including a more scientific approach to its documentary, Ascher said they found some scientific studies on this topic, such the one in the UK Mirror which had an interesting theory about how the entities people saw during their episodes could be a projection of their own internal body map and into their immediate surroundings.

However, Ascher did not think science could provide a reason why we see these specific experiences.

Have you ever experienced something such as sleep paralysis?

7 musicians who made a pact with the Devil

At some point in our lives, the thought of becoming famous has crossed our minds but it’s known that the road to success or fame is more complicated and unfair that the majority of people who try to follow such path, fail and fall by the wayside.

This situation is common since artists have to develop themselves in complicated environments to gain fame, however, there have been artists who apparently refused to endure such a difficult path and have chosen darker alternative: make a pact with the devil.

The thought that comes to mind is that these might be silly theories, although some artists themselves have admitted they had such pact… whether people, believe it or not, it’s their decision.

Niccolo Paganini

The 19th century was filled with magnificent musicians, and among them is Paganini, considered one of the best violinists in history. Since he was a child he showed great talent for the violin, but he did not find success until years later. When Paganini began to write extremely complicated works, during his performances he made sure that a deep dark shadow was behind him, a shadow not of his size but a much bigger one. For these reasons people began to claim that he had made a pact with the Devil.

This rumor was so popular that even after his death the Catholic Church refused to bury him until it finally happened several years later.


Giuseppe Tartini

A century before Paganini, Giuseppe Tartini had already offered his soul to the Devil, for the same reason. It is said that Tartini had always wanted fame as a musician, but he had never achieved it, his works and his performances were never worthy enough. Until one night Tartini had a dream in which he met the Devil, and in exchange for his soul, he was offered fame. The devil showed him music compositions never made before and rumors were spread that this was the reason why his greatest work was named “The Devil’s Trine”.

Tartini’s composition was so complex that, according to his contemporary musicians it was only possible to be performed if you had 6 fingers on each hand, something that was associated with the Devil and that would confirm Tartini’s supposed to dream.

Robert Johnson

Later on, during the 20th century, the rumors about musicians having pacts with the devil increased, the first one being Robert Johnson. An African-American musician who plays the Blues who as a child wanted to become a famous musician, but because of his humble origins it seemed like an impossible dream.

One night Johnson came face to face with the Devil himself, and he offered to show him songs in exchange for his soul, and Robert accepted. It is said that thanks to this pact he was given that exceptional handling of the instrument, as it seemed impossible for someone so young to play so well. This theory was reinforced with some of his songs, with stories about encounters and pacts with the Devil, as if he were telling his own story.

Jimmy Page

A member of the legendary Led Zeppelin band, he is one of those who are said to have made pacts in more modern times. The rumors began because of his strong interest in the occult and his interest in using the Ouija board. It is said that the price of the pact was not paid under his flesh but with that of the other members.

What supports this last theory is that several accidents and deaths have been linked to it, accidents were other people were involved, but never him.

Alice Cooper

Cooper is one of the artists who have openly accepted having a pact, after participating on a spiritual session he decided to change his name to the current Alice Cooper: he had sold his soul to the devil in exchange for fame. He later explained that his new name had been imposed on him in honor of a witch who in ancient times was burned at the stake.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan himself, the winner of multiple awards and even holder of a Nobel Prize for literature, confirmed on several occasions that all this fame and success was entirely due to a pact he made in his youth with “the big boss”, as he calls him.

The Rolling Stones

The members of the band, one of the longest and most famous in history, have been accused many times of satanic dealings and pacts with which they have achieved such fame. Although they have never confirmed it, their detractors assure it, mainly because of the satanic lyrics in their album “Their Satanic Majestic Request”, which shows clear sympathy for the obscure.

Apart from musicians like The Rolling Stones, it has been said that other artists such as Jimmy Hendrix were able to achieve fame through sinister pacts, because of their inhumane ability for their instruments. One of the most notorious lately has been Justin Bieber, attributing satanic meanings to some of his tattoos.

Have you heard of other musicians that made pacts with the Devil?


Las 7 trompetas del Apocalipsis

La Biblia tiene escrituras proféticas que nos revelan cosas terribles, y se refiere a acontecimientos trágicos que sucederán antes del juicio final. Se dice que Dios envía 7 ángeles a la tierra y cada uno tocará su trompeta, esto con la finalidad de anunciarnos que el fin los tiempos está por llegar…

Enseguida se producirán fenómenos catastróficos como inmensos granizos de fuego que provocarán fuertes incendios, será el final de la tercera parte de los seres vivientes y habrá oscuridad en la tierra, como horribles plagas, entre otras cosas.

Antes de que esto suceda, desaparecerán las personas más limpias o “los siervos de Dios” para excluirlos de su furia, mientras que en la tierra dejará a los más desobedientes con la intención de que tomemos consciencia y arrepentirnos de nuestros actos, así mismo podremos elegir entre el camino del bien o del mal.

Los escalofriantes eventos ocurrirán durante las siete trompetas, donde según el libro del Apocalipsis serán los siguientes…

Primera Trompeta

Piedras de meteoritos cubiertos en llamas caerán sobre la tierra que al impactarse provocaran peligrosos incendios. Será la perdición de bosques, campos, cultivos y pastos invadidos entre llamas, y no solo eso, pues se dice que los volcanes también llegarán a hacer erupción.

Segunda Trompeta

Un enorme asteroide se introducirá a la órbita del planeta a gran velocidad que caerá sobre el mar, provocará la destrucción de barcos, cruceros, buques de carga y naves semejantes. También será la pérdida de muchas especies, pintando así sus aguas de color rojo.

Tercera Trompeta

Otro asteroide impactará sobre la tercera parte de nuestros ríos perjudicando así a las plantas de agua. El agua oscurecerá por los restos de asteroide y será fatal para el organismo, pues todas aquellas personas que lleguen a beberla perderán la vida envenenados.

Cuarta Trompeta

Después de las primeras tres trompetas, el día oscurecerá igual que la noche y esto se debe al material desprendido por los asteroides y el humo como la contaminación que circulará por el aire. En la cuarta trompeta comenzarán a destruirse los edificios, calles y carreteras. Perjudicará los sistemas de comunicación tanto como los de transportes y comenzará el caos.

Estas primeras cuatro trompetas abrirán muchos ojos a la humanidad, sin embargo las que vienen a continuación no son nada comparadas con las anteriores, pues las últimas tres trompetas son consideradas las más graves ya que entrará el reino del mal a nuestro mundo…

Quinta Trompeta

Satanás y su ejército de demonios llegarán a la tierra, pero no con aspectos horrorosos tal y como los pintan en las imágenes. Éste aparecerá como la imagen de Jesús, haciéndole creer a la humanidad que él fue quien envió todas las tragedias anteriores para que se arrepientan y lo adoren. Las personas que se nieguen a hacerlo serán atormentados de manera terrible y cruel, pero ofrecerá piedad a todos aquellos quienes lo sigan.

Sexta Trompeta

El ejército de Satanás crece con más fuerza mezclado de soldados demonios y en parte de personas quienes decidieron adorarlo por un poco de piedad. La tierra estará completamente destruida y será un campo de batalla donde su ejército será ordenado en acabar con la vida de todas las personas desobedientes que se opusieron a seguirlo, como última advertencia.

Séptima y última Trompeta

El mundo se sacudirá con un fuerte terremoto, acompañado de truenos y relámpagos. Llegará la gloria del señor iluminando los cielos, Cristo resucitará a los difuntos, y todos los fieles creyentes serán convertidos en seres inmortales. Podrán adorar al maestro que deseen, ya sea el de Jesús o Satanás. Durante esos tres años de destrucción, con la séptima trompeta llegarán los siete ángeles con las siete copas de la ira de Dios.

¿Y tú crees que el Apocalipsis esta cerca? 

An abandoned, eerie looking Asylum in Indiana is now for sale

Usually, when a place loses its shine, is abandoned and becomes completely desolate, people lose interest in visiting it, although there are always those who love the dark and the dark that love the adrenaline of fear and mystery… if you are one of those people then you should know that you can buy this asylum, abandoned! 

There is a certain charm in the abandoned asylums, always come with a dark vibration that even occasionally makes them even more special after deteriorating, and curiously many people like to visit the asylums to meet some spirit or live any kind of paranormal activity. 

This is the case of the old asylum in Bloomingdale, Indiana. The home used to function as the Parke County Asylum for the Poor but has since been closed in 2010, according to Asylum Projects, due to the owner’s unwillingness to pay taxes. 

The home is located on 6.2 acres and is being sold just the way it was left and as a residential or commercial property for only $200,000. The number of rooms is not listed, but it can be expected to be a huge project. This is a very old building, and to buy it or schedule a tour you should contact Eric Wolfe, Prime Real Estate Group.

To get to this asylum you’ll only need to take a close drive away from town, close to a local golf course. However, its is still a building with lots of potential, behind the main facility a cell house can be found, and this area could serve as several purposes. In addition, the property also includes a pole barn which can be used for increased storage.

“There are lots of possibilities with this property for lodging, apartments, single-family or creative commercial use. Property sold as-is and condition of all utilities and building components unknown. Bring your creative ideas.”

This 1930, the building was built in a Gothic/Greek Revival style is listed as a county home that could expedite its listing on the National Register of Historic Places and since it has remained vacant for about a decade now, anyone with the interest of acquiring it most know that the property comes with some major renovation and restoration work.

It all sounds like a great offer! Although the place itself looks pretty scary, what do you think?

For all those The Walking Dead fans, this is the Ride you need to take!

Thinking about a zombie apocalypse is one of the deepest and possibly most underestimated fears that exist because thanks to pop culture this is presented to us basically as a fantasy, or something partially difficult to happen… 

However, that does not stop us from enjoying a good series or movie with this theme such as The Walking Dead! and if you are a fan of the nerve-wracking series, then you have to know this attraction!

The Thorpe Park Resort in Surrey has launched “The Walking Dead: The Ride”, the first roller coaster on the planet to be themed around the series splashed with red, horror and suspense. 

They turned an ordinary building into a true homage to some of the most emblematic places of AMC’s zombie drama: the essences of places such as the prison in seasons 3/4 and the Terminus cannibal point in seasons 4/5 can be perceived inside the facilities, while you queue up for your exit in “The Walking Dead: The Ride”.

The commitment to the Walking Dead brand is truly remarkable, Since the night of the preview, the park has been filled with zombies, running through the queues and stalking the customers, immersing the people into the world of The Walking Dead.

Overall, The Walking Dead: The Ride feels like a gift made especially for fans of Rick Grimes’ extreme adventures. From the tail to the roller coaster itself, you can tell that this attraction was carefully crafted to become a horror paradise for TV fans. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Thorpe Park also managed to organize a series of terrifying events to entertain its visitors: a special maze of live-action, The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare Extreme.

Other events and attractions included the Zombie Hunt, the Terrorist Nights, the “Night of Terror” among others. 

Fans of the spectacular zombie series will thoroughly enjoy the Easter eggs and the thrill factor of this new TWD attraction, as well as feel the fun in all the other rides on offer. 

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead or an overall zombie fan?

You wont believe the chilling stories of these ghost ships with unexplained cases

The ocean is that last corner of the world that even today we have not been able to decipher or discover completely. In ancient times it was a place full of legends and myths, some of which have been uncovered thanks to modern scientists, but others remain unsolved.

Some of them are the terrifying ghost ships, missing ships that suddenly reappeared, with full supplies and in perfect condition, but without any crew…

Mary Celeste

31 meters long and almost 300 tons in weight, a brigantine that crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1872. When it was found, the ship was sailing at full speed, and despite being able to accommodate a large crew, when they boarded it they did not find a single soul.

Many theories pointed out that it could have been provoked by a pirate assault since the lifeboats were in place, however, there was something that made it all very mysterious: the food was served in the dining room.

And although you might think it might have been left there long ago, in a place like a ship that never stops moving and wobbling, how long could a bowl of soup have stood on the table? Without a doubt, one of the most inexplicable mysteries of the open sea.

The Octavius

The ship was returning from a transatlantic voyage to England when it was trapped by ice. Or at least that was what people believed since it had been given up for lost until in the year 1775, a whaling ship crossed the Octavius sailing aimlessly and they decided to board it.

When they did, the scene seemed unreal: the entire crew of the Octavius was there, but their bodies were frozen by the cold of the Arctic. The most frightening thing was to see the captain’s log, which was dated to the year 1762, which would result in a ship that had sailed aimlessly for 13 years with its lifeless crew.

Lady Lovibond

The sailboat departed in 1748 for Porto, Portugal, and the entire trip went smoothly until it reached the Goodwin Sands, an area of approximately 10 miles and which is full of fine sand, which when moving with the current creates changes in height affecting the boats.

They are so deadly that 2000 wrecks are known in the area. And even though the crew was experienced, there was something the captain could not foresee. One of his subordinates was in love with his wife, and anger over unrequited love led him to sabotage the rudder, causing the entire crew to perish in the quicksands.

Years later, another ship sailed across the sands again, and in the captain’s log, it was described that they had encountered a sailboat with the same characteristics as the Lady Lovibond, only that despite the maneuvering, there was no one on deck. The captain tried to follow him, but the ship slowly disappeared into the fog.

SS Baychimo

A cargo ship that worked efficiently for years, until in 1931 it was trapped in the ice of Alaska, being abandoned by its crew in the middle of a storm. When the weather cleared they wanted to return to the ship but it had disappeared.

Immediately it was considered sunken, however, sometime later rumors began to spread that it had been seen sailing along the coast of Alaska only to disappear again.

The last time the ship was seen was in 1969, almost four decades after the first disappearance.

Ryou-Un Maru

More recently, in the year 2012, a Japanese fishing vessel appeared on American territory. After traveling for an entire year allegedly without a crew. Because of the tsunami that hit Japan, the boat lost its way and ended up sailing and going around the world by itself.

And although the whereabouts of its crew have never been mentioned, if anyone was there at the time of the disaster, the ship was not ready for a supply boarding, and surely perished in the year adrift.

Which of these ghost ship stories did you find more interesting? 

You can visit the Dungeon of Doom at the Hollywood Museum!

The Hollywood Museum is popular for showcasing some of the most notorious and memorable exhibits, it’s having the most extensive collection of Hollywood memorabilia in the world, being home to more than 10,000 authentic treasures of the pop culture including, of course, some of the horror classics that we all admire.

The Hollywood Museum features the Dungeon of Doom, where all horror lovers around the world come together to enjoy plenty of exhibitions from some of the best horror movies ever: IT, The Conjuring, Nightmare on Elm Street and Child’s Play amongst others. 

Last year, the special price was offered to guests who would visit the Dungeon of Doom with a full costume, during the month of October. Also, special exhibitions such as vampires, boogiemen, zombies and demons were showcased in November.

“Take a walk through Hannibal Lecter’s jail cell (Silence of the Lambs), say hello to Chucky and his bride… if you can find them (Child’s Play), and watch your back as you pass by Freddy Kreuger (Nightmare on Elm Street).”

In addition, you will find multiple movie and TV props from noticeable works such as  The Exorcist, Psycho, Phantom of the Opera, The Walking Dead and Underworld to name a few. Tickets can be bought online, and they range in prices from $5-$12. They can also be purchased directly at the museum’s box office. 

The Hollywood Museum is located at 1660 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028. This is an open-ended exhibit without specified closing dates, perfect for Halloween season but also available before and after the October, you get a horror show all year long! The hours of operation are 10am – 5pm on  Wednesday through Sunday.

“Tons of historic cult classic movie items to be viewed. This is a must-see for any horror movie lover.”

Would you like to visit the Dungeon of Doom?

These are some horror classics that resurrect in 2020 with some spine-chilling remakes!

Movie remakes are often controversial for many reasons. There are people that prefer it when original movies since they have a certain authenticity that remains unique even after years have passed and there’s also those who find pleasure in watching a classic movie, with a more modern touch.

So if you ever feel like watching some good old movies, with more advanced effects and overall vibe then these are the movies you need to watch!

Wrong Turn

The popular horror film series was a tremendous hit during the early 2000s, the plot, the suspense, and horror that these six movies made all of us feel was exceptional. For the remake of this popular horror franchise, McElroy and Mike P. Nelson will be collaborating and it is expected on them to build upon the backwoods cannibal’s storyline.

Despite the fact that fans often want the comebacks to stay as true as possible to original versions, for the Wrong Turn, it might have a somewhat more political approach, having a group of friends going on an expedition and finding themselves in some unknown place with an exclusive society, with a different rule of law. As long as the McElroy and Mike P. Nelson spice things up with some classic horror, it will be fine!

The Grudge

The demonic antagonistic characters of the movies became an icon in the horror genre, because without a doubt, from the way it moves to its dreadful appearance, this monster is capable of giving us a huge scare! Nicolas Pesce is the director and writer behind this year’s remake, which was released in cinemas a couple of weeks ago.

The Grudge now tells the story of a detective who plans to investigate a shocking and mysterious case, which eventually leads him to experience very disturbing situations with a vengeful ghost. Even some may say that The Grudge failed with its “come-back” many believe that this remake was in fact better than its 2004 movie. What do you think about it?


Arachnophobia is in fact one of the most common phobias worldwide and with good reason as these little creatures have come to surprise us once or twice when they appear out of nowhere, but the classic nine-year-old took this phobia to the next level with his disturbing film.

This time, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and James Wan’s Atomic Monster are teaming up on a remake of 1990’s horror-comedy “Arachnophobia” so expectations are quite high on this one. 


The original Candyman is a chilling masterpiece of horror. By 2020, the supernatural slasher will be directed by Nia Dacosta and written by Jordan Peele, together they plan to give this remake a political, vicious, cunning approach. 

“A “spiritual sequel” to the 1992 horror film ‘Candyman’ that returns to the now-gentrified Chicago neighborhood where the legend began.”

What do you think about movie remakes?

The castle that inspired Dracula’s dark character is on sale and it’s shocking!

The Irish writer Bram Stoker, was the creator of one of the most emblematic and important characters of horror: Dracula. Since a long time, this vampire has conquered the hearts of many of his victims, within the genre of dark romanticism, and of course? he generally shows himself as an elegant and mysterious man but with extremely macabre intentions.

Well, if you were or are a fan of this magnificent character you should know that his castle can be yours! 

The so-called “Dracula’s castle”, a medieval fortress located in the north of today’s Romania, in the region of Transylvania, has been put up for sale. 

Bran Castle, was built between 1377 and 1388, and owes its notoriety to the fact that the novelist Bram Stoker was inspired by it to write the descriptions of Count Dracula’s dwelling, in the classic gothic horror novel.

This castle has become one of the main tourist attractions in the region, although specialists say that the Prince of Wallachia Vlad III Draculea (the Impaler), a historical figure who led to the fictional Dracula, never lived under its roof.

The exact price asked for the castle is not known, but it has been reported to be around $64-80 million dollars. Experts point out that this price is below the real value of the fortress, which could exceed 100 million dollars.

The numerous film versions together with the pop culture have turned Bran Castle into Dracula’s castle forever.

Although the writer Bram Stoker never set foot inside this palace, he was able to get to know it through English libraries which provided all the maps and reference books he needed, from this point onwards his ghoulish imagination did the rest and added some magic into the castle. 

“Count Dracula, he of the “hard-looking mouth, with very red lips and sharp-looking teeth, as white as ivory,” inhabited “a vast ruined castle, from whose tall black windows came no ray of light, and whose broken battlements showed a jagged line against the moonlit sky.”

In real life, the castle was never home to any monsters but had inhabitants such as Hungarians and Teutonic knights and the infamous Vlad the Impaler (inspiration of Dracula), who may have been briefly imprisoned there in the 15th century. 

Bran Castle fell into the hands of the Romanian royal family and was confiscated by the government in 1958, and over time the palace was returned to the possession of the current royal heirs, who maintain it.

In case you are interested in just visiting the castle, you can do it! they have a low and high season for visitors. Their high season which is from April to September is approaching and their opening hours during this period are from Monday 12 pm – 6 pm and Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am – 6 pm. Better plan your visit on time!

Would you like to visit this amazing historical castle?