Immerse yourself in all the feelings Halloween brings, in this creepy bar… Cocktails & Screams!

“If you ever make it to Orlando Fl and want to check out the coolest horror-themed bar ever… check out Cocktails and Screams…” Barbara Goolsby Bader We love to listen to our follower’s suggestions! and so after reading this comment, we decided to take a look into this bar that seemed to be quite promising […]

If you are the type to be fascinated by the lore of the Witch, you must visit this magical place

Located on a dead-end street, you’ll find a unique and mysterious place where the most commemorative figures of the Salem Witches are found, and it’s a dream come true for fans of the world of terror and magic. Right in Salem, Massachusetts you can find The Salem Wax Museum and The Salem Witch Village, a place […]

The diabolical Chucky doll was inspired by the true story of a doll who until today, is still possessed

One of the most common mistakes that we constantly make after watching a horror movie that has really left us cold, is to think that everything is a lie, that everything is fiction and that evil does not exist. And although for many of the movies that are usually seen in theaters, this is true, […]

Fairborn is the perfect town to celebrate Halloween, every day!

The arrival of the tenth month of the year is always extremely exciting, because there is no other month where you can perceive a more frightening and maleficent atmosphere as the month of October. In almost every corner you can see a witch, a ghost, an evil clown or any other character related to Halloween, […]

Zak Bagans The Haunted Museum is the place where the most diabolical objects in the world can be found

Imagine a place, where the most scary nightmares in the world and the most diabolical objects gather to commemorate everything paranormal, well that place actually exists and you can find it in Las Vegas. Zak Bagans The Haunted Museum is composed of one of the most chilling and largest collections in the world, as a […]

Black magic and craft beer combine to create a mystical and dark bar in San Francisco: Old Devil Moon

Among the streets of San Francisco, you will find a bar with an attitude, a place with a special and relaxed but somewhat mysterious and dark atmosphere, where a good drink can make you feel hypnotized as if the hours passed by too quickly, Old Devil Moon. “Old Devil Moon has risen at the Crossroads of […]

Proxima serie documental de Netflix, donde hablarán de los lugares más embrujados del mundo

Ahora con la moda de que mucha gente hace recorridos nocturnos en lugares abandonados con tal de demostrarle a la audiencia pruebas o evidencias que demuestren que el más allá existe, por supuesto que Netflix, no quiso quedarse atrás… Si eres una persona fanática al género de horror, no te puedes perder de esta increíble […]

The Endless Night Vampire Ball: the event that every true vampire fan should attend

The Endless Night New Orleans Vampire Ball, is one of the most extraordinary and unique events where all those who share a great passion for everything vampire, meet to live an unforgettable night. “THE ENDLESS NIGHT VAMPIRE BALL™ events are a series of masquerade ball themed soirees produced by Father Sebastiaan. Events take place annually […]

This wonderful pop-up pub in Chicago decorated all its walls, with Stranger Things theme

Stranger Things has become one of the most emblematic series in the last four years, and this series has the perfect combination of drama, fantasy, mystery, and comedy! Besides, it never fails to take us back to the past and fill us with a feeling of nostalgia with the outfits, the music, the overall 80s […]

Chucky will be back: more than 30 years after the first film, a TV fiction about the cursed doll is coming

If there is a villain in the world of horror who made us have enough nightmares as children and made us distrust our toys… that was the evil Chucky doll. Although today we see this evil doll chasing Andy, and we are not afraid, there is no doubt that when we were young these scenes […]