10 Shocking And Eerie Ghost Pictures And Their Stories

If you are a lover of the paranormal and don´t want to sleep tonight, we recommend that you see these shocking and terrifying images of ghosts and the stories behind them …

Intruder at the wedding

This picture was taken back in 2008 in Hertfordshire, England, by Neil Sandbach. He was touring at a beautiful farm and looking for a wedding venue, but everything changed when he saw the ghost of this child. After questioning the property owners and staff, he quickly changed his mind and decided this was not the place for him after confirming that the ghost often wandered around the place.

Curtis Johnston

After taking a look at this photo of Corey Carlsonn, it is pretty clear that there’s a spirit on the left. He decided to share with his Instagram followers about who this woman was. “For those of you who saw this photo of me, this is the lady who disappeared in this house back in 2001, her name was Curtis Johnston.” Although the ghost in the photo was identified, what remains a mystery is knowing exactly what happened to her.

The chair of agony

Ted Lucher, was an engineer who went to the prison to repair the electric chair that belonged to the state of Tennessee, he took a picture of the chair. He later realized a ghost hand can be seen on the armrest, as well as a face of agony.

Strange walk at the park

Their calm night out took a twist after this chilling photo. When the picture was taken, one of them reported feeling a presence on her left side moments early. The picture would reveal later that there was a presence there at the moment they took it. It remains a mystery who could have that been, but what we know for sure is that they captured an actual ghost on picture.

When the soul leaves the body

This photo was taken a couple of hours before this man passed away. As he rested on his hospital bed, strange auras could be seen fluttering around his body. These three bright clouds of light are part of what can be called ascension or the moment when the soul leaves the body. While this is not something that has been proven and there is no definitive explanation for the orbs of light, there is obviously something mystical going on here.

Passenger in the back seat

This photo was taken by Mrs. Mabel Chinnery in 1959 while visiting a cemetery. Ms. Mabel Chinnery went to her car when she saw that her husband was already in the car all alone waiting for her. She decided to take a picture of him. However he was not alone in the car. Once they revealed the picture, they noticed a blurred figure of another man’s head.

Uninvited guest

This photo was taken in 1985 at St. Mary’s Guildhall, Coventry, England, which was once a prison. The story behind this pic is that it was taken during Masons’ dinner when they were about to say their prayer before meal. In the picture, a robed man can be seen bowing with the rest of the guests, but when everyone was asked if they had seen him, people said they didn’t remember him being there. Nobody recognized him so it’s still a mystery his identity.

Devotee ghost

In 1975, a man and his wife attended Mass at Worstead Church in Norfolk, U.K. As the wife sat and silently prayed on the bench, her husband took this strange photo of her. It seems that the woman wasn’t alone at all, as she is accompanied by a kind of glowing figure sitting in the row behind her. Although there is no clear explanation of what the figure could have been, it seems that it could have been a good spirit considering that this took place in a church.

Don’t take it

This lady took this photo in the basement of her new home. But once she saw it, she had no doubts that the house was in fact haunted. She claimed that two days before she took the picture, she had heard her 4-year-old brother at the basement yelling “No, don’t take it” when he was supposed to be alone. Perhaps what the boy saw was this mysterious figure too.

Seeing the light

In this picture,  there’s also a man on his deathbed and some light above him. Some parapsychologists claim this is the only type of proof they need to solidify theories that explain how auras and bodily energies work after passing away.

What do you think about the pictures? Have you captured a moment like this?

7 Famous Paintings That Are Believed To Be Cursed Or Haunted

Paintings can be a great piece to decorate your house. Painting helps human beings to perceive the world in a profound and unique way. However, there are just some paintings considered to be cursed and besides being so famous, no one wants them in their collection or at their own place.

“The Hands Resist Him”

It was painted by Bill Stoneham in 1972 and is also known as The eBay Haunted Painting. It was first purchased by actor John Marley, (Jack Woltz in The Godfather). Sometime after he passed away, the painting was found on the site of an old brewery, by an elderly Californian couple. They announced the painting on Ebay to sell it back in 2000. According to them,  the painting was cursed or haunted, that the characters in the painting moved during the night, and that they would sometimes leave the painting and enter the room in which it was being displayed.

Some people claimed that simply viewing the photos of the painting made them feel ill or have unpleasant experiences. After all it was sold for $1,025.00 by the Perception Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They contacted Bill Stoneham himself to know more about the story behind the painting. He reported to be surprised by all the stories and strange interpretations of the painting.

But the interesting thing is that the painter recalls that both the owner of the gallery in which the painting was first displayed, and the art critic who reviewed it, died within one year of coming into contact with the painting.

“The anguished man”

It is said, it was painted by a man who had a mental disorder. He used his own blood to create part of the painting and when he finished it he took his life. The painting belongs to the Robinson family, who report that the painting moans and complains at night.

“Lalaurie’s  painting”

In 1997 Ricardo Pustanio painted Madame Delphine Lalaurie, who seems to move through the painting. It is also said that the work sighs and moves around within the New Orleans mansion in which it is located.

“Love letters”

It is located at the Driskill Hotel. Every time visitors approach her or try to stare at her, they claim to feel sick or dizzy while others claim to have levitated when they tried to close their eyes after seeing the girl in this painting.

“The portrait of the Witch Girl”

It belonged to a Spanish man who assured that the painting followed him with her eyes. It is also said that at night a gray silhouette appeared on the side of the painting that many believed is Madame Delphine LaLaurie.

“The portrait of Bernardo de Gálvez”

The fear of the painting has grown so much that visitors to the Hotel Galvez ask permission to the painting if they can contemplate it. They say that if you don’t, the curse that surrounds it will fall on all those who have seen it without authorization.

“The curse of the crying boy”

A workart by Bruno Amadio also known as Giovanni Bragolin.

These paintings are really famous because they are believed to be cursed as it is said that all these children were the painter’s offering to the devil as he make a pact so he would become known as an artist

It is also known that terrible misfortunes fall on all who dare to hang one of those on the walls of their home as in 1985, an Essex firefighter claimed that undamaged copies of the paintings were frequently found amidst the ruins of burned houses.

“The girl…

According to popular legend, it was a self-portrait painted by a young Japanese girl named Sonee. She scanned the image and uploaded onto the web before taking her life.

After it was posted to a Korean forum, many members of the site claimed that the painting was cursed.  Some claimed that if you stared into her blue eyes for more than five minutes, it would make you go mad. Others said that if you look at it long enough, the girl’s ghost would appear and take your life. Another version says that if you stare at the girl, her mouth will turn to an evil smirk and her eyes will get dark.

Would you dare to keep such paintings?

7 Real-Life Unexplainable With Pictures Creepy Backstories

We live in a world that definitely contains some scary, supernatural stuff. Below, you’ll find some of examples of what we mean by “creepy.”

Flying from the beyond

What this woman wanted was a picture in this helicopter but this sly  spirit decided to be part of her picture and pose alongside the lady. The photo was taken in 1987 at the Fleet Air Arm station in Somerset, UK, which wasn’t known for reporting supernatural events, but that day changed everything. The woman in the photo had no idea what was going on while the it was being taken and was extremely surprised after she saw it.

Bolivian ghost

This photo was taken at a hospital in Bolivia, next to the elevator. These visitors were waiting for the elevator and what they saw inside as it opened was truly terrifying. In the photo, a spirit can be seen in the elevator waiting for them to enter. It is possible that this was the ghost of someone who passed away in the hospital or just a friendly ghost visiting patients.

Paranormal selfie

In Newcastle, UK, these young women were quite frightened after realizing that there was a horrible specter in their photo. The girls described the figure as an older woman dressed in a Victorian style. There is no way to prove whether it was a ghost or something else.

A silent support

Robert A. Ferguson was a famous physicist who wrote many books related to mystery in the 1960s. In 1968, Ferguson attended an event to promote his new book on psychic telemetry, but he had no idea there was a guest who was there specifically for him. That special guest was the ghost of his brother who passed away during the Second World War. In the pictures of Ferguson that were taken while giving his speech on the podium, the figure of his brother can be seen standing next to him. Supporting the family to the end!

What happened to Amelia Earhart?

80 years have passed since pilot Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific, but the discovery of this picture is shocking since nobody knows what actually happened to her. Some experts from History Channel revealed this blurry photo of Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, appearing alive after the plane crash. There’s a theory that the two crashed in the Marshall Islands and were captured by the Japanese military.

Where is this woman now?

It is said that this woman managed to film the entire sequence of the end of John F. Kennedy, that fatal day in 1963. The problem was that the FBI could never find her.

Extra hands

A picture with your friends, doesn’t sound that bad but this photo is actually very strange. The boy on the right has a hand near his face…but that hand doesn’t belong to the boy on his side. So, whose hand is that?

Do you have an unexplainable picture with a creepy backstory yourself?

5 Facts You May Not Knew About Dreams

Who doesn’t love to sleep? It’s that moment of the day that even though we can rest for hours and still we don’t have enough. Some people even take naps as a hobby.

But what about those times when we dream of something horrible or creepy? What about the one dream where all of your teeth are falling out? Or those dreams more like nightmares when someone is chasing us or we are falling from a building.

While some things can be explained when it comes to dreams, there’s still so much to be discovered about how and why we dream what we do. But we’ll live you with some interesting facts about dreams.

Women Have More Nightmares Than Men

Jennie Parker, a researcher, was inspired by her own nightmares so she did a Ph.D study in which she found that women suffer more nightmares then men. For the study 100 women and 93 men between the ages of 18-25 were asked to record their most recent dream in their very own “dream journal”. Park concluded that 19 percent of men reported a nightmare compared with 30 percent of women.

Women and Men Are More Often Victims Than Aggressors in Their Dreams

This is according to ‘The Dreams of Men and Women: Patterns of Gender Similarity and Difference.’ In an excerpt it says, “both men and women are more often victims than aggressors in the aggressive interactions in their dreams, and they face the same attackers, namely, men who are not known to them (‘male strangers’) and animals.”

Women’s Dreams Are Also More Emotional

According to the same study above, women were much more likely to dream about very emotionally traumatic events like the loss of a loved one.

60 % Of People Don’t Remember Their Dreams

Maybe you know someone who says that they don’t dream but they do, it’s just that they don’t remember that they did. According to a report in Neuropsychopharmacology, the hypothalamus, or the area of the brain involved in information processing is much more active in people who regularly remember their dreams.

You’re Actually Paralyzed When You Dream

REM sleep is the part of your sleep cycle where you dream the most.  While the brain starts to be more active, your muscles become more relaxed and your voluntary muscles will actually get immobilized, like literally.

Do your remember your dreams?

Top 5 Most Cursed Objects Of The World

We hear a lot about haunted places but we would never imagined a wine cabinet to be cursed, wouldn’t we? These are the type of object that you would believe are really inoffensive, however there are some old artifacts that have demonstrated otherwise.

Dybbuk Box

This wine cabinet is believed to be haunted by a restless and malicious spirit known as Dybbuk, a mythological demon from Jewish folklore which can haunt and possess the living.

Everyone who has been owner of the box, reported to have similar recurring nightmares in which they were attacked by a gruesome demonic hag, and waking up with unexplainable bruises and cuts.

They also claimed to smell a rancid stench of cat urine whenever the box was in their presence and suffered sudden illnesses. One of the owners even saw a shadowy figure lurking in the hallway one night.

King Tut’s Tomb

It is believed to be cursed as peculiar incidents has happened to people who have been involved with it.

Lord Carnarvon, the financier for the search for the late king’s tomb was bitten by a mosquito and died in a delirious fever. But not only that, his pet bird was eaten by a snake, and his dog back in England died.

Then, a radiologist who conducted an X-ray on the body was taken by a mysterious illness.

Among other victims, there was a rich American who passed away of pneumonia after visiting the tomb, and a member of Howard Carter’s excavation team lost his life for arsenic poisoning.

It is much of a coincidence, is it?

The Iceman

This was a prehistoric ancient warrior that was found in the snow-capped Alps in 1991. The German tourist who first discovered him, lost his life during a blizzard while hiking near the spot where the body was found. An hour after his funeral, the leader of the rescue team who look for him, lost his life after having a heart attack.

But that wan’t all, the archaeologist who inspected the body, passed away because of complications from multiple sclerosis, the head of the forensic team who examined the body together with a molecular biologist also lost their lifes.

Otzi currently resides in a refrigerated room at the South Tyrol Archaeological Museum in Bolzano.

Koh-i-Noor Diamond

It literally means “Mountain of Light” in Persian. it was once considered the largest diamond in the world, coming from the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Over the years, the diamond has belonged to a variety of Hindu, Mughal, Turkic, Afghan, Sikh, and British rulers who fought each other to obtain the precious stone. At the end, the diamond was taken by the East India Company following the Anglo-Sikh Wars.

However it is said to be cursed as some Hindu text reads, “He who owns this diamond will own the world, but will also know all its misfortunes. Only God, or a woman, can wear it with impunity.”

All the men who owned the diamond either lost their throne or experienced terrible misfortunes.

Pupa the Doll

This doll is considered as one of the most haunted objects as it was made in the likeness of its original owner in the 1920s, , an Italian girl who kept Pupa until she died in 2005.

The girl used to claim that Pupa was alive and could speak. When she grew older, she used to tell her grandchildren that the doll was her best friend. But after she passed away, her family locked Pupa in a glass case.

It seemed she didn’t like that as the family reported that Pupa would tap on the glass as if asking to get out. Other times, the glass of the case would steam up and appear some words inscribed that read, “Pupa hate.” The doll also changes body positions and facial expressions and moves things in the display case around her.

Would you dare to own of these objects?

The Best 5 Rituals You Can Practice Only On Halloween Night

As you may or may not know, Halloween is an abbreviation for All Hallow’s Eve. It started as an ancient Celtic festival that celebrated the end of summer known as Samhain, in addition to the celebration of a Celtic New Year and the end of the harvest season .

According to the tradition, the borders between the natural and the superhuman cease to exist and the souls of those who passed away take advantage of the moment to roam the world of the living and hundreds of people take advantage during that night to perform their spells.

Our favorite celebration is happening this Saturday, a day full of mysteries, symbolism and magic and even though this year, we may not celebrate Halloween as any other year or as we may have planned months before, we will tell you which are the best rituals to do on Halloween without exposing yourself too much but still getting the best of it and celebrate Halloween to the fullest.

Ritual for good luck

On Halloween night, place a chestnut on a white cloth for each member of the family, on which the initial of each person will have been drawn with paint or white marker. Cover the chestnuts with bay leaves and cinnamon sticks and close the cloth with a knot.

The next morning each member should take their amulet and keep it on their bedside table. The chestnut will bring good luck all year round.

Ritual to protect your home and business

You should go out into nature to collect some leaves and typical autumn fruits, such as chestnuts or apples. They should be placed in all corners in an odd number and they’ll serve as to protect your house or to attract prosperity for your business. You can also collect laurel and put it on the front door. Everything must be removed on November 3, thanking the protection that will last all year.

Ritual of abundance

In an earthenware or ceramic bowl, you need to place 7 grains of rice, a handful of oats and alfalfa sprouts. Everything is lit with a match and a little charcoal, while going through the home ‘smoking’ each room. You must ask that prosperity comes to your house and your family.  When the fire burns out, bury everything in the nearest garden.

Ritual of the moon

For this ritual, you’ll need a glass box. At midnight go outside, (it can be in your own yard), as long as you’re in a place that can receive moon light. Concentrate on the moon and reflect the light inside the box, while repeating: “In this receptacle of clear material, I keep this strength without equal.”

Before the end of the year, you can use the power imprisoned within the box up to three times to gain the strength, confidence and positive energy you need to achieve a certain goal. To do this you must open the box while repeating: “Fragment of lunar power that you see here, grant me your power for the first time.” While saying this, you must visualize what you want to achieve. The next two times you use your power of light, instead of saying “for the first time”, just change the final by saying “for the second time” and “for the third time” respectively.

Once you used it three times, you have to wash it with water that has also received the moonlight, dry and wrap it with a white cloth until next Halloween.

Love ritual

You’ll need a glass of water, a bowl, a couple of cinnamon sticks, and a red candle. In order for it to work out, you have to be alone in a quiet room. Write on a sheet your name and six aspects that are hurting you or you don’t want to repeat again in the relationship you are at the moment. If you are single right now, you can still write 6 aspects of past relationships that hurted you or don’t want to experience in the future.

Light the candle. Read aloud what you wrote three times and visualize all of that moving away. Burn the paper in the bowl with the cinnamon, and turn it off when it has burned with the water in the glass. Through a window, throw the content away from you and let the red candle to consume. This will help your relationship to be healthier and happier, or to attract a future love.

Have you heard about these rituals before? Which ones are you going to try this Halloween?

Want To Win A Chance To Sleep In The American Horror Story Murder House? Here’s How!

If you ever wonder what’s actually inside of the Murder House from American Horror Story,  now you may be able to explore it as it will open to the public for the first time in a live broadcast on Halloween weekend. The event will last three days where some paranormal experts will delve into the stories that surround this famous house.

The event is set to include some paranormal experts, including Murder House homeowner Dr. Ernst Von Schwarz, Exorcist Bishop James Long, psychic/white witch Patti Negri, vampire expert Michelle Belanger, Halloween expert/historian Lisa Morton, tarot expert Sasha Graham, energy healer Satish Dholakia, psychiatrist Dr. Waguih Ishak, and there will be 15 cameras installed throughout the entire house so you don’t miss any detail! You can actually watch a preview of the live-stream here.

Tickets cost $25 which allow virtual access for three days to the infamous Los Angeles home. The money, will go to the Baby2Baby charity, which provides children living in poverty, ages 0-12 years, with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. For more information, you can visit their website here.

On the other hand,  if you’re a big American Horror Story fan, get ready because the 10th season of the series is expected to begin filming soon to be released in 2021 with a main cast consisting of Kathy Bates, Macaulay Culkin, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross and Finn Wittrock, among others.

In August, creator Ryan Murphy shared a picture of a mouth full of pointed teeth on a black background via Instagram “Looks like American Horror Story Season 10 is go for an October (fitting) production launch. Thanks to everyone who is working hard to assure a safe start for the cast and crew. And yes this is a clue”, he pointed out.

So, don’t miss your chance to explore the Murder House and buy your tickets! The event is starting today until November 1st. The best part is that can  have the chance to sleep in the infamously haunted basement. Yes! You reed that right. You need to tag the Murder House on social media once you buy your ticket in order to participate!

For more information, you can visit their official website here.

Would you explore the Murder House with us?

A Scientific Study Determined This Is The Scariest Movie Ever

The description reads as follows: “Whether it’s zombies, ghosts or anything else that goes ‘bump in the night’, is there anything better than a good horror movie? But of the hundreds of horror flicks, which is the ultimate ‘king of fright night’? Our scientific study tracked heart rates throughout some of the world’s most iconic horror films, to study the science of scary, and find the undisputed scariest horror film of all time!”

The study measured the heart rates of 50 people of different ages while watching more than 120 hours of horror movies available on platforms.

The selection on which the experiment was made consists of 50 horror films chosen by critics and reddit. “Watching each movie in 5.1 surround sound, our panel of 50 people consumed over 120 hours of the best horror movies, each fitted with a heart rate monitor to measure which movies got their blood pumping the most to find the ultimate horror movie and crown the king of fright night.”, they explained.

The ultimate horror movie was determined to be Sinister by Scott Derrickson because is packed with scares, twists, jumps, creepy kids and bad decisions which kept test subjects’ hearts poundin throughout the whole movie.

They also found out that Insidious (2010), the Conjuring (2013), Hereditary (2018) and Paranormal Activity (2007) are part of the top five of the most scariest movies as well as they released a list of 30 movies more and which place they obtained according to the results.

Furthermore, they also discovered that the top 5 of the biggest jump scares by heart rate are Insidious, Sinister, The Exorcist 3, The Conjuring and The Descent.

You can read the rest of the study and the results in their website.

What do you think about these results? Do you agree?


The Mystery Behind These Pictures Will Scare Your Dreams

If you are looking for some conspiracy theories, paranormal activity, creepy stories that makes you question everything in life, this list is for you

Lost in Space

Legend has it that the ‘Black Knight’ satellite has orbited the world for 13,000 years. Although its true origin remains unknown, there are some theories. The first is that it is actually a thermal blanket that was lost in space during a mission. The second theory is that it’s just some pieces of debris. It is also said that the Black Knight has allegadly sent signals to Earth that have been inspected by NASA, but there have been no clear answers regarding its exact purpose.

Ape on the loose

In 2000, a woman who has chosen to remain anonymous mailed photos of what she claimed to be a monkey in the backyard of her home in Sarasota County, Florida. In addition to the photographies, the woman also sent a letter to the sheriff’s department that detailed the monkey’s strange behavior. While skeptics believe that the creature was just a black bear, the truth is that it does not look much like a bear, but rather a creature like an large ape.

Guests no identified

On May 20, 1967, near Falcom Lake in Manitoba, Canada, Stefan Michalak experienced something he would never forget on his weekend getaway. While hanging out in the lake, Michalak saw two circular objects descending in his direction, landing right next to him. He claimed that when the objects landed, the doors got opened and heard voices speaking to him in a strange language. When he tried to examine the alleged spacecrafts, he burned himself with a grid-shaped vent that also flamed his clothing. What actually happened that day remains a mystery, however Michalak has the burns on him that proves that what he said may be true.

Haunted hospital

This abandoned hospital in Waverly Hills, Kentucky, has had some creepy visitors hanging around for a while. In this photo, you can see what appears to be an old hospital patient who has returned to roaming her old grounds, even stopping for the picture.

Extra hands

For these young students, to have a pic together may be something fun. However when it was revealed, it probably scared them for life as there are two dark hands that do not belong to any of the students. While this could be due to a problem of motion, some believe these are the hands of real ghosts.

Christmas spirit

As this adorable family gathers around the tree, another person is there patiently to open some presents. The spirit that you can see on the ground may have lived in the house, or it was just felt lonely during the holidays. Either way, this was a huge surprise to the family when they looked at the photo after it was taken. Their Christmas celebrations must have been so epic that this hideous guest wanted to join in too!

What do you think about them?

Official Poster And Confirmed Cast For The New Version Of The Iconic Movie “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

Great news for all horror lovers, the official website and poster for the new version of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” were released this month with the promise of showing us more “of the face of madness” by Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic film.

The next description can be read in the official website with a chilling introduction of the poster which depicts the mask of the series’ iconic antagonist Leatherface, “In 1974, the world witnessed one of the most bizarre crimes in the annals of American history”.

This new version will be directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker David Blue Garcia and written by Chris Devlin. Horror filmmaker icon Fede Alvarez will be producing with Rodolfo Sayagues, alongside Kim Henkel who co-written the original 1974 film, Ian Henkel, and Pat Cassidy, who are producing via their Exurbia Films.

It will be starring Golden Globe award nominee Elsie Fisher, together with Sarah Yarkin, Mark Burnham, Moe Dunford, Olwen Fouéré, Alice Krige, Jacob Latimore, Nell Hudson, Jessica Allain, Sam Douglas, William Hope, and Jolyon Coy.

The company added, “The legacy of this cannibalistic maniac, whose madness and macabre was unlike anything ever seen before, is set to live on through the “Leatherface” skin for Velikan, as well as the “Family Heirloom” LMG blueprint, complete with a unique Stock attachment that allows an operator to wield the weapon like a chainsaw, along with additional The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-themed items.”

Here we leave you the website where you can find some first illustrations of the film. Also, if you introduce your email, you will receive a poster and a code redeemable for an exclusive calling card for Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare.

We will see what happens with the return of one of the most iconic villains of the genre.

Leatherface will return in 2021, save your skin!