You wont believe the chilling stories of these ghost ships with unexplained cases

The ocean is that last corner of the world that even today we have not been able to decipher or discover completely. In ancient times it was a place full of legends and myths, some of which have been uncovered thanks to modern scientists, but others remain unsolved.

Some of them are the terrifying ghost ships, missing ships that suddenly reappeared, with full supplies and in perfect condition, but without any crew…

Mary Celeste

31 meters long and almost 300 tons in weight, a brigantine that crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1872. When it was found, the ship was sailing at full speed, and despite being able to accommodate a large crew, when they boarded it they did not find a single soul.

Many theories pointed out that it could have been provoked by a pirate assault since the lifeboats were in place, however, there was something that made it all very mysterious: the food was served in the dining room.

And although you might think it might have been left there long ago, in a place like a ship that never stops moving and wobbling, how long could a bowl of soup have stood on the table? Without a doubt, one of the most inexplicable mysteries of the open sea.

The Octavius

The ship was returning from a transatlantic voyage to England when it was trapped by ice. Or at least that was what people believed since it had been given up for lost until in the year 1775, a whaling ship crossed the Octavius sailing aimlessly and they decided to board it.

When they did, the scene seemed unreal: the entire crew of the Octavius was there, but their bodies were frozen by the cold of the Arctic. The most frightening thing was to see the captain’s log, which was dated to the year 1762, which would result in a ship that had sailed aimlessly for 13 years with its lifeless crew.

Lady Lovibond

The sailboat departed in 1748 for Porto, Portugal, and the entire trip went smoothly until it reached the Goodwin Sands, an area of approximately 10 miles and which is full of fine sand, which when moving with the current creates changes in height affecting the boats.

They are so deadly that 2000 wrecks are known in the area. And even though the crew was experienced, there was something the captain could not foresee. One of his subordinates was in love with his wife, and anger over unrequited love led him to sabotage the rudder, causing the entire crew to perish in the quicksands.

Years later, another ship sailed across the sands again, and in the captain’s log, it was described that they had encountered a sailboat with the same characteristics as the Lady Lovibond, only that despite the maneuvering, there was no one on deck. The captain tried to follow him, but the ship slowly disappeared into the fog.

SS Baychimo

A cargo ship that worked efficiently for years, until in 1931 it was trapped in the ice of Alaska, being abandoned by its crew in the middle of a storm. When the weather cleared they wanted to return to the ship but it had disappeared.

Immediately it was considered sunken, however, sometime later rumors began to spread that it had been seen sailing along the coast of Alaska only to disappear again.

The last time the ship was seen was in 1969, almost four decades after the first disappearance.

Ryou-Un Maru

More recently, in the year 2012, a Japanese fishing vessel appeared on American territory. After traveling for an entire year allegedly without a crew. Because of the tsunami that hit Japan, the boat lost its way and ended up sailing and going around the world by itself.

And although the whereabouts of its crew have never been mentioned, if anyone was there at the time of the disaster, the ship was not ready for a supply boarding, and surely perished in the year adrift.

Which of these ghost ship stories did you find more interesting? 

You can visit the Dungeon of Doom at the Hollywood Museum!

The Hollywood Museum is popular for showcasing some of the most notorious and memorable exhibits, it’s having the most extensive collection of Hollywood memorabilia in the world, being home to more than 10,000 authentic treasures of the pop culture including, of course, some of the horror classics that we all admire.

The Hollywood Museum features the Dungeon of Doom, where all horror lovers around the world come together to enjoy plenty of exhibitions from some of the best horror movies ever: IT, The Conjuring, Nightmare on Elm Street and Child’s Play amongst others. 

Last year, the special price was offered to guests who would visit the Dungeon of Doom with a full costume, during the month of October. Also, special exhibitions such as vampires, boogiemen, zombies and demons were showcased in November.

“Take a walk through Hannibal Lecter’s jail cell (Silence of the Lambs), say hello to Chucky and his bride… if you can find them (Child’s Play), and watch your back as you pass by Freddy Kreuger (Nightmare on Elm Street).”

In addition, you will find multiple movie and TV props from noticeable works such as  The Exorcist, Psycho, Phantom of the Opera, The Walking Dead and Underworld to name a few. Tickets can be bought online, and they range in prices from $5-$12. They can also be purchased directly at the museum’s box office. 

The Hollywood Museum is located at 1660 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028. This is an open-ended exhibit without specified closing dates, perfect for Halloween season but also available before and after the October, you get a horror show all year long! The hours of operation are 10am – 5pm on  Wednesday through Sunday.

“Tons of historic cult classic movie items to be viewed. This is a must-see for any horror movie lover.”

Would you like to visit the Dungeon of Doom?

These are some horror classics that resurrect in 2020 with some spine-chilling remakes!

Movie remakes are often controversial for many reasons. There are people that prefer it when original movies since they have a certain authenticity that remains unique even after years have passed and there’s also those who find pleasure in watching a classic movie, with a more modern touch.

So if you ever feel like watching some good old movies, with more advanced effects and overall vibe then these are the movies you need to watch!

Wrong Turn

The popular horror film series was a tremendous hit during the early 2000s, the plot, the suspense, and horror that these six movies made all of us feel was exceptional. For the remake of this popular horror franchise, McElroy and Mike P. Nelson will be collaborating and it is expected on them to build upon the backwoods cannibal’s storyline.

Despite the fact that fans often want the comebacks to stay as true as possible to original versions, for the Wrong Turn, it might have a somewhat more political approach, having a group of friends going on an expedition and finding themselves in some unknown place with an exclusive society, with a different rule of law. As long as the McElroy and Mike P. Nelson spice things up with some classic horror, it will be fine!

The Grudge

The demonic antagonistic characters of the movies became an icon in the horror genre, because without a doubt, from the way it moves to its dreadful appearance, this monster is capable of giving us a huge scare! Nicolas Pesce is the director and writer behind this year’s remake, which was released in cinemas a couple of weeks ago.

The Grudge now tells the story of a detective who plans to investigate a shocking and mysterious case, which eventually leads him to experience very disturbing situations with a vengeful ghost. Even some may say that The Grudge failed with its “come-back” many believe that this remake was in fact better than its 2004 movie. What do you think about it?


Arachnophobia is in fact one of the most common phobias worldwide and with good reason as these little creatures have come to surprise us once or twice when they appear out of nowhere, but the classic nine-year-old took this phobia to the next level with his disturbing film.

This time, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and James Wan’s Atomic Monster are teaming up on a remake of 1990’s horror-comedy “Arachnophobia” so expectations are quite high on this one. 


The original Candyman is a chilling masterpiece of horror. By 2020, the supernatural slasher will be directed by Nia Dacosta and written by Jordan Peele, together they plan to give this remake a political, vicious, cunning approach. 

“A “spiritual sequel” to the 1992 horror film ‘Candyman’ that returns to the now-gentrified Chicago neighborhood where the legend began.”

What do you think about movie remakes?

The castle that inspired Dracula’s dark character is on sale and it’s shocking!

The Irish writer Bram Stoker, was the creator of one of the most emblematic and important characters of horror: Dracula. Since a long time, this vampire has conquered the hearts of many of his victims, within the genre of dark romanticism, and of course? he generally shows himself as an elegant and mysterious man but with extremely macabre intentions.

Well, if you were or are a fan of this magnificent character you should know that his castle can be yours! 

The so-called “Dracula’s castle”, a medieval fortress located in the north of today’s Romania, in the region of Transylvania, has been put up for sale. 

Bran Castle, was built between 1377 and 1388, and owes its notoriety to the fact that the novelist Bram Stoker was inspired by it to write the descriptions of Count Dracula’s dwelling, in the classic gothic horror novel.

This castle has become one of the main tourist attractions in the region, although specialists say that the Prince of Wallachia Vlad III Draculea (the Impaler), a historical figure who led to the fictional Dracula, never lived under its roof.

The exact price asked for the castle is not known, but it has been reported to be around $64-80 million dollars. Experts point out that this price is below the real value of the fortress, which could exceed 100 million dollars.

The numerous film versions together with the pop culture have turned Bran Castle into Dracula’s castle forever.

Although the writer Bram Stoker never set foot inside this palace, he was able to get to know it through English libraries which provided all the maps and reference books he needed, from this point onwards his ghoulish imagination did the rest and added some magic into the castle. 

“Count Dracula, he of the “hard-looking mouth, with very red lips and sharp-looking teeth, as white as ivory,” inhabited “a vast ruined castle, from whose tall black windows came no ray of light, and whose broken battlements showed a jagged line against the moonlit sky.”

In real life, the castle was never home to any monsters but had inhabitants such as Hungarians and Teutonic knights and the infamous Vlad the Impaler (inspiration of Dracula), who may have been briefly imprisoned there in the 15th century. 

Bran Castle fell into the hands of the Romanian royal family and was confiscated by the government in 1958, and over time the palace was returned to the possession of the current royal heirs, who maintain it.

In case you are interested in just visiting the castle, you can do it! they have a low and high season for visitors. Their high season which is from April to September is approaching and their opening hours during this period are from Monday 12 pm – 6 pm and Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am – 6 pm. Better plan your visit on time!

Would you like to visit this amazing historical castle?

According to numerous testimonies, The White House is also haunted!

The White House is recognized worldwide and is one of the most famous and important pieces of architecture in America, as it is the very home of the president of the United States and supposedly also the home of one or another ghost.

A couple of years back, the daughter of former U.S. President George W. Bush, Jenna Bush Hager, said to have experienced different paranormal events inside this house, and not only she but her sister confirms this story.

One night like any other, Jenna Bush and Barbara woke up to hear a phone ringing, suddenly a spontaneous and creepy piano music from the 1920s began to play from the fireplace in their room. This same event happened the next night but now, the music had changed and what was heard was opera.

Although many people might be afraid of this unexplained event, the sisters claim that they did not feel any fear because they said that the ghosts were harmless and that they were inside the white house with “good intentions”.

Interestingly, President Bush’s daughters are not the first to share ghost stories related to the White House. During one of their visits, Winston Churchill and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands claim to have seen the spirit of Abraham Lincoln inside the Lincoln Room and the Yellow Oval Room.  

One of the most haunted rooms in this house, as some might believe, is The Rose Room, which is frequently visited by the spirits of Andrew Jackson, who can sometimes be heard laughing, cursing and gesturing as if he were upset.

On other occasions, you have heard distant music, similar to that of a violin, and you suspect that this is the spirit of Thomas Jefferson. Fortunately, the ghosts that have been reported to date are the same as those of previous presidents, who at least have no intention of causing any harm to the people living in the house today, yet this is still somewhat scary and surprising.  

Why do you think the spirits of past presidents still walk around the halls of The White House?

This is what awaits you when visiting Chernobyl: scenario of the world’s worst nuclear disaster

We all know about the catastrophic fate that befell of Chernobyl on April 26, 1986, an incident so lethal and massive that it was recognized as the greatest nuclear disaster in the history of mankind.

For many years Chernobyl was kept in quarantine, with dozens of signs alerting everyone who approached, the danger they might find, however, the thieves change and it seems that not everything is forever because a couple of years ago Chernobyl began to be visited again by many people, who can be considered either very brave or very naive.

This April, it will be 34 years since that accident happened and although Ukraine has many other interesting places to visit, Chernobyl has undoubtedly become extremely popular.

It took more than two decades for Chernobyl to become a somewhat “safe” place to receive visitors, as radiation levels managed to decrease sufficiently in certain areas. Despite this, precautions must always be taken as Chernobyl remains a place with a dark past and potential dangers, which is why tourism is well regulated, and visitors must sign a formal application before starting any legal tour.

Even though the surroundings look calm and settled, you made an invisible enemy: radiation. By taking the tour, you will be equipped with a personal radiation detector, which will constantly indicate the levels of radiation and you will know yourself when you are close to crossing the red line.  

For example, in 2014 the radiation levels of Reactor 4 were still so high that this area was completely off-limits to visitors, but over the years certain areas within this reactor decreased their radiation levels: this was the case of the control room of Chernobyl’s Reactor 4, scene of the world’s worst nuclear disaster.

You can also visit some locations that are close to the area where the disaster happened, such as Pripyat a city that was home to 49,000 citizens before it was evacuated following the meltdown. 

The city has become a popular icon from Chernobyl’s Disaster, due to its eerie and spooky-looking surroundings. In addition, most of the buildings found in Pripyat have drastically deteriorated, some areas are off-limits due to poor structural integrity or high radiation levels. 

Before determining the tour and leaving the Chernobyl area, you will have to perform several radiation tests to make sure everything is in order. If the alarm bells ring, you will need to go through decontamination to get out.

Would you like to take a tour around Chernobyl?

Do you want to play a game? then you must take SAW – The Ride where your deepest fears come true

You wake up out of nowhere in an unknown place. Its dark, cold and the room is filled with sinister objects that cause you nothing but terror, then from a dark corner, a doll slowly approaches you: I want to play a game.

Never before has such a harmless prayer caused us so much fear, until Jigsaw came to show us that not all games are as fun as we think, and although they are a little intense, the truth is that these movies are terribly entertaining, just the same as SAW – The Ride.

The incredible amusement park in the UK, THORPE PARK in conjunction with the new generation film studio LIONSGATE and TWISTED PICTURES joined forces to create one of the world’s scariest roller coasters: SAW – The Ride. This terrifying roller coaster premiered in March 2009 and has been a success ever since.

“This right is absolutely amazing, especially if you are a thrill-seeker! From the steep drop to all its twists and turns, it is all unexpected. Even the props and decor for the ride really brought it to life.”

As its name suggests, this attraction is based on the Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures – SAW movie franchise, making it the “world’s scariest ride”.

This roller coaster truly tests the nerves of all those who consider themselves brave, as those who dare to ride it and visitors find themselves at the mercy of the manipulator, macabre mastermind, Jigsaw.

SAW – The Ride has an insane vertical 100º fall from a height of 100 feet, making it the steepest free fall of its kind in the world. Riders endure three inversions that add another dimension to a new, fully charged with adrenaline, fun experience for thrill-seekers.

The clever mind behind this magnificent and terrifying attraction is Candy Holland, Creative Director of Merlin Entertainments Resort Theme Parks. As a fan of anything that generates extreme emotions, being part of the team that created SAW – The Ride was like a unique experience, mentioning that she is even a big fan of horror movies.

This roller coaster can be found in the Canada Creek section of the park. Before getting on this tremendous attraction you will have to take a dark and scary ride in an old abandoned industrial sawmill building.  Numerous Jigsaw traps, bloody scenes and a dramatic scene all lie within the building as you line up to reach your final destination.

 “Guests come face to face with live actors representing Jigsaw victims caught in various traps.  One of Jigsaw’s hooded apprentices even makes an appearance, where could he possibly be?”

Billy, Jigsaw’s twisted clown-faced puppet tells guests the test that awaits them ahead of time, and his gruesome face can be seen on the monitors, inviting them to “play a game”

Do you think you’re brave enough to ride this roller coaster?

You can visit the real locations where AHS seasons were filmed

In 2011 the first episode of one of the most popular and original horror series of the past decade was released. Not only did each episode of this series fill us with fear and anxiety, but each season provided us with a completely different story with an increasingly frightening twist, you know what I’m talking about?

American Horror Story became a very emblematic series because every season Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk surprise us with a new horrifying drama either with a haunted house, a couple of witches, even aliens! Well, every new story demands a new set change and if you were curious about the locations where AHS has recorded their terrifying scenes these are some of the places:

1. Alfred Rosenheim Mansion

You guessed it, The Rosenheim Mansion, also known as the Murder House from the very first season. This house was built back in 1902 by a German-American architect and believe it or not, its quite popular among different movies and tv shows such as The Twilight Zone, Six Feet Under and The Ghost Whisperer.

2. The Buckner Mansion

Welcome to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, a place that hides plenty of secrets, magic, and darkness. This astonishing white mansion is located at 1410 Jackson Avenue, New Orleans,  it is known as the Buckner Mansion was built in 1856 by a major cotton magnate and served for many years as a prominent business school. Some say that the mansion is allegedly haunted, by the spirit of Miss Josephine, a slave that has not left the mansion ever since the civil war ended. 

3. Orange County Courthouse

AHS’ second season was filmed on W. Santa Ana Blvd. in Santa Ana, California at the Orange County Courthouse and despite the fact that this was one intense, terrifying and disturbing season, the actual real spot is beautiful and even famous, serving as a perfect spot for couples to take wedding pictures. Another fact is that the actual story behind the second season “Asylum” where the hospital was run appallingly, treating its patients horrendously was based around the true-life events of Willowbrook State School in New York City.

4. The James Oviatt building

Season five was filled with mystery and is probably one of the scarier seasons since it was practically based on the Cecil Hotel, a place with a disturbing past, home to several inexplicable deaths and paranormal activities. Within this hotel, several scandalous events happened, such as the unsettling death of Elisa Lam: this case was so eerie that AHS creators acknowledged the strange and macabre situations that occurred in this place and created the fifth season: Hotel. If you are curious and brave enough to visit the filming location, the exterior and interior lobby shots of AHS´Hotel Cortez, you just need to go to 617 South Olive Street in L.A. to the James Oviatt building.

5. Longue Vue House & Gardens

Freakshow´s Dandy Mott, was probably one of the characters that we love-hated the most. He was a mama´s boy serial killer, with very disturbing fetishes and also, an immense beautiful house which can be found in New Orleans! The Longue Vue is a historic house museum and associated gardens, it is located in Lakewood neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana. Not too far from Dandy’s house, you can find the Camellia Grill, the dinner that many of the freaks used to go and grab something to eat while being silently judged by other clients…

Which is your favorite AHS season?

The spooky case of Violette, the zombie girl from New Orleans

This dark story begins in New Orleans, the most haunted city in the world… when Robert and Yvette, a high society couple, desperate for the blessing of not having a child, went to Dr. Gottschalk who helped the couple with a fertility method with some sort of occultism, through which months later a beautiful baby girl named Violette was conceived. 

The girl’s name was given in allusion to her dazzling violet eyes, which matched perfectly with a pair of amethyst earrings, a gift from Dr. Gottschalk.The girl brought happiness to her loving parents and to the servants who worked in the house.

Violette had a nanny, a mulatto woman, who was always on hand to make sure she lacked nothing, she was even so crazy that the girl kept throwing tantrums, but still, her tenderness delighted everyone.

Violette’s father had to go out frequently for work for several days, the girl always burst into tears to take her with him, but the mother would not let her because the place her husband was working was dangerous.

One day Yvette’s mother had a severe illness, and she had to travel to another city to take care of her. Robert had to go on another trip, but this time Violette would get her way, for by means of tantrums he managed to convince his father to take her to the nanny.

Sadly, with the trip, the days of happiness were about to end… Violette got a disease that led to her death. Robert took her to the eye doctor to see if he could do something for the child, but it was too late, so he had to write a letter to his wife announcing that their daughter had just left.

The parents were devastated, if it wasn’t for the servants, the house and the work would have fallen apart. A month passed since the girl had been buried but they couldn’t move forward, they didn’t want to have another child, they wanted their Violette back more than anything, so they decided to go beyond what human power can achieve.

They approached Dr. Gottschalk to bring their child back to them, but he refused because he said they should let their child rest in peace, even so, there would do anything to find someone who would help them.

With a large sum of money, a voodoo sorceress agreed to bring Violette back, they dug up the body on a full moon and during a moon cycle, the witch performed rituals to revive her. The next night of the full moon, Robert and Yvette answered the knock on their doors, it was Violette who was knocking, repeating the word: Mama.

Violette had come back to life and her parents were happy to embrace her again, but what they could not see, is that Violette was not the same, she was now a cold and expressionless child, she seemed to be always absent…

As time passed, the girl became wild, began to eat animals and raw meat, and grunted as if she was some kind of animal.

The servants knew that the girl’s return came from something dark and powerful. Her nanny could not bear to see Violette in those conditions, as if she was a zombie, so she, along with other servants hidden from their parents, took her to Marie Laveau’s daughter, a powerful sorceress who could help them.

The sorceress was beside the witch who resurrected Violette, who was ashamed of what she did for money, so she would cooperate in making amends for her sin, although unfortunately what is already dead cannot be killed, so the sorceress could not return Violette to her previous state.

So the Resurrecting Witch took responsibility and took Violette… The girl’s parents as if by magic overcame the second loss more easily and were then blessed with a baby.

Time passed and the witch who was looking after the girl died, but no one found out the whereabouts of Violette, until many decades later a family discovered something creepy in their home, which was that of the witch in ancient times, a mummy who had some violet stone earrings in the attic.

They said that at night they heard the mummy come to life, as they heard footsteps and grunts… but that which tormented them would be gone forever, when Hurricane Katrina arrived, taking the mummy away by its waters, so it is unknown where Violette lives today, who after so many years still cannot rest.

What do you think about this story?

This is the creepy ancient legend behind Naughty Boy and Sam Smith’s song “La La La”

Many of us know and have even sung the song “La La La” produced by Naughty boy and interpreted by Sam Smith, which is quite catchy being honest…

But what you are about to know, might change your perception about this song since it is the terrifying story behind it. Many do not know that this song as well as the movie “The Wizard of Oz” is based on a Bolivian legend related to a boy and “The Uncle” a demon that usually lives in the mines…

It all starts with the difficult life of an 8 year old deaf boy, who is in the care of his violent and alcoholic father, until one day he decides to run away; On the street, he meets a homeless dog who becomes his best friend.

As days go by, the boy discovers that he has a gift, he can perceive evil and also has the power to make it stop.

The first person he helped was an old man, who was constantly humiliated by the children and adults, people threw stones at him and constantly made fun of him. When the child felt the evil, he faced the old man’s attackers and shouted as if an earthquake was born from his mouth, everyone present ran away, and the grateful man decided to follow the child on his aimless journey.

Fate led them to meet a deformed man who had been part of a satanic sect. When he wanted to get out of it, a demon named “The Uncle” had disfigured his face out of revenge. It is said that this demon has the appearance of a goat with human features, he lives in a cave in the desert, where he whispers the evil that exists in the world, the people who have heard that infernal voice, cannot understand what he says, but they remain crazy for life…

The boy and his friends went to the devil’s lair to fight him. As they stood in front of the entrance to the cave, the adults were already beginning to hear the horrible whispers of the evil being and were beginning to lose their minds, so they decided to leave before the damage was permanent.

The child entered the cave alone, from which he never came out, yet it is said that the child continues to fight evil, for when people approach the gloomy place you can still hear the empowering cry of a child.

You can listen to the song once again, and share your thoughts now that you know the story behind…

What are your thoughts about this song and the Bolivian legend?