Elisa Lam, the girl who had a mysterious and chilling death at the Cecil Hotel

A chilling and creepy story may be the case of Elisa Lam, a woman who had a very unusual experience inside an elevator.

Well, it all starts in February 2013, when a Canadian student named Elisa Lam decided to take a trip to Los Angeles, and then chose to stay at the “Cecil Hotel“, known for having an affordable stay downtown.

The hotel is also known for housing somewhat peculiar guests like the Black Dahlia, it has been the place from which many people have lost their lives, either accidentally or not…

Shortly after Elisa Lam stayed at the Hotel, the young woman was found inside a water box almost 2.5 meters high, which means that it would be almost impossible for the young woman to reach the top of the water tank.

When the cops found her there were no stairs or anything that could be used to climb, the main question was raised: how did she get there?

After much speculation, the authorities decided to request the recordings made by the hotel security cameras to see if there was anything that had happened to the student before she died and that’s where the mystery begins…

When they saw the tapes, they noticed that Elisa Lam was behaving strangely.

In the pictures, it was possible to see Elisa Lam entering the elevator and when she realized that she did not move, she started pressing all the buttons, but she did not stop there.

Elisa starts to behave in a strange way, looking through the elevator door to see if someone is coming and then running to hide in a corner as if she were running away from someone… but strangely when looking at the video there is no evidence of someone actually pursuing her so, what is actually happening?

The video itself is pretty spooky and mysterious, you can watch the video and observe the strange behavior of the young student:

As you can see, there are moments where Elisa got out of the elevator and started making very unusual movements with her hands, as if she was interacting with someone or something that was not visible for the human eye.

Then, when she decided to leave the elevator, you can notice that it begins to work again, in a normal way, just going through all the floors that Elisa had clicked before, but now completely empty…

What was even more intriguing is that the test results showed that Elisa had not consumed any substances that could have affected her condition, she was completely healthy.

Eventually, the case was given as an accident, but to this day this case remains a mystery.

After all, how could Elisa Lam have gained access to the terrace? If the area was restricted, to gain access it would have been necessary to open a couple of locked doors… And what’s more, how could she have climbed into the water box and then entered, how would Elisa have blocked the water tank again?

This case left everyone thinking, what could have happened to Elisa Lam?

This was the most creepy, kooky, spooky Halloween night ever at the Addams Family Mansion

Their creepy and their kooky, mysterious and spooky, their all together ooky…

If you didn’t sing along or hum to the rhythm of the Addams Family’s theme song as you read the paragraph above, then there is something wrong!

The Addams Family were a very unusual and bizarre family and every time we knew a little more about them, we were more interested in their history and their lives. Each of the characters is unique and interesting, but all together they are simply wonderful.

“The Addams Family”, created from Charles Addams’ comic strips, was subsequently made into a popular series from 1964 to 1966.  After the tremendous success of this crazy family, a series of cartoons and some films among other adaptations were released.

One of the biggest mysteries of this family was their huge and enigmatic mansion, which left astonished anyone who entered it, and not only for how beautiful it was but for the crazy things that could be found there…

“Their house is a museum when people come to see ’em, they really are a screaming, The Adams family”

In honor of the animated flick which was on theaters October 11, 2019, Brownstone Brooklyn was home to the Addams Family Mansion!  

Booking.com was inviting people to spend an extra spooky and special Halloween night at the Addams Family themed Mansion and everyone freaked out, who wouldn’t?

“Super fun! Every room was so nice and spooky! I would love to do this again!” Stephanie

The 3,700 square-foot 19th-century townhouse was personalized with such a terrifying yet aesthetic decor to fit our favorite macabre family, there was a lot of detail in every corner and in every room.

The mansion was filled with amazing decorations and items that would rank you in the creepy, magical world of the Addams Family. Items such as Morticia’s carnivorous plants, Wednesday’s beheaded doll, Lurch’s “you rang” bell. The best thing ever is that guests were able to interact freely, and fully immerse themselves into the spooky and freaky universe of the Addams.

Booking.com gave a little treat to the guests that got a “golden ticket”, a nice private screening of the movie accompanied with some delicious spooky snacks.

The mansion was opened for booking on October 28 until November 1, with stays available for one night only. It had a capacity of up to four people and the overall experience had a price of $101.10 per night. 

This was not the first time Booking.com created a themed or fairytale-like setting for a special overnight stay, and even though the property isn’t taking reservations at the moment, we hope another event like this will be available once again… if so, we will make sure to let you know!

Who is your favorite Addams Family character and why?

You can take a tour and visit the real settings that inspired Stephen King’s classics!

Horror, supernatural fiction, mystery, and fantasy are all found within the amazing and unique novels of Stephen King which we have all come to enjoy! It doesn’t matter if you read the classic books or if you saw the latest adaptations in the cinema, his unique stories always keep everyone entertained, although sometimes there remains that slight feeling of wanting more, right?

You don’t need to worry anymore… if you are one of those fans looking for extra experience, then the Stephen King Tour is perfect for you. 

There is an official Stephen King tour in which you can see the places where the American author of horror was inspired and spent much time while writing the masterpieces that we all love today.

The tour can be taken in the city of Bangor Maine, which is the actual location of “Derry” the fictional city where Pennywise used to terrorize children, you can even visit the sewer where the creepy clown appears for the first time.

But this tour not only focuses on the locations related to the famous IT novel, but there are other places in the city that many fans will easily recognize… Pet Sematary, anyone?

“During a SK Tours of Maine tour, you’ll see about 30 places where Stephen King has lived and worked, places that have inspired his stories, and actual film locations from his movies. We have been Stephen King fans since 1974 when Carrie was first published and bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to every tour of Derry.”

To date, the Tour costs $50 for adults and children under 11 years of age can take the tour for free! The cost is really cheap for this type of tour, especially if you are a King fan, you will spend the whole afternoon traveling around Maine.

Who are the masterminds behind this tour, you may ask? Penney, Jamie, and Stu Tinker are lifelong residents of Bangor, Maine. The Tinker family has been a fan of Stephen King since 1974 when the novel Carrie was published, and since then their passion for King’s work has remained intact.

In 1990, the Tinker decided to buy Betts Bookstore, maintaining a complete collection of King’s work for 20 years. After selling Betts Bookstore, they decided to start the famous Stephen King Tours, driving fans around what is known in the film world as “Derry”. 

Penney & Stu

The Tinker family mentions this is a tour not only leaves the King fans amazed but also has surprised some non-fans who end up realizing that some of their favorite movies or novels are the very works of Stephen King!

“The non-fan usually are truly amazed when they find out that their favorite movie (usually Shawshank Redemption or The Green Mile) is a Stephen King story! it made us realize that there is more to our tour than just seeing some of the sights here in town.”

On the official website of SK Tours you can find more information about the tour, plus they offer an online store with great merchandise! And in case you are interested in learning more about the Stephen King novels, you can take a look at the Book Timeline, in Chronological Order, with his latest work along with the classic masterpieces. 

Which is your favorite Stephen King’s novella/book?

The objects that you will find in this Museum, are the most strange ever!

For all the lovers of the unusual, medical students and the curious in general, have a must-see the Mütter Museum if they come to Philadelphia.

The Mütter Museum is a medical museum located in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where you can find a collection of medical rarities, pathological and anatomical specimens, wax models and antique medical equipment.

The original purpose of this collection donated by Dr. Thomas Dent Mütter in 1858, was for research and medical education and Although most visitors are not fully interested in medicine or do not seek to become doctors, this museum is surprising, a bit creepy and interesting…

It is guaranteed to leave you perplexed to see everything on display!

You have to put it in the context of the time, where overly bleeding and surgeries without anesthesia were things that hospitals would deal with every day, that is if you were not exorcised or sacrificed for being possessed by a demon…

One of the objects found in such an insufferable collection is the brain of Albert Einstein.

When the physicist died in 1955, Thomas Stolz Harvey, a pathologist from Princeton, stole Einstein’s brain and cut it into 170 pieces which are now on display in this museum. 

Among his collection are also the enormous 3-meter-long colon, which contained more than 18 kilograms of fecal matter at the time of the bearer’s death (due to constipation), and a large collection of skulls with various malformations and skeletons, such as Siamese twins.

There is also the wax model of a human horn that came out of a woman called Madame Dimanche.

She lived in Paris in the early 19th century and strangely at the age of 76, in her forehead, a horn began to grow. When she was 82 years old this horn had reached 20 cm in length. It has been correctly removed by the famous French surgeon Joseph Suberbeillom (Joseph Souberbeille, 1754-1846)

This collection continued to grow, and today has no less than 20,000 pieces and is undoubtedly an extravagant yet fun and educational tour of Philadelphia.

What do you think, would you like to visit this museum?

The bizarre true story that inspired Freddy Krueger’s films

A nightmare is an unpleasant dream that produces horror while you sleep, our parents used to tell us that dreams could not hurt us, unfortunately, this is not the case since apparently there have been some cases where nightmares could even take your life…

In Los Angeles, California during the 1970s, a group of Asian refugees began to report very intense nightmares, some refusing to sleep because of the deep fear, which was so immense that they found it difficult to rest. 

The origin of these nightmares was due to the fact that many people had lived in deplorable conditions in the past, within their countries of origin: immigrants of the ethnic group known as Hmong or Miao had fled the war when Vietnam attacked Laos. 

However, even though many had the opportunity to escape to new horizons, unfortunately, this was not enough to save their lives, the war was still in their dreams since a large number of these immigrants had died in their sleep.

The first known case occurred in 1977 in Orange County. There, Ly Houa – a hardworking, physically fit man – died inexplicably. That was the beginning of a dozen deaths of the same nature. Within five years, more than twenty healthy young Hmong immigrants had suffered the same fate.

The parents of one of the victims mentioned that their son was afraid of falling asleep, said that there was an entity that was chasing him and would end up catching him if he stayed too long in the dream, so he stayed awake for 3 days. 

Eventually, his father worried parents decided to give him sleeping pills, but instead of helping him to rest, they led him straight into his worst nightmare with just that monster chasing him.

At midnight and for no reason, the young man began to scream in his sleep. His screams were so loud and frightening that they woke his parents up. But unfortunately, it was too late, when the parents arrived at the young man’s room, their poor son who they believed would find a moment of peace in his sleep, was unconscious and lifeless, for that monster had finally caught up with him. 

This syndrome came to be known as sudden unexpected death syndrome although this led to various explanations based on mythology and the paranormal, which spoke of monsters and witches paralyzing their victims in their dreams.

This paranormal event was the watershed that inspired Wes Craven to create Freddy Krueger, a character in the film “Nightmare on Elm Street”.

Have you ever heard about this syndrome and what do you think about it?

This house in Villisca may look beautiful, but its past is completely fearful

Villisca is a small but beautiful town located in the state of Iowa, United States, its name means “nice view”, however in this remote and lonely place, there is a house that scares all its inhabitants because of its horrible past, it’s categorized as one of the most haunted houses in North America.

It all began that day in June 1912 with the Moore family: Josiah, Sarah, and their four children Herman, Katherine, Boyd, and Paul. Sarah spent the day coordinating an event at the church and by the end of the day, Katherine invited a couple of friends, the Stillinger sisters, to a sleepover. 

Everything was happiness and peace, but this would last until nightfall… for a terrible tragedy was about to happen.

While everyone was sleeping, a wicked man entered the house, and room by room it became the family’s worst nightmare. First, he entered the marriage room, where the last thing the poor couple saw was the evil man with an ax, this same tragedy struck the four Moore siblings…

After having taken all those lives, it was not enough, because he went to the last room where the Stillinger sisters were sleeping, andand he did the same to others

Just thinking of this act, one can imagine what kind of a ruthless person the man would be, and curiously enough the man covered all the mirrors in the house as if he did not want to see his reflection…

The next day the villagers found out about this incident, and their peace would be over forever, as they never knew who really ended the lives of those 8 people, starting a war of accusations between neighbors, as it was suspected that it was one of its inhabitants.

Not only did this terrible event dull the shine of the town, but in the house, a dark portal was opened, which allows the spirits to be in our world, even though they no longer belong to it…

During the day you can feel a heavy negative vibe coming from the house, but at night, it seems that the victims come alive again, as you hear the cries of the girls, occasionally laughter too, and objects are moved by themselves.

People who lived in the house after the incident had to leave it because the father of the family was induced by something to do evil things.

Today the house has been converted into a tribute to the victims and was remodeled to look exactly like it did at the beginning of the last century, when the Moore family and their guests, after a perfect day, had the most tragic and unimaginable experience.

Have you heard about this case before and do you believe the spirits of these families still haunt the house?

In this unusual cemetery, children’s spirits come alive at night and they even invite you to play

In 1822 at Huntsville, Alabama, the largest and oldest cemetery was built: Maple Hill.

During the day it is a beautiful place where more than 80,000 souls rest in peace, but at night it becomes a sinister and chilling place, as many spirits rise… especially the spirits of children, whose frequent paranormal manifestations led the state to build them a playground so they could play.

The legend begins with a pitiful story: during the 60s in Huntsville there was a wave of child missing, which days their bodies would, unfortunately, be found and buried in a lonely area of the pantheon. Days after, the children would be properly buried within the cemetery, now with their respective graves, where their families could mourn them.

The time of misfortune passed, and the night visitors and workers of the pantheon began to witness children appearing among the tombs and in the area where they had been buried by their captors. The stories that these children still lived in our world were spread by word of mouth, and it was decided to put a playground for them so that they could have fun at night.

Since then that playground decorates the cemetery, giving it a little bit of a youthful look, but also a little bit of a disturbance. However, the most frightening part of this legend, is that the people of Huntsville say that between the desolate and dark hours of 10 at night and 3 in the morning, the children really use the playground that was given to them.

Witnesses report that whether the wind is blowing or not, the swings move in a synchronized and autonomous manner, as if infants we cannot see were rocking, but the impression does not end there for some, as they can suddenly notice that the earth in front of the swings rises, as if someone had jumped.

In the swings, as well as in another of the games that include a slide, you can hear the shaking laughter of the children and you can also see their small silhouettes playing and running; even some people who are more receptive to superhuman presences, have been invited to play with them.

Daredevils who have gone at night and taken pictures in the garden can see luminous circles in their captures, and paranormal researchers claim that the spirits react to their attempts at communication.

Although there was once an attempt to remove the courtyard in order to bury the dead, local people preferred to keep it, and also managed to get new games installed. It can be said that the children of Maple Hill always liked to play, even after death.

Have you ever encounter the spirit or ghost of a child?

The mysterious history behind the 80s hit “Hotel California” seems to be darker than we thought

There is a long-told and creepy story about the Hotel California, related to a catchy song that seems to have dark meanings, to its lyrics and even it’s said to be related to the devil…

In 1976, the song “Hotel California” reached the ears of the world with the group “The Eagles”, and even though we all have found ourselves singing the catchy chorus of this masterpiece, there is a peculiar and chilling meaning behind which led to several rumors and theories about the song being related to paranormal phenomenons and Satanism.

The legend behind Hotel California:Famous artist Don Henley is said to have written the song based on his experience in the magical town of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur.

In the song, it is mentioned that a man arrives in the darkness of the night at a hotel where he is received by a charming woman, who with a candle in hand, shows him the way. The man asks for his wine and gets as a reply “we haven’t had that spirit since 1969”.

And although Don Henley denies having been a guest of the hotel, since before the song was created, in the “Hotel California” there was a legend that the spirit of a girl named Mercedes, invited the locals to drink wine, and then disappeared.

Other rumors are that the song is about a black mass and that the girl who receives the man is a priestess who wants to introduce the new man to the church of Satan.

There are phrases that support this theory such as:“This could be heaven or this could be Hell”, “We are all just prisoners here, of our own device”, “They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the beast” and “You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave!’

Another, slightly darker, legend says that the group of The Eagles signed a pact with the devil in order to obtain a huge success before writing the song.

The song could be dedicated to the Satanist “Anton Szandor LaVey”, since the year 1969 mentioned in the song, is the year in which the Satanic Bible written by him was published. And the name “Hotel California” refers to the place where Anton founded Satan’s church, on California Avenue in San Francisco.

We can even see on the cover of the “Hotel California” album, at the top a sinister face that seems to be Anton, who proclaimed himself “The Black Pope”.

Some claim that in the part of the song: “Wake you up in the middle of the night, just to hear them say” if you play it backward you can hear “Yeah Satan hears this, he had me believe in him”. Some say they can clearly hear this satanic message when played backward, others say this message is none existent, plenty of theories can be found online about this topic.

The many theories that emerged from this song had people questioning the inspiration for this hit, to the point that the artists were being asked multiple times about it.

During an interview, Glenn Frey once said “Everybody wants to know what that song was about, and we don’t know”

Don Henley also said that every fan had their own interpretation of the song, however, he shared what the lyrics meant to him: the dark side of the American dream, it’s about excess, narcism, and the music business. Still, it can have a million interpretations.

They also explained the vision they had in mind regarding the music video…

“It was just one shot to the next – a picture of a guy on the highway, a picture of the hotel, the guy walks in, the door opens, strange people.  We decided to create something strange, just to see if we could do it. And then a lot was read into it – a lot more than probably exists.”

This is certainly one of the most popular and sort of creepy theories within the music industry, what do you think about it?

The spooky mystery of the “Melonheads” eerie-looking children, that haunted people

In some places in the United States, mainly in Ottawa County, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio, there is a story of strange beings appearing in the forests and on the roads. Creatures resembling small children with abnormally large heads, who according to the stories have come to attack people and have never been able to communicate with them.

But the stories of their origins are very varied, and all are chilling…

Their story began in the 60’s and 70’s, and at first it started as a rumor about strange little silhouettes appearing on the side of roads, confusing drivers, or even attacking them. At that time the community did not pay much attention to the alleged apparitions, but little by little more people witnessed strange events in the places where the creatures had appeared.

It was then that the descriptions began to come out, where many spoke of small children with huge heads, while others referred directly to aliens. And that’s when the theories started to come out. Some spoke of beings that had come from another planet and had been stranded on ours, as they said that was the only explanation for the huge heads, but the theories and stories that really made the inhabitants nearby feel terror were the stories of the asylum and Dr. Crow.

Another theory, less far-fetched but more frightening, was that of a nursing home which during colonial times it had been a centre for the study of hydrocephalus, leaving children with the disease in the care of the place. 

However, despite the good faith of the idea, it is said that the children were not treated properly and that all the efforts ended up turning the poor little ones into something more like a mutant or a deformed creature. And that eventually they had escaped into the woods.

But among all, the most interesting story is the one about a supposed Dr. Crow, a doctor who stole children and adopted them as his own, but only with the intention of doing experiments on them, which on many occasions ended with the death of the little ones, who were buried nearby. 

But eventually the little ones devised a way to kill him and escape and setting fire to the place as they fled.

Another version of the doctor’s story told that he was really interested in the care of children and even had a wife who helped him take care of them, but she died in an accident, causing the children to lose control in front of an impotent Dr. Crow, and according to this version it is a child in his lack of control who throws a gas lamp on the floor, causing the death of all. And it is their spirits that appear in the vicinity.

Whatever the truth is about these strange creatures, their origin or even their nature remains unknown, and perhaps the story of the Melonheads will remain so forever, without answers…

Which of the theories do you think is the spookiest? 

The Monster Club Omaha, the pub that is crawling with monsters on every corner

And they follow the recommendations of our followers! John Briese shared with us a rather unusual place, full of fun and terror at the same time: The Monster Club Omaha.

We all know that a real horror movie is not complete without a good antagonist, a character that fills us with fear and gives the story a good dose of suspense in a few words: a monster.

John Briese categorized this bar as “pretty sweet” and let us tell you, he was absolutely right! The Monster Club can be found in Omaha, Nebraska and just as its name says, it is all about monsters. 

The walls of this place are decorated with nothing less than the classic faces of all life, from Frankenstein and Dracula to Freddy Krueger and Silent Hill.

“Upon entering the Monster Club, you will be transported to an old haunted castle.  Skull chandeliers and eerie music from monster movies offer a creepy, but cozy, ambiance.”

This pub/restaurant is a true homage to horror in popular culture, not only decorations are all monster related but also the cutlery, the music and the dishes too! It is also a family-friendly restaurant, offering “little monster meals” for kids and even a coloring menu.

For those who come to enjoy this place very much, you can even purchase original merchandise such as T-shirts with The Monster Club Logo, zip-up hoodies, baseball caps and even more: you can check their online store.

Being a pub and restaurant with such a lively vibe and amazing decor of course they wouldn’t leave behind the opportunity for hosting incredible events. Some of their most amazing events for last year were the Zombie Night, Classic Monsters Costumer Party and Friday the 13th Haunted Walking Tour where you can enjoy the stories of the haunted buildings from a local expert and maybe witness the visit of a ghost from the past. 

Opening hours are from Tuesday to Thursday 11 am-10 pm, Friday and Saturday from 11 am-2 am, Sundays from 11 am-10 pm but oops closed on Mondays!

Which is your favorite monster and why?