If you ever feel like taking a trip to the past, all you have to do is rent a medieval castle in Spain!

Stunning castles, braveheart knights and mystical sorcerers… Welcome to the medieval era! You know that an era was extremely significant when it’s still a major icon in the modern world.

Today there are millions of people around the world who have a deep admiration for the medieval era, and how not to? if it is rich in history, art and also, architecture.

Some countries are very fortunate to maintain in great condition some of the architectural pieces of the medieval era, such as the beautiful castles that are in Spain and if that was not enough, not only could you visit them, but you can even spend a night in one of them, so text some friends and get ready to spend a royal night!

“In the center of the Ripollès between rivers, valleys and mountains stands magnificently ancient castle Llaés. A unique place of exceptional beauty, where there is absolute tranquility amidst lush nature.” Marc Airbnb Host

This beautiful castle is big enough to accommodate up to 16 people, it has 18 bathrooms, 11 beds, and 4 baths. It can be found on an upper hill, which gives it a stunning view of a mesmerizing forest.

Some of the guests that had the opportunity to stay at this castle mention that they had an unforgettable experience, not having enough words to express the beauty of the castle and that it even exceeded their expectations.

You and your family or friends can have the whole castle to yourselves. It is in great condition, offering one of the most unique experiences. The whole interior decor is designed to take you back in time, feel like you are living in the true medieval era.

This castle is perfect for both calm events where you just feel like spending a relaxing vacation with family, to elegant and unique celebrations such as parties and weddings because if you did not know yet, it also has a church! However, it is worth mentioning that for any event organization it would be necessary to talk first with the host, to verify the availability.

Regarding the costs: at the moment the price is $372 per night, divided by 16 would be in between $23-24 per person and since this is an outstanding castle with a top location… it is completely worth it!

The hosts require a minimum of two nights’ stay and it allows you to rent it for 28 days or more! and the longer you stay, the more benefits you will have. For example, Marc (host) offers 25% off if you stay a week and a 50% monthly discount.

Would you like to spend a royal holiday in this gorgeous castle?

A spooky strange video is captured and people suspect it was a witch

There are times when we find ourselves in certain events or happenings so surprising, that we are not sure if it is our mind that is playing tricks on us, or if we are really encountering a paranormal phenomenon. But thanks to the advanced technology we have today, these phenomena can be captured and shared with the world only to feel that we may not be the only ones who have experienced something similar.

A few years back, a couple of Mexican people from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon experienced something quite unusual. It was a calm night like any other when suddenly these people met a burning figure and it moved as if it seemed to be a person walking.

The figure was so striking that it instantly caught their attention, so they decided to stay at a safe distance, but close enough to capture the strange phenomenon. As the figure moved on the ground, it suddenly began to float in the air until it rose high enough to disappear into the darkness of the night.

You can hardly understand what these people are saying at the moment when the alleged witch takes flight, but there is no doubt that they were totally surprised by what they were looking at..

While some people think this is a very strange figure for a witch, the truth is that these mystical creatures can take different shapes and colors, which is why in past times people used to accuse different animals of being witches.

Also, within the Pagan Witchcraft, one can learn about the Fire Witches, which represent courage, individuality, and power… possibly these people were witnessing the presence of one of these unique witches.

The video lasts a little over 17 seconds, and its quality is not the best but this is enough to leave everyone who dared to watch the recording thinking…You can watch the video yourself, and give your opinion.

Take Halloween to the next level with these intriguing and entertaining rituals

The month of October arrives, and everything around us begins to take an eerie, spooky feeling that’s how you know Halloween is approaching.

Some enjoy the trick or treat nights, others prefer binge-watching some good old horror movies or even go to a bar or some costume parties, but if you want to spice things up a bit this year you could consider doing something different, something unique for instance, some rituals?

A ritual can be defined as a practice regularly performed in a definite manner, and nothing sets the perfect mood for it than a Halloween night…

  1. Closing stages

This ritual is perfect if you ever felt like leaving behind the past memories such as lovers, possessions or jobs, you want to be reborn, to become better by giving up what you no longer want.

Take a moment, celebrate the cardinal points and the four elements (fire, air, earth, water) then, in a small cauldron, burn a paper that has old habits written on it, habits you want to leave behind. The fire fulfills an expiatory function, and the ashes are buried in the earth along with a seed. It is recommended to do this ritual accompanied.

2. Halloween walk through nature

This ritual takes you to the origin of Samhain, and also of Beltane, the spring/summer celebration of the Wiccan wheel, in which a walk in the middle of nature was performed. You can do this in your garden, park nearby or wherever you connect with nature. The idea is to contemplate colors, aromas, sounds and connect with them, be one with the season. We are part of the cycle of life, this deserves a reflection: dying in winter is what allows us to be reborn in spring.

3. Ritual for having an oracular dream on Halloween Eve

For this ritual before sleeping, you must take a purification bath, clear your mind of the day’s burdens and leave it blank for a moment. You ask yourself three times a question, to which you would like to know the answer. Then at night, the answer will be revealed to you during your sleep, in a dream. Remember, its important to formulate properly your question, in order to obtain a better result.

4. Ritual to honor the ancestors

This a simple ritual, it consists of preparing an “ancestor altar”, can be on a small table or any space available. You put a tablecloth that indicates that this place will be special and on it, you arrange photos or objects that remind you of them, objects they used to own or like.

You place the elements of the maternal lineage on one side and those of the paternal lineage on the other. In the center, you place a white candle that reminds us of the light we all come from and return to, after this life.

As it is located in the center, it unifies both lineages. A container with fruits and flowers, in front of the candle, will provide the energy of blossoming and rebirth, which is a way to remember that each experience lived by our ancestors was a contribution to the world they left behind.

5. Purification bath at 12 o’clock

According to European folklore there is a “witching hour”, it is quite mentioned and many people around the world wake up at night at this time without knowing what it is and yes… it is at 3 a.m.

It is said that at this time supernatural creatures wake up. For instance, during Halloween night when witches and wizards cast spells, some recommend bathing at midnight, as a purification ritual, with hot water, salt, a few drops of vinegar, bay leaves or lavender to maintain negative vibes away, on this haunting day.

Which was your favorite ritual?

During this spring, you could spend a night at the original house from 1974 film “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”

The 1970s was an era where horror movies were becoming quite popular, the audience was seeking thrilling stories with dark backgrounds. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is among the classic and most world-renowned titles, being released in 1974.

This movie was promoted as a “based on a true incident” film and even though this was more like a marketing strategy to attract more viewers, its director Tobe Hooper indeed said that the main character from the movie, Leatherface, was based on Ed Gein, other than that the whole plot of the movie was fictional.

Despite the fact that the movie was not entirely based on a true story, there is no doubt that this film had a significant impact on all the viewers and for a while, some must have been terrified wondering if the story behind the film was true…

But you must know that the house where the classic 1974 slasher was filmed, is 100% real and you can actually stay overnight, would you?

“This is a movie that is just as real, just as close, just as terrifying as being there.”The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The building can be found in Kingsland, Texas, although its nothing like what we saw in the movie back then. Now it has become a cozy dinner called Grand Central Café, plenty of people arrive to enjoy good meals and coffee, but now the amazing thing: during this spring spooky vibes are coming back for a couple of nights and fans will be able to live the true experience and sleepover in the same house where Leatherface used to hunt his victims!

This event will be sponsored by On Set Cinema, a film series in which several fans are given the opportunity to visit the real locations where different classic horror or fantasy movies were filmed. Some of their upcoming screenings, including The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ( March 29-30) will be the Edward Scissorhands (April 25), and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives ( June 5-7).

This event is quite exclusive since there are only 13 spots available for each night so if you want to be part of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre screening, you must hurry up! and get some tickets which could cost $350 or $400 depending on which date you choose to stay.

Not also this amazing event includes an overnight stay with a standard twin size air mattress to sleep, but there will also be different types of horror games and activities, movie showings and a BBQ dinner with drinks and snacks. You can visit On Set Cinema’s official site to know more about the organization behind this event and the requirements for being part of it.

How cool is it? If you are fast enough, you can lay your mattress in the exact same hallway from that scene where Leatherface attacks Kirk with a sledgehammer.

Would you like to be part of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre or any other screening from On Set Cinema?

The 5 most terrifying places in Alaska

In this geographical space, the cold is catastrophic. This coldness can go in tune with really scary horror stories, the climate is already suitable for destabilizing the senses, it is said that in Alaska there is a great amount of energy, reason why there is a huge paranormal activity. Besides being a country with the largest abandoned buildings in the world, as it is impossible to inhabit these spaces due to extreme weather, its desolation is a chilling scenario, then you can see 5 of the scariest places of America Ultima Frontera (Alaska).

5.- Motherlode Lodge Cabin

This place is terrifying, the locals claim to have seen a completely black entity in the surroundings, this is impressive when mixed with the snow. Inside people claim that in the mirrors you can always see a woman dressed in clothes from the time, poltergeists are a common activity at night, curtains are opened and closed, the most aggressive cases is that the glass is broken and the windows are opened to let in the cold end, even when they are tightly sealed, the strangest thing was a fire that ended with a certain part of the place, which was abandoned.

4.- El orphanage Old Jesse Lee, Seward

This abandoned orphanage opened its doors in 1926, received a large number of abandoned children and orphans. In the year 1946 with an earthquake this place was damaged, the few children who were there disappeared there were no records left. The elder people from the area say that they were killed in that place, so it is very common to see in the distance silhouettes of children looking out, at certain times you can hear laughter and steps, this says paranormal specialists who have spent the night in that place.

3.- The Igloo City Hotel in Cantwell

This original construction was destined to be a luxury hotel of 4 floors, it has the shape of an Iglu, but for an unknown reason, it was never inaugurated. On the freeway you can see this bizarre place, it is said that at night you can see lights of colors in its interior, in addition, people assure that a woman looks by the windows.

2.- Nightmute School

This school has a ghost in the bathrooms, usually, this little ghost girl turns off the lights in the toilets and plays with the doors. She has also been seen in the hallways and usually throws some balls around. At some point, paranormal specialists came to investigate due to the constant aggressive activity of this little girl, these professionals discovered some graves near the place, is the possible because of the great paranormal activity in this place.

1.- The Red Onion Salon in Skagway

This place is one of the most creepy in this country, has been used for various activities, from a bakery even to a brothel. Nowadays it is some sort of museum where tourists are invited to give a tour through its interiors and it is actually a popular attraction because of its great paranormal activity. The ghost that has made appearances has a name, since the same entity has stated that her name is Lydia, this is an entity that apparently does not know that she has died since she has been seen doing daily tasks such as watering the plants and cleaning. The most relevant thing is her aggressiveness with men and when she sees one she attacks immediately. It is said that she was a woman of the night, who kept company to the men on their lonely hours and who lost her life in that place.

If you ever go to Alaska, which place would you dare to visit?

Padre vende muñeco poseído en Ebay, después de que éste cobrara vida

Existen muchos objetos extraños a la venta que la gente está dispuesta a comprar a través de eBay, y aunque suene increíble, algunos de los productos con más demanda en el mercado son los objetos “encantados”…

Según los vendedores de muñecas encantadas, algunas de ellas se mueven, otras emiten escalofriantes sonidos y lo peor de todo también pueden atacar a sus propietarios si no se tienen las debidas precauciones.

Uno de los casos más famosos, fue la venta de una muñeca con traje de conejito. El vendedor publicó abiertamente que estaba “poseída”, en la descripción redactó que tendría que deshacerse urgentemente de ella, ya que su hijo había sido rasguñado por la muñeca.

Junto con las características del producto, también compartió la espeluznante foto de la muñeca y otra mostrando las pruebas de los rasguños.

Además, declaró que sus familiares eran testigos de vivir escalofriantes escenas paranormales en su domicilio como; fuertes golpes, voces, ser tocados por dicha presencia maligna y hasta la manifestación fantasmal de un muchacho desaparecer frente a ellos.

Aún así, la honestidad del vendedor no detuvo a algunos interesantes compradores, la muñeca se vendió por la cantidad de £69, pero al final por alguna extraña razón no pudo concretarse el pago…

El vendedor público lo siguiente:
“¡Resubastada por no haber sido pagada! ¡Si no estás dispuesto a comprarla no hagas ninguna oferta!
¡Necesito vender esta muñeca AHORA! Tenemos esta muñeca hace poco tiempo. Escuchamos sonidos extraños y esta muñeca ha arañado a mi hijo en la cara mientras dormía. Después de este suceso mi hijo comenzó a experimentar el sonambulismo. Hemos realizado psicofonías y grabado la voz de un niño. Mientras que tenía a mi hijo sentado en mi regazo alguien que no podía ver decía que me veía. Tuve una sensación muy extraña cuando cogí por primera vez esta muñeca. No quiero que esta muñeca regrese nunca más a mi casa. Esta muñeca es muy antigua. Sólo compradores del Reino Unido. No se aceptan devoluciones.”

El 10 de mayo de 2014 a las 14:58:01, el vendedor añadió la siguiente información:
“Mi hijo mayor también ha dicho que vio a un niño en su habitación una noche, me dijo que tenía una cara blanquecina y que desapareció por la ventana.”

Existen recomendaciones para la compra y venta de objetos embrujados dentro de eBay, donde advierten a todos los usuarios compradores de artículos embrujados, que este tipo de compras no es para todo el mundo y que su recomendación es mejor que sea para gente especializada en fines de investigación paranormales.

Aconseja que este tipo de compras son serias y que si no se está dispuesto a ser responsables o hacerle frente a las consecuencias que pueden llegar a ocurrir al tener un objeto maldito, es mejor no comprarlo.

Por último, te aconsejan tener cuidado con en este tipo de productos, ya que si no se tienen elementos de protección como agua bendita o sal de mar, pudiera ocurrir un terrible suceso…

Surprise! there is a new “The Nightmare Before Christmas” teddy bear edition from Build-A-Bear

Growing up as a child you may have had different types of toys such as legos, board games, toy cars, or dolls. But one of the most emblematic toys since the late 90s is undoubtedly the ones from Build-A-Bear.

What makes Build-A-Bear so unique is that not only can you have a beautiful stuffed animal, but you can do it from scratch! Somehow being part of the process of creating these adorable dolls, makes people connect even more with them, plus they can be customized to represent your own personality, how cool is that?

If thinking about Build-A-Bear has already brought you a feeling of nostalgia, get ready, because the brand has decided to launch two Nightmare Before Chrismas plush bears and they are the best! Jack Skellington and Sally have become two adorable plush bears for you to take home for the price of $55 (Jack) and $53 (Sally) but beware! this offer is exclusively available in the online store.

The teddy bears come dressed in their characteristic costumes from the original film and as if that weren’t enough, they also include a song!

When you press Sally, you can hear her sing her iconic song from the Tim Burton movie, this brings back memories. On the other hand, when you press the Jack plush bear you can hear the catchy and memorable theme song from the movie!

There are different purchase options for both plush bears, for example, you can order them with or without their signature outfits and also, you could offer them unstuffed so you can enjoy the process of stuffing them at any local Build-A-Bear store.

Build-A-Bear continues adding more characters to their special Disney plush toys collection and hopefully, we get to se a plush bear version of more spooky characters, maybe Zero or Oogie Boogie would be great?

Which Build-A-Bear would you like to buy?

Father sells possessed doll on Ebay, after it came to life

There are many strange objects for sale that people are willing to buy through eBay, and although it sounds incredible, some of the most demanded products in the market are the “enchanted” objects, and they can include extremely dangerous things…

According to the sellers of enchanted dolls, some of them move, others make chilling sounds, and worst of all, they can also attack their owners if the proper precautions are not taken.

One of the most famous cases was the sale of a doll in a bunny suit. The seller openly stated that it was “possessed“, in the description he wrote that he would have to get rid of it urgently since his son had been scratched by the doll.

Along with the product features, he also shared the creepy photo of the doll and another showing the evidence of the scratches.

In addition, he declared that his relatives witnessed chilling paranormal scenes in his home such as; strong hits, voices, being touched by such an evil presence and even the ghostly manifestation of a boy disappearing in front of them.

Even so, the honesty of the seller did not stop some interesting buyers, the doll was sold for the amount of £69, but in the end, for some strange reason, the payment could not be made…

The public seller is next: “Resubmitted for non-payment! If you’re not willing to buy it, don’t make an offer! I need to sell this doll NOW! We only got this doll a short time ago. We heard strange sounds and this doll scratched my son’s face while he was sleeping.

After this event, my son began to experience sleepwalking. We performed psychophysics and recorded a child’s voice. While I had my son sitting on my lap someone who could not see said he saw me.

I had a very strange feeling when I first picked up this doll. I don’t want this doll to ever come to my house again. This doll is very old. Only buyers from the UK. No returns accepted.”

On 10 May 2014 at 14:58:01, the seller added the following information: “My oldest son also said he saw a boy in his room one night, told me he had a whitish face and disappeared out the window.”

There are recommendations for the purchase and sale of haunted items within eBay, where they warn all users buying haunted items, that this type of purchase is not for everyone and that their recommendation is best for people specializing in paranormal research purposes.

He advises that these types of purchases are serious and that if you are not willing to be responsible or face the consequences that can occur when you have a cursed object, it is better not to buy it.

Finally, they advise you to be careful with this type of product, because if you do not have protective elements such as holy water or sea salt, a terrible event could occur…

“Stull” the cursed cemetery, where the gates of hell are opened

In the United States, we can find countless haunted places with stories of chilling origins, but none of these could be said to be as terrifying as the Stull Cemetery outside Lawrence, Kansas. A cursed place where “the gates of the underworld” are said to open.

The reputation of Stull Cemetery is as great as it is dangerous. It is said that while Pope John Paul 11, flying in his private plane to pay a visit to Colorado, crossed just below this area, and claimed that the earth was so impure that it polluted the skies with airs of evil, then they had to divert the route to their surroundings, obligatorily for their protection.

Rumors say that inside the cemetery, evil acts have occurred involving witchcraft, human sacrifice, satanic rituals, demonic invocations, and most frighteningly, the doors of hell open for the annual visit of the Lord of Darkness himself.

Legend has it that the bones of the son of Satan (who was born deformed and hairy as a wolf) have been buried for several centuries inside one of his tombs, which is why inside the ruined church located in the center of the cemetery, it is Satan’s favorite place to open its doors and make an appearance to visit his remains.

Due to the enormous amount of malevolent energy that inhabits this site, its presence awakens all the evil spirits that were once buried there more strongly, but it can only make its visit at midnight and twice a year (in the Spring Equinox and All Saints’ Eve).

It was also the place wherein 1850, women accused of practicing witchcraft were hung by their villagers from a huge tree that once stood. The word “Wittich” was engraved on it, as a reference to the fact that they were all serving their punishment.

The cemetery church was kept intact until its roof was removed in 1920. Since then many people claimed to be witnesses, that in strong times of rain or storm, the church always appeared dry as if a supernatural layer protected it from it. Because of these statements, the people around it were afraid and decided to put an end to the church by tearing it down.

It is believed that after this event the spirits were so disturbed that they aroused an intense fury of dark energy, which is why it is said that anyone who is able to stand in the middle of the night on the Stull cemetery could suffer the consequences.

These stories were the target for huge numbers of people to visit the cemetery on Halloween or the Equinox, with the intention of seeing the expected appearance of the devil on their cursed lands. However, their destruction before midnight caused the gates to close on these specific dates.

Since then, dozens of people, including ghost hunters, have tried to sneak into the cemetery for the apparition, but the funny thing is that for one strange reason or another it always ends up getting spoiled, whether they are discovered a few minutes before or something unexpected happens along the way.

Their reputation is so chilling, that it was also one of the places where they were inspired to record scenes for the well-known series called Supernatural. This was the battleground for the final confrontation between the two Archangels Michael and Lucifer.

Nowadays you can visit the Stull cemetery, but you can’t stay as long as its doors close at night. Even though there are no official ghost-tours for this cemetery, some local guides with a passion for haunted areas occasionally add this cemetery as part of one of their tours. People who have dared to set foot in this sinister place claim to have felt strong dark energies and light in the form of rings.

The road leading to this location is covered by huge amounts of signs warning about its danger, so you know, if you want to go it’s at your own risk…

The tomb and remains of Mary Magdalene

For centuries, people have come to the Basilica of Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume in France to look at the bones of Mary Magdalene.

In 1279, excavations in the crypt under a small church in St. Maximin in France, uncovered 1st-century tombs along with a surprising discovery: a sarcophagus made of marble. Charles II, the Count of Provence who led the excavation, claims that he was prompted to do so by a dream in which St. Mary Magdalene appeared to him.

When the sarcophagus was opened, all those present noticed a “wonderful and very sweet smell” coming from the interior, which they believed symbolized the perfume that Mary Magdalene poured at the feet of Jesus before his death.

The skeletal remains, of which the bones of the jaw and lower leg were missing, were accompanied by a papyrus note.

The text reads: “The year of the birth of the Lord 710, December 6, at night and very secretly, under the reign of the very merciful Eudes, king of the Franks, during the time of the ravages of the treacherous nation of the Saracens. The body of the beloved and venerable St. Mary Magdalene was, for fear of that treacherous nation, moved from her alabaster tomb to a marble tomb, after having removed the body of Sidonus, because it was hidden.

There was also a wooden tablet covered with wax, with the Latin inscription “Hic requiescit corpus beatae Mariae Magdalenae” which means: This is the body of the Holy Mary. It was estimated to have been made between the first and fourth centuries.

Provencal tradition holds that Mary Magdalene, along with Lazarus and Martha, fled to the south of France to avoid persecution in a small boat without sails or oars. Miraculously, they landed on the shores of Gaul in a place now called Saintes Maries de la Mer. They continued to spread the gospel and Lazarus performed baptisms.

Mary finally retreated to an isolated cave in the mountains, where she lived in penance until she died. Now known as the cave, or La Baume de Maria Magdalena, Christians have been making pilgrimages to the site since the fifth century.

After the discovery of the tomb, Charles II built a large basilica, Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, in place of the old church. There, the so-called relics of St. Mary Magdalene are still on display.

The skull, now complete with a jaw thanks to Pope Boniface VIII, is shown behind glass in a reliquary of loose golden locks.

Every year, on a Sunday closest to the feast of Mary Magdalene, 22 July, a golden mask is placed on the reliquary and a procession carries the saint around the city