You must know why behind New Orleans’ colorful Mardi Gras festival lies a dark history

While for everyone Mardi Gras is celebrated in a very cheerful way, provoking laughter and joy with its thousands of costumes, delicious food, and vibrant music, there is also a darker side to the festive masquerade. 

Mardi Gras, which in French means “Fat Tuesday”, is the celebrated method of indulgence before the Lenten fast. The streets are dyed with many colors, predominantly purple symbolizing justice, green faith, and gold the power.

This carnival first arrived in New Orleans in 1837, although the first floats were not seen until 1857, with the arrival of the Mistick Krewe de Comus, the oldest Mardi Gras Krewe in the city and still active today.

Behind such beautiful or spooky masks are deep pagan roots: Mardi Gras goes back thousands of years to pagan spring and fertility celebrations in ancient Rome. 

Lupercalia was a three-day fertility festival, during which people dedicated themselves to cleansing the ancient city of evil spirits and unleashing health, fertility, and rebirth. On the other hand, Saturnalia, an ancient festival in honor of the sun god Saturn, people celebrated it with a sacrifice, a feast afterward, gift-giving and a general carnival atmosphere. 

There are also different groups which give an even darker style to the carnival, for example, the North Side Skull and Bone Gang. Very early in the morning, a large group of masked people parade through the streets while their voices echo with a rather chilling chant: “We come to remember you before you die. You’d better get your life together. Next time you see us, it’s too late to cry!” 

The North Side Skull and Bone Gang is a tradition that has been maintained for 200 years; supposedly the spirits of the families return from the cemetery to parade with their ancestors on Mardi Gras day. If you are interested, you can see for yourself this unique New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition by visiting the Backstreet Cultural Museum at 5 am. 

Not only walking skulls are seen during this festival, but also, specifically, ghosts from the Mardi Gras past.

Arnaud Cazenave, a man of great wealth had a beautiful daughter named Germaine Cazenave. Germaine was an extremely popular young woman, so much so that she was repeatedly crowned Mardi Gras Queen, chosen more times than any other woman in the history of New Orleans. 

At one of her coronations, her father made her the perfect dress and it was so perfect that she asked for a duplicate dress so she could be buried in it when it was time for her to leave the earthly world. 

It is said that Germaine Cazenave Wells’ spirit moves frequently and sometimes walks at night in the Mardi Gras museum, inside Arnaud’s Restaurant where her memories are displayed: past dresses resting on the shoulders of mannequins trying to resemble the beauty of that woman. 

Would you like to celebrate the Mardi Gras at New Orleans or have you ever done it before?

Immerse yourself in all the feelings Halloween brings, in this creepy bar… Cocktails & Screams!

“If you ever make it to Orlando Fl and want to check out the coolest horror-themed bar ever… check out Cocktails and Screams…” Barbara Goolsby Bader

We love to listen to our follower’s suggestions! and so after reading this comment, we decided to take a look into this bar that seemed to be quite promising and… we were impressed!

Cocktails & Screams is indeed one of the coolest horror-themed bars that can be found in the energetic city of Orlando. From the moment you set foot inside this bar, you know you will have a unique experience. Not only is the atmosphere fabulous and haunting at the same time, but also the drinks and the food you will find here are out of this planet!

“Cocktails & Screams is Orlando’s ONLY Halloween themed bar. We want you to be fully immersed in all the feelings Halloween brings you from the creepy to the comical. We will create a fun environment for everyone with just the right wicked twist.”

One of the most creative and fun activities that this bar does is scavenger hunting. 50 amazing-looking keys are scattered around central Florida and they can be literally anywhere! Your quest is to go out and try to find them. The ones who were lucky enough to find one of these special keys had an entry to the Cocktails and Screams Grand Opening Event! 

There were also several special holiday and bonus keys, which were launched during the holidays and people loved so much the scavenger hunt, that Cocktails & Screams is constantly trying to make more activities like this one. 

But how can you find keys if central Florida is so damn big? for this, you must follow Cocktails & Screams social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram since hints are being dropped daily on these platforms and as soon as you get the clue, you must run!

Everything from this place is spooky, deadly and amazing: the staff, the drinks, the food, the ambiance and more. Live music with extraordinary performers will have you hypnotized, creativity and spookiness makes Cocktails & Screams one of the greatest horror-themed bars ever.

In addition, they host different events throughout the year, in last years edition they had events such as Vampires Ball, The 13 Days of Halloween Countdown, Thriller Dance Off and Cereal Killer Cinema, make sure to stay updated with their calendar and maybe you’ll be able to catch a nice event this year!

What do you think? you up for some drinks at Cocktails & Screams?

If you are the type to be fascinated by the lore of the Witch, you must visit this magical place

Located on a dead-end street, you’ll find a unique and mysterious place where the most commemorative figures of the Salem Witches are found, and it’s a dream come true for fans of the world of terror and magic. Right in Salem, Massachusetts you can find The Salem Wax Museum and The Salem Witch Village, a place that offers hundreds of fun and historical activities to people.

Here you will find a variety of attractions such as Frankenstein’s Castle inspired by a classic masterpiece of terror! If you enter the deepest part of the Salem Wax Museum dungeon, you will discover the famous Frankenstein’s dungeon. To escape from this eerie place, you’ll have to be brave enough, as you walk in the dark, through long corridors filled with monsters.

Haunted Witch Village in this place you’ll witness total darkness, as this maze comes to life and turns into a horrifying nightmare! longest-running and largest haunted attraction.

Besides attractions and haunted houses, you can take different tours! The Candlelit Ghostly Walking Tour in which you will walk the streets of Salem, visiting historical locations as well as the most haunted places. During the tour, the staff will talk to you about the history of Salem and the history of the many spiritual and ghostly activities.

“The tour guide will advise you on the best methods of ghost photography as well as the different types of spectral evidence that appears on people’s home photography. Some highlights of our tour are the Joshua Ward House, the Howard St. Cemetery and Old Salem Prison and the Lyceum.”

Within a Witching Hour Spellcasting, is a special presentation that occurs every October, where witchcraft lovers can enjoy a spooky spellcasting session made with practicing witches. 

“Spellcasting is a live presentation by a real practicing witch. She will take you through all the steps of a ritual circle from creating sacred space, to magical working to releasing your spells. Participation is welcomed. What we call infotainment. So come enter the temple. Followed by Q + A time permitting.”

Now, October is the best month to visit this place! during this month The Haunted Neighborhood is open daily with extended hours on the weekends plus several combinations of passes for the attractions are also available. In addition, they offer an amazing gift shop with authentic pagan and Wicca supplies and rare magical gifts such as costumed made wax hand and gravestone rubbing. 

Interested? you can purchase the tickets online! The Salem Wax Museum is celebrating over 25 years now, serving as a memorial of a village that is full of history and is totally worth visiting.

What do you think about Salem and the history behind this mysterious and magical place?

The diabolical Chucky doll was inspired by the true story of a doll who until today, is still possessed

One of the most common mistakes that we constantly make after watching a horror movie that has really left us cold, is to think that everything is a lie, that everything is fiction and that evil does not exist. And although for many of the movies that are usually seen in theaters, this is true, there are other stories that as impressive as we think, are based on real incidents.

This is the case of the popular saga of the diabolical doll, Chucky, which was inspired by an old doll that until now, remains cursed.

For you to know a little bit of the real story behind the terrifying Chucky doll, to begin with the real doll is called Robert and although he didn’t chase a child with a knife, this creepy doll was the cause of several paranormal events.

In the early 20th century in Florida, Robert Eugene Otto was given a handmade doll by a slave, who practiced witchcraft. This was not just a toy, but a doll with a life of its own, which Robert decided to call the same as himself.

With Robert’s arrival, paranormal phenomena began to happen in the house, objects were flying and crashing against the wall, Robert Eugene said that it was the doll’s fault, which also was his best friend.  Eugene grew up, got married, and Robert was sent to the attic, as his wife was afraid of him, but soon after that, he was moved to the guest room. 

Many of the workers who used to be at Eugene’s home quit because they could not bear to the doll’s sinister laughter. After Eugene died, Robert passed into the hands of the new owners of the house, who had a 10-year-old daughter, who claims that Robert tried to harm her and locked the door so her parents couldn’t help her.

Today, Robert still wears his white sailor suit hugging his stuffed lion and can be visited at the Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Anyone who wants a picture with him has to ask his permission, otherwise, the consequences could be serious.

Many people have made the mistake of taking a photo without permission or even making fun of the doll, it is not known exactly what happens to these people but on the walls of the room, in the museum, you can see an infinite number of photographs and letters in which they ask Robert to lift the curse that has fallen on them. Even in the museum where he is today, it is said that at night you can hear noises and see shadows from his exhibition.

Would you like to visit Robert and maybe, just maybe, taking a picture with him?

Fairborn is the perfect town to celebrate Halloween, every day!

The arrival of the tenth month of the year is always extremely exciting, because there is no other month where you can perceive a more frightening and maleficent atmosphere as the month of October.

In almost every corner you can see a witch, a ghost, an evil clown or any other character related to Halloween, possibly one of the best months of the year! Well, in case you didn’t know, there is a city in the United States where every month is like October, full of Halloween.

Just outside of Dayton, Ohio, you’ll find a town called Fairborn. The town’s atmosphere screams “Halloween!” because it seems like every month in this place, it’s October. The main reason why this city has become the real version of Jack’s “Halloweentown” is because in this place you can find a series of very special stores: Foy’s Halloween Stores

At Foy’s Halloween Stores, all Halloween lovers can make their dreams come true, as you will find practically everything spooky! The most incredible and original decorations, the best and scariest costumes, the perfect candies to enjoy on Halloween or any other day!

Foy’s Halloween Stores are an empire of six spooky Halloween stores, and to your surprise, they stay open all year long, making Halloween a timeless holiday in this city.

The most famous store, or the “star” store of Foy’s Halloween Stores, was opened in 1929 by Albert Foy who according to his grandson, before becoming a store specialized in Halloween items, the store was focused in the candy business. It wasn’t until the 1970‘s that the store began to make inroads into products for the celebration of Halloween and since then, it has been a success!

Among the stores, you will find a store focused on children’s costumes, another store in adult costumes and a store completely full of all types of masks, accessories and creepy toys! 

The shop is now owned by Albert Foy, who is from the third generation of the Foy family and will later be owned by Michael Foy, the fourth generation. A little curious fact, it seems that not only the costumes and masks are scary, but some stores have also reported incidents of paranormal activity.

Since the older Foy’s left this world, according to Michael Foy, you can hear footsteps in some shops and objects moving without explanation at night…

What costume would you like to acquire for this Halloween?

Zak Bagans The Haunted Museum is the place where the most diabolical objects in the world can be found

Imagine a place, where the most scary nightmares in the world and the most diabolical objects gather to commemorate everything paranormal, well that place actually exists and you can find it in Las Vegas.

Zak Bagans The Haunted Museum is composed of one of the most chilling and largest collections in the world, as a star of the program “Ghost Adventures” Bagans has always had a deep interest in everything paranormal and his passion for the diabolic is so big, that he opened a museum where people could admire some of the most haunted objects ever to exist.

“This isn’t your average haunted house in Las Vegas; this is the go-to destination for paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters wanting to see pieces from the “Demon House,” Dr. Kevorkian’s death van, and even the Dybbuk Box. Come take a tour of the Haunted Museum!”

Among Bagans extensive collection, you can find objects such as the Dybbuk Box, it is known that The Dybbuk is a demon of Jewish origin, which is capable of possessing a human being or any living creature and its Box has known to be the world’s most haunted object.

There is also a large collection of terrifying objects and pictures with haunting possession stories that you won’t even believe they happened. Due to a large number of evil objects, there is a high concentration of ghosts, making this museum a hot spot for paranormal activities to occur. 

For instance, the original staircase from Indiana’s Demon House can be found in this museum, apparently workers tried to install this piece but something happened that made them walk off the job and refuse to come back saying that there where several terrifying encounters in the room.

“No one should underestimate the energy, good or evil, that can reside in a physical object even after its owner is no longer living, especially something that played a role in a traumatic event.”

Another object that you will find in this exotic and horrific collection is The Haunted Rocking Chair, from the exorcism archives of Lorraine and Ed Warren. It is a relic of one of the most memorable and famous exorcisms in America, this object involved two demonic possessions.

It is said that the diabolical power that this object has is so great, that after adding it to the museum, both staff members and people who were visiting the museum came to have inexplicable and frightening experiences, which led Zak Bagans to temporarily close this exhibition around May 2019. Spooky enough?

The museum also offers tours, in which you’ll be able to hear the bone-chilling stories of the paranormal activity that lays behind these mysterious and eerie objects so if you are in the mood for an exciting and spooky vacation trip, you should consider visiting this museum!

In which exhibition are you interested the most? 

Black magic and craft beer combine to create a mystical and dark bar in San Francisco: Old Devil Moon

Among the streets of San Francisco, you will find a bar with an attitude, a place with a special and relaxed but somewhat mysterious and dark atmosphere, where a good drink can make you feel hypnotized as if the hours passed by too quickly, Old Devil Moon.

“Old Devil Moon has risen at the Crossroads of the Mission & Bernal Heights. We’ve got an excellent selection of craft beer, cocktails, po’ boys, and an easy vibe with a big helping of spice. Come hang out on our big sunny patio where you can watch the moonrise.”

The Old Devil Moon bar has a comfortable atmosphere with a mystical feeling of black magic. In this special place, it is quite common to see spontaneous tarot sessions amongst other dark activities and of course, accompanied by a good beer. The owners of Old Devil Moon, Chris Cohen, Andrew Kelley, and Ericka Schell share a passion for craft beer and make sure that in their bar you will find “the best beer to be found in the mortal realm.”

Another thing that makes this place quite special: the bar is constantly hosting events throughout the year to bring people plenty of good and spooky times along with rare, unique treats like no other bar. For instance, early in January, they host a Wicca Full Moon Ritual of Pagan Goddess Worship, where people gathered on the patio of the Old Devil Moon at 7:00 pm to cast a circle calling in four directions, a chant to call in The Goddess. 

” We will move into full alignment and total resonance with the Moon’s silver light. Magically channeling this energy”

The ritual was then followed by free Tarot readings in the pub, besides having excellent service, food, and drinks, it is great that the bar offers an open space to perform different activities with reference to the mystical and dark.

During October, this bar’s walls get extra creepy… on October 31st, Old Devil Moon hosts a Halloween event with free tarot readings, happy hour prices for anyone who wears a Halloween costume, the play spooky music and even scary movies on their big screen! They also hosts spontaneous events such as Spiritous Sunday with exclusive cocktails and poem readings for writers. 

The Old Devil Moon is open from Monday to Thursday from 5:00 pm – !2:00 am, on Fridays from 5:00 pm – 2:00 am, Saturdays from 3:00 pm – 2:00 am and finally Sundays from 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

So if you ever visit San Francisco, don’t forget to pass by this amazing place! Would you be interested in tarot reading?

Proxima serie documental de Netflix, donde hablarán de los lugares más embrujados del mundo

Ahora con la moda de que mucha gente hace recorridos nocturnos en lugares abandonados con tal de demostrarle a la audiencia pruebas o evidencias que demuestren que el más allá existe, por supuesto que Netflix, no quiso quedarse atrás…

Si eres una persona fanática al género de horror, no te puedes perder de esta increíble noticia que Netflix ha anunciado, pues ahora están preparando una serie de estilo documental donde hablarán de todas las casas, hoteles, y cementerios más embrujados de los Estados Unidos.

Han seleccionado los sitios más escalofriantes, aquellos lugares que por sus historias se han ganado el título como “Los lugares más embrujados de todo el mundo”, donde han sido testigos de terribles historias, actos infames que han dejado con el tiempo un ambiente pesado con innumerables apariciones fantasmales.

Debido a la gran audiencia y al éxito que tuvo este género en sus últimas películas y series como la maldición de “Hill house”, por ejemplo. Es ahora que se decidió crear este documental para mostrar los lugares reales donde se han vivido terribles experiencias paranormales.

Uno de los sitios que se tiene destinada una visita obligatoria es la casa de “Amityville”, ubicada en 112 de Ocean Avenue en la ciudad de Amityville, Nueva York.

Esta casa ha sido una de las más famosas debido a lo que sucedió a la familia DeFeo. Los residentes posteriores a la tragedia afirmaron haber sido atacados por espíritus malignos. Éste caso fue tan grande que los grandes productores del cine se inspiraron para sacar su primera película estrenada en el año de 1979.

Se sabe que la primera temporada contará con pocos capítulos y solo se enfocará en las casas embrujadas, ya que si se tiene el éxito esperado irán a lugares aún más aterradores para subirlas en las siguientes temporadas.

Aún no se ha confirmado fechas de estreno ni el nombre de la esperada serie. Sin embargo, conociendo las producciones que ha realizado Netflix durante estos últimos años, sabemos que no es un novato en cuanto a documentales, por lo que este nuevo proyecto cuenta con grandes expectativas.

Por lo pronto, solo nos queda esperar con ansias el día de su estreno…

The Endless Night Vampire Ball: the event that every true vampire fan should attend

The Endless Night New Orleans Vampire Ball, is one of the most extraordinary and unique events where all those who share a great passion for everything vampire, meet to live an unforgettable night.

THE ENDLESS NIGHT VAMPIRE BALL™ events are a series of masquerade ball themed soirees produced by Father Sebastiaan. Events take place annually in New Orleans, New York, Paris, and Berlin.” 

This is one of the largest vampire-themed events in the United States and it is so special that it is divided into a series of different special events in which many activities are performed, all related to the dark and magic of the vampire world. 

The theme for this year´s Vampire Ball will be Samhain, which is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year. Traditionally, it is celebrated from 31 October to November 1.  This fabulous vampiric event takes its name from a William Blake poem “Auguries of Innocence” where you can find a sentence saying “Some are born to Sweet Delight, Some  are born to Endless Night.”  

What makes this festival an event of another level is that everyone is extremely committed to the themes of the events, as most of them have a specific and even strict dress code. On their official website, at the 2020 New Orleans Endless Night Festival “Samhain” Agenda you can find the following statement “Please note each event has a dress code which can be seen on the EN Pinterest pages.”So if you’re really interested in attending, you’d better be ready to bring out the vampire in you!

The main event will take place on October 31: The Vampire Ball Night. During the daytime, you can come to the bazar from 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm where there is a casual dress code and you can enjoy live music, cocktails, vendors, and fangsmiths. At nightfall, the long-awaited star event from this festival will be held, starting from 10:00 pm – 4:00 am you can enjoy the great gala of this festival! Live music, exotic circus show, DJ music with burlesque performances and more!

Tickets can be purchased online and the price varies depending on the type of event you attend, it can be between $80 – $666.66. Other events that the festival will be hosting are a meet & greet on October 29th where the doors to the ritual will be opened by Father Sebastiaan at 11:45 pm (All ticket types accepted. No cover.)

Father Sebastiaan

On Friday, October 30th you can attend the Dark Bazaar from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, (which will also be open on the 31st at the same time) and in the evening from 10:00 pm – 3:00 am you can join Long Black Veil, hosted by New Orleans local Sabretooth’s Cedric and Eevie Whittacker.

Be quick to get your tickets! some of the events are already sold out, but if you get the chance to attend the festival you won’t regret it!

This wonderful pop-up pub in Chicago decorated all its walls, with Stranger Things theme

Stranger Things has become one of the most emblematic series in the last four years, and this series has the perfect combination of drama, fantasy, mystery, and comedy! Besides, it never fails to take us back to the past and fill us with a feeling of nostalgia with the outfits, the music, the overall 80s vibe, how could we not love this series?

During the summer of 2017, the series became one of the most popular themes, so much so that one of the most creative bars in Chicago decided to dedicate three months to the famous series, making the Emporium Popup in “The Upside Down” reference of this dark alternate dimension where different characters met their deepest fears, had all sorts of Stranger Thing related decor, food, music and even a screening of episodes.

This kind of thematic spaces works much better as pop-up phenomena, with a limited lifespan. The Upside Down was carefully designed, taking care of all the details of the eighties aesthetic, replicating furniture, objects and somewhat gloomy lighting very much in the tone of the series.

In between some of the scenarios that were recreated in this bar are the Beyer´s household, with that distinctive furniture and, of course, the alphabet of lights mural, the burger stand and the military zone from season one. Other decorative pieces were the drink machine dedicated to Barb and the tables that decorate the ceiling are very original details.

Not only the deco was Stranger Things themed, but also the drinks! the entire menu was also designed accordingly. There are several cocktails created for the occasion, but Eleven’s Eggo’s is certainly a winner, a glass decorated with, of course, a small Eggo waffle. 

The music was also a very important mood-setter and the nights were filled with special music sessions and performances by local artists.

It would be a dream come true if Emporium Popups decided to make a popup bar dedicated to Stranger Things again, now it could have the theme of the second season!