10 scary photos of ghosts taken in haunted asylums and hospitals

No place is exempt from having ghostly entities but there are some that are more likely because many people have lost their lives there.

10 photos of ghost taken in asylums and hospitals

Haunted Room 502

The Waverly Hills sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky is known as the most haunted Hospital in the United States, however the most chilling place in the building is the room 502 where one of the former nurses took her life.

A few years later, another nurse fell from the window of the same room. Both spirits now live in the room. The somber figure in the photograph is presumed to be the spirit of Room 502.


The Old Fort Douglas Hospital

This is the mysterious photo of a ghost in a straitjacket, it was captured at Old Fort Douglas Hospital in Salt Lake City. That happened in the third floor when there was no one, only the photographer.


The shadow of Waverly Hills

A curious person entered to investigate the paranormal activity of the hospital. As he passed through the halls and rooms, he captured this photo of a black figure next to a stretcher. The person was completely alone in the asylum.


The Craig Dunain Hospital

In 1998 at the asylum Craig Dunain in Inverness, Scotland, this photo was taken, it seems to be the manifestation of a ghost dressed in white.

The locals say the ghost belongs to a patient.


The Ghost of Mary

In 2006, the paranormal investigator of the state of Missouri, Tom Halstead, took this photo while he was investigating in a haunted sanatorium. Many say it is the ghost of a previous patient, her name was Mary Lee.


Ghost in the asylum of Radnor Lunatic

A man named Adam Smith took this picture of the asylum in Brecon, Wales. When he walked around, Adam saw a shadow watching him from the window on the first floor of the asylum, the place was closed for more than 15 years.


The ghosts of the nursing station

In Tennessee, at South Pittsburg Hospital, paranormal investigators took this picture near the second floor nursing station.

Two ghosts appeared, they were probably people who couldn’t get out of hospital alive


A ghost boy in Waverly Hills

In 2014, during a visit to Waverly Hills, this photo was taken. The photographer said that there were no children there.


The spirits of the Tuberculosis Hospital of Lima

In the seventies, the Tuberculosis Hospital of Lima in Allen County, Ohio closed. The hospital is known for its paranormal appearances and attracts many paranormal lovers.

According to the dark story, the manifestations of ghosts occur in the basement at night. An investigator captured the photo in the hospital and then uploaded it on the internet.


The Death

The image was taken in a nursing home after old residents heard mysterious sounds of doors closing and saw spotlights catch on and off. When investigating, they found nothing. The image was captured 15 minutes after one of the patients lost his life.


Scary, right?

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