5 Facts You May Not Knew About Dreams

Who doesn’t love to sleep? It’s that moment of the day that even though we can rest for hours and still we don’t have enough. Some people even take naps as a hobby.

But what about those times when we dream of something horrible or creepy? What about the one dream where all of your teeth are falling out? Or those dreams more like nightmares when someone is chasing us or we are falling from a building.

While some things can be explained when it comes to dreams, there’s still so much to be discovered about how and why we dream what we do. But we’ll live you with some interesting facts about dreams.

Women Have More Nightmares Than Men

Jennie Parker, a researcher, was inspired by her own nightmares so she did a Ph.D study in which she found that women suffer more nightmares then men. For the study 100 women and 93 men between the ages of 18-25 were asked to record their most recent dream in their very own “dream journal”. Park concluded that 19 percent of men reported a nightmare compared with 30 percent of women.

Women and Men Are More Often Victims Than Aggressors in Their Dreams

This is according to ‘The Dreams of Men and Women: Patterns of Gender Similarity and Difference.’ In an excerpt it says, “both men and women are more often victims than aggressors in the aggressive interactions in their dreams, and they face the same attackers, namely, men who are not known to them (‘male strangers’) and animals.”

Women’s Dreams Are Also More Emotional

According to the same study above, women were much more likely to dream about very emotionally traumatic events like the loss of a loved one.

60 % Of People Don’t Remember Their Dreams

Maybe you know someone who says that they don’t dream but they do, it’s just that they don’t remember that they did. According to a report in Neuropsychopharmacology, the hypothalamus, or the area of the brain involved in information processing is much more active in people who regularly remember their dreams.

You’re Actually Paralyzed When You Dream

REM sleep is the part of your sleep cycle where you dream the most.  While the brain starts to be more active, your muscles become more relaxed and your voluntary muscles will actually get immobilized, like literally.

Do your remember your dreams?

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