5 Scariest Japanese Horror Movies To Never Watch Alone

J-horror (aka Japanese horror movies) is one of the best in the genre as it has left us with some of the darkest stories of all time. The stories often combine legends of old folklore with hints of mystery, and always has a psychological element that makes the stories have an element of realism that makes it more tense, believable and effective to scare you.

So here we leave you with some of the scariest Japanese horror movies if you really want to get the scares, these are for you.

Audition (1999)

Takasi Miike’s brutal film appears to be, at first, a romantic tale in which a lonely widower searches for a new partner, but that couldn’t be further from the terrifying reality. After auditioning to find a new wife, he discovers that the woman he chose is not who she claims to be, creating one of the most awkward movies ever.

Kairo (2001)

A ghost story taken to the digital age of the 90s. The story revolves around two groups of students addicted to computers who want to discover evidence about whether there are supernatural beings trying to enter the human world through through the internet.

Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989)

Directed by Shin’ya Tsukamoto, the story is about a businessman who accidentally takes the life of The Metal Fetishist and who takes revenge by turning the man into a grotesque hybrid of flesh, bone and rusty metal. What follows is sadism, a lot of blood and violent images.

Dark Water (2002)

It tells the story of a divorced woman who moves with her young daughter to an apartment with a suspicious damp stain on the ceiling … get ready to find out what’s behind it. This is a very realistic ghost story and you can’t help but feel tense from the first moment the woman and her daughter walk into that unsettling department.

Ringu (1998)

You probably already know the version with Naomi Watts, but the original version of Hideo Nakata is much better. It was one of the first J horror movies to get recognition around the world.

The film follows a reporter and her ex-husband who investigate the case of a cursed videotape that, according to urban legend, takes the life of the viewer seven days after viewing. Ringu has one of the most haunting endings in the genre.

Which one are you watching this weekend?

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