7 Signs That A Spirit Is Trying To Communicate With You

Most movies have created a misconception that all spirits are evil, that they are only here to frighten us. The truth is that many of these entities are the exact opposite.

It may be a loved one who passed away. That person is still somhow dedicated to protect and care for you. It could be a spiritual guardian that was sent to look after and guide you. Unfortunately, due to our lack of knowledge or even our own skepticism, their messages are often overlooked or ignored.

So, here are 7 signs to recognize when a spirit wants to communicate with us:

1 – Pets at home start to act ‘weird’

Animals are able to observe anomalous activity thanks to their incredible senses. To see strange things beyond what we humans are able to experience. Our pet could be detecting a ghost or a spirit being around us and we wouldn’t even know.

That’s why you should pay attention if you notice that your dog is barking or whining for no reason, or if your cat suddenly starts running frantically around the room.

Also, you should analize your pet’s reactions. If your dog is wagging the tail and looks happy or excited, this may mean that spirits brought positive news. If your dog is all curled up and its tail is between its legs, that could mean something’s there that scared it.

2 – Your electronics randomly act up

Ghosts and spirits possess an incredibly high-vibration energy. While you may not feel this energy around you, your electronic devices will likely do.

Some good examples can be when radios and televisions change stations or channels without you doing it or some electronics turn on and off.

So if things like the above are constantly happening, they won’t stop until you address the situation. Also if you find anything that seems familiar like a particular song comes on all of a sudden or repeats during the day, someone might try to put him or herself on our mind. It may be a coincidence but also a sign.

3 – Room temperature changes

If the room temperature changes out of a sudden and without a logical explanation, this may be about something bigger.

There may be a cold breeze or the room temperature might suddenly drop without a window or door being open. This happens a lot when you are thinking or talking about someone who passed away and was special to you.

4 – Lights flicker or turn on and off

Just like what happens with electronics, spirits also can affect the lights of the house. This is of course a fairly well-known sign, as it is often seen in movies and television shows to refer about ghosts and entities.

Of course there may be a logical explanation such as an old light bulb that needs to be changed or related to a wiring problem in your house. However, this can also be a way for ghosts and spirits to get your attention.

5 – Shadows out the corner of your eye

While we don’t see entities appearing before us the way they are show in movies, you’d be surprised how common it actually is.

They show themselves as flashes of light, orbs or shadows that we see out  the corner of our eyes. We feel there’s something behind, but once we turn around, there won’t be nothing.

6 – Special scents or fragrances

Do you find yourself smelling the same fragrance over and over again with not explanation at all? Like there’s a floral scent when you are indoors but not near a door or window? This may be an attempt from a spirit to get your attention.

The souls of our love ones who already passed away, can also try with some familiar scents to tell you that they are around. Like your grandmother’s favorite perfume.

An example could be if you smell your father’s cologne any time you get out late from work, it could be a warning that you should stop working overtime and reconsider your priorities in life.

7 – Numbers sequences

Also known as ‘Master Numbers’ or ‘Angel Numbers’. The importance of some exact numbers appearing constantly in our daily life, has long been documented in numerology.

They can be anywhere, from addresses, phone numbers, license plates, watches and more. Repetitive numbers like 111 or 3333 can  be signs from a spirit.

Increasing number sequences like 1234 are said to be a sign of something positive while decreasing number sequences like 4321 are a warning of something negative.

Are you receiving the signs?

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