“Ill Minister Pub” has brought to Dallas, Texas, one of Tim Burton’s classic films, where all fans have to know this place that becomes completely honoring Halloween, inspired by the theme “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

The bar is completely adorned with a spooky and gothic style, accompanied by our favorite characters such as Jack and Sally welcoming from the entrance.

The further you can see a dark environment similar to the film, where Halloween reigns and you will also find the huge figure of Oogie Boogie, ready to take a picture with you.

A announcement from the bar announced… “Burton’s classic style is gothic, creepy and has all the purple lights and cobwebs you can imagine”

According to Ill Minister Pub, he says that at the moment they are in the glory of Halloween, because when it ends and the Christmas dates begin, it will change into Santa Jack, since everyone who has seen his movie knows that it can be enjoyed in October as much as in December.

Let’s not forget its delicious gloomy food and countless drinks that make the place a better one … So if you live in Dallas, or are nearby, you can head to this bar and be certain that you will enjoy it. Located at 2600 Cedar Springs, for more information you can visit its official website.

The themes that Minister Pub has done, have been the most popular and surprising, such as “Games of Thrones” and his latest successful “Harry Potter”.

That attracted immense groups of fans disguised with their capes and wands to taste their special butter beer while taking photos in their magical surroundings. So Halloween Town may not be the exception.

“We all love Halloween and we wanted to do something special,” says Patrick Gorman, a bar partner.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” will end until January 1, 2020. So you know, you can not waste any more time …

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