A video was published on a Facebook account, which immediately caused it to go viral, as many users of social networks said it can be seen in it, a creepy bony hand.

This happened in Guanajuato, Mexico.

The girl’s father recorded her playing on the shelf of a cupboard, he thought it was so funny that he decided to share it on his Facebook account so his friends could see it.

Without imagining what would come, because many of his comments were surprised people, talking about the mysterious hand that appears at the video.

What left them completely terrified, because when paying close attention you can see for a few seconds the appearance of a white hand out of the darkness to try to take the girl and pull her into the cupboard.

Now, it is the point of discussion among users.

Some remain surprised about the mysterious appearance, other skeptics make fun of talking about the bad edition, while some others simply say that it is a person located behind the shelf.

This has also reached paranormal investigators, some of them claim that it is only one more proof, that life exists in the hereafter.

Here I show you the video …

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