Dead Man’s Switch – Get Messages From The Afterlife

Have you ever thought about the day of your death? About all the things you would like to say to your loved ones and friends? Maybe you might never have the chance to do so, because at any moment, an accident can happen and all those things would not matter anymore. But what would you think if there could be a chance to say those things after dead?

For some people, receiving an e-mail coming from someone who passed away months ago can be an obvious reason to freak out. There are also some cases which have gone viral on the internet for being such sensitive and displeasant experience.

Nonetheless, the truth could be less supernatural than what people think. That’s the case on this website, Dead Man’s Switch, which could be considered as one of the creepiest sites that exist.

It sends the letters you want your loved ones to receive and in such case of passing away, you get the opportunity to tell them everything you wanted but couldn’t when alive. Sure likely, they will get scared if months after your decease, receive a letter from you, but it’s a great opportunity to express them your thoughts.

The intriguing thing about this is how the website works. Once you make an account, you will be asked to write the letters you want to send along with the email addresses for each one. Once in a while, the website will send you some emails that you should always reply, because that way, you’re notifying that you are still alive. A quite gloomy process, but apparently it works for them.

The moment you stop replying, they will send you three notes to confirm nothing happened to you. The first one will be 30 days later, the second one after 45 days and the last one after 52 days. If you don’t respond to any of those, means the time has come to send the letters you wrote.

The website allows you notify if you won’t be available for a certain time to reply, so that way they don’t send your letters at the wrong time. Since there’s no other way around, you can leave two emails when making an account, but if you want to leave more than two, you may have to pay.

It is quite interesting though, that leaving messages to all your loved ones is now easier than ever. If you leave this world, no one needs to be looking through your stuff expecting to find anything, the letters will be sent automatically. And as you can send good messages to the ones you loved, perhaps you might want to send the opposite too since the letters can be to whomever you want.

If this website caught your attention to write your future posthumous letters, you can go to It’s either up to you to leave nice messages or end up frightening off someone.

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