This Ride Makes Your Deepest Fears To Come True

You wake up out of nowhere in an unknown place. Its dark, cold and the room is filled with sinister objects that cause you nothing but terror, then from a dark corner, a doll slowly approaches you: I want to play a game.

Never before has such a harmless prayer caused us so much fear, until Jigsaw came to show us that not all games are as fun as we think, and although they are a little intense, the truth is that these movies are terribly entertaining, just the same as SAW – The Ride.

The incredible amusement park in the UK, THORPE PARK in conjunction with the new generation film studio LIONSGATE and TWISTED PICTURES joined forces to create one of the world’s scariest roller coasters: SAW – The Ride. This terrifying roller coaster premiered in March 2009 and has been a success ever since.

“This right is absolutely amazing, especially if you are a thrill-seeker! From the steep drop to all its twists and turns, it is all unexpected. Even the props and decor for the ride really brought it to life.”

As its name suggests, this attraction is based on the Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures – SAW movie franchise, making it the “world’s scariest ride”.

This roller coaster truly tests the nerves of all those who consider themselves brave, as those who dare to ride it and visitors find themselves at the mercy of the manipulator, macabre mastermind, Jigsaw.

SAW – The Ride has an insane vertical 100º fall from a height of 100 feet, making it the steepest free fall of its kind in the world. Riders endure three inversions that add another dimension to a new, fully charged with adrenaline, fun experience for thrill-seekers.

The clever mind behind this magnificent and terrifying attraction is Candy Holland, Creative Director of Merlin Entertainments Resort Theme Parks. As a fan of anything that generates extreme emotions, being part of the team that created SAW – The Ride was like a unique experience, mentioning that she is even a big fan of horror movies.

This roller coaster can be found in the Canada Creek section of the park. Before getting on this tremendous attraction you will have to take a dark and scary ride in an old abandoned industrial sawmill building.  Numerous Jigsaw traps, bloody scenes and a dramatic scene all lie within the building as you line up to reach your final destination.

 “Guests come face to face with live actors representing Jigsaw victims caught in various traps.  One of Jigsaw’s hooded apprentices even makes an appearance, where could he possibly be?”

Billy, Jigsaw’s twisted clown-faced puppet tells guests the test that awaits them ahead of time, and his gruesome face can be seen on the monitors, inviting them to “play a game”

Do you think you’re brave enough to ride this roller coaster?

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