The 1970s was an era where horror movies were becoming quite popular, the audience was seeking thrilling stories with dark backgrounds. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is among the classic and most world-renowned titles, being released in 1974.

This movie was promoted as a “based on a true incident” film and even though this was more like a marketing strategy to attract more viewers, its director Tobe Hooper indeed said that the main character from the movie, Leatherface, was based on Ed Gein, other than that the whole plot of the movie was fictional.

Despite the fact that the movie was not entirely based on a true story, there is no doubt that this film had a significant impact on all the viewers and for a while, some must have been terrified wondering if the story behind the film was true…

But you must know that the house where the classic 1974 slasher was filmed, is 100% real and you can actually stay overnight, would you?

“This is a movie that is just as real, just as close, just as terrifying as being there.”The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The building can be found in Kingsland, Texas, although its nothing like what we saw in the movie back then. Now it has become a cozy dinner called Grand Central Café, plenty of people arrive to enjoy good meals and coffee, but now the amazing thing: during this spring spooky vibes are coming back for a couple of nights and fans will be able to live the true experience and sleepover in the same house where Leatherface used to hunt his victims!

This event will be sponsored by On Set Cinema, a film series in which several fans are given the opportunity to visit the real locations where different classic horror or fantasy movies were filmed. Some of their upcoming screenings, including The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ( March 29-30) will be the Edward Scissorhands (April 25), and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives ( June 5-7).

This event is quite exclusive since there are only 13 spots available for each night so if you want to be part of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre screening, you must hurry up! and get some tickets which could cost $350 or $400 depending on which date you choose to stay.

Not also this amazing event includes an overnight stay with a standard twin size air mattress to sleep, but there will also be different types of horror games and activities, movie showings and a BBQ dinner with drinks and snacks. You can visit On Set Cinema’s official site to know more about the organization behind this event and the requirements for being part of it.

How cool is it? If you are fast enough, you can lay your mattress in the exact same hallway from that scene where Leatherface attacks Kirk with a sledgehammer.

Would you like to be part of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre or any other screening from On Set Cinema?

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