‘Eerie’, the new Netflix horror movie that will force you to sleep with the light on

Eerie is Netflix’s new horror movie and is so strong that everyone who has seen it has had to go to sleep with the light on.

This Filipino tape premiered in cinemas in March 2019 and the first 20 minutes are enough to start screaming and hide behind the nearest pillow.

Eerie tells the story of a Catholic school that is haunted after a student named Erika lost her life in strange circumstances.

The film stars Bea Alonzo as Patricia and Charo Santos as Mother Alicia, who are given the task of investigating paranormal events at school.

So if you are looking for a good scare that takes your sleep away for several days, this movie is one of the best options within the Netflix catalog. If you don’t believe us, these are some testimonials.

Eerie is now available in the Netflix catalog in case you and your friends need to test your bravery.

Meanwhile, we leave you with the trailer so you have a taste of what awaits you when you see it.

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