Exorcists say that “beautiful women” are more likely to be possessed by demons

An Islamic exorcist has strangely claimed that beautiful women are more likely to be possessed by evil entities.

Mallam Luthfi Jamal-Baba, an exorcist from Ghana, West Africa, mentioned that although men may be possessed by “jinns” (spirits), women are more susceptible to possession and more if they are beautiful.

And although the exorcist gave no explanation of the reason, if we look at some cases of exorcism in history, many of the women possessed are really very pretty, like Anneliese Michel (Emily Rose).

He also mentioned: “Some of the spirits are stubborn and when the victim is in a trance, they try to attack the exorcist during the exorcism ritual.”

“When this happens, the victims are tied with a rope and sometimes chained to chairs to keep them calm.”

Jamal-Baba says that to make exorcisms on the possessed he recites verses from the Qurán and usually has helpers to support the victims when they become difficult during the exorcism.

But, Mallam Mohammad, another exorcist, thinks that the possessed who receive scourges during the exorcism expel the entities more quickly.

“The victims, at this time, do not feel the pain. The spirits are the ones who feel and it´s at this moment, together with the recitation of the Quran, they flee,” Mohammad said.

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