Get some popcorn and gather some nerves to watch the most expected horror movies for 2020

Looking back to the past few years, we can agree that there were several horror movies that completely blew our minds! Movies such as the Boy, A Quiet Place or The Conjuring remain some of the greatest works in this genre and sometimes we can’t even resist the feeling of wanting to watch them again. What if we told you that these amazing movies, were having a comeback this year?

Be prepared because 2020 is loaded with some of the best movie comebacks along with some fresh terror stories! These are the top horror movies to watch in 2020

Brahms: The Boy II (February 21)

The Boy II follows the story of Brahms, the doll, as he is rediscovered by a young boy. The kid gets emotionally attached to Brahms, while his parents find this doll somewhat disturbing only to find later on, that there is something diabolical going on with this doll. The sequel incorporates a new cast and even though Lauren Cohan who played Greta (nanny) on the first movie was offered the same role in the sequel, she had to decline due to a tight schedule, we will miss her.

The Invisible Man (February 28)

“What you can’t see, can hurt you.” The Invisible Man is a classic villain that gained recognition from its first movie back in the 1930s; it tells the story of a scientist that finds the way to become invisible, only to become insane. Director Leigh Whannell gave this retro story a new spin, keeping some of the original ideas and of course, the suspense and horror we all desire.

A Quiet Place Part II (March 20)

One of the biggest challenges of A Quiet Place was creating drama and suspense without having a dialogue, but mastermind director John Krasinski broke the rules of a traditional film and was able to create a masterpiece. For the sequel, he wanted to follow up on the story of Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) and her children trying to survive in a world where the blind creatures are continually threatening their lives although there is more action, more jumpscares and definitely more noise than before.

Antlers (April 17)

Jumping now to April, director Scott Cooper will surprise you with a very terrifying story about a kid named Lucas Weaver. This kid has an eerie vibe right from the beginning since he likes to hang around remote, creepy and dark places, not your traditional type of kid. When evil things begin to happen around the small-town this kid lives, he finds himself face to face with the frightening creature responsible for all the deaths.

Antebellum (April 24)

From the producer of award-winning films Get Out and Us, Antebellum is a horror-thriller movie that will keep you in a trance with its astonishing visuals and make your heart beat fast with the numerous jumpscares. It tells the story of a successful author named Veronica and how she deals with being trapped inside a frightening reality.

The Conjuring III: The devil made me do it (September)

Even though there is not an official trailer out yet, we know for sure is that we will get to see again Patrick Willson and Vera Farmiga as the famous paranormal investigators couple, the Warrens.

Halloween (October 16)

Getting in the Halloween spooky mood, David Gordon Green brings the sequel of the famous horror trilogy and it looks promising. On this saga, we get to see Michael Myers and Laurie Strode continuing their horrific adventure, as they try to get rid of a nightmare that has been making their life impossible.

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