Homunculus created by Russian Youtuber Kortney

Learn everything about a homunculus and the experiment this Russian creator uploaded on YouTube

What is a homunculus?

Centuries ago, alchemists used to looking for a way to find eternal life but they also tried something a little curious: creating life. As if they were God, these scholars tried to create tiny humans who were loyal followers of their creators.

Of all those experiments, only myths remained. However, just a couple of years ago, a mysterious Russian youtuber, known as Korney, brought the topic back by creating a homunculus himself..

Russian homunculus

One of his first videos went viral so he subbed it into several languages in which he starts explaining the method he would carry out to create a homunculus by inoculating his own semen into chicken eggs.

On the video, he shows the process he carried out with a syringe. He covered the hole he did in the shell and left it to “hatch” for 40 days, just like chickens. Some time later, he broke the egg and recorded what shocked the internet: a small being bathed in greenish fluid, which seemed rigid.

He believed it wasn’t alive, so with a pair of tweezers, he gets closer to analyze it and the creature suddenly started to move and spat on his face. Surely this was an involuntary move, but the frightened Korney threw it into the table and crushed it with a book.

This is what started the argument of the veracity of homunculus. Korney didn’t want to give up so easily so he continued making more videos. However, they didn’t achieve the success of the first one, but they assured that, whether or not those things were homonculus, his experiments were having results. After the first experience, he kept trying until he managed to obtain something extremely strange but curiously alive.

In one of his tries, a thing which seemed with more vitality than the others was born, so the man put it on a container with water as a proof. This ended up with good results that he showed on video in which the creature looked bigger. It had an extremely weird shape that looked like a long trunk or even a mouth with some tiny and almost nonexistent legs.

The video was made by Korney with the intention of asking for advice because he didn’t know what to feed the creature. Many people told him to give him some protein which seemed to go down well with the creature as it began to grow larger. Once Korney was sure it was strong enough, he started to feed it meat. This made the creature to start developing veins which were visible through its pale skin.

Everything seemed okay until spring came and the creature stopped moving abruptly. He thought it was dead so Korney decided to put it in the refrigerator to freeze it and preserved it that way. At one time he went to check on it, he noticed that it was still alive and realizing that the homunculus actually liked the cold.

Yet, that wasn’t his only experiment with satisfactory results. He actually has another one, similar to a starfish and according to him, it doesn’t move that much.

A couple of weeks later, the homonculus showed a bulge in the back. However, it seemed that that was actually an eye and the homunculus was developing its body. Also, he claimed that the other homunculus was growing some type of electrical ability, like electric eels, which is why he began calling him Pikachu.

There are people who still continue to criticize and point out it’s a lie while there are also some faithful followers of his experiments that supports him. If you are interested, you can search for his youtube channel or his translated videos and judge by your own.

Now that you know what a homunculus is, do you think is correct to create one?

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