If you are the type to be fascinated by the lore of the Witch, you must visit this magical place

Located on a dead-end street, you’ll find a unique and mysterious place where the most commemorative figures of the Salem Witches are found, and it’s a dream come true for fans of the world of terror and magic. Right in Salem, Massachusetts you can find The Salem Wax Museum and The Salem Witch Village, a place that offers hundreds of fun and historical activities to people.

Here you will find a variety of attractions such as Frankenstein’s Castle inspired by a classic masterpiece of terror! If you enter the deepest part of the Salem Wax Museum dungeon, you will discover the famous Frankenstein’s dungeon. To escape from this eerie place, you’ll have to be brave enough, as you walk in the dark, through long corridors filled with monsters.

Haunted Witch Village in this place you’ll witness total darkness, as this maze comes to life and turns into a horrifying nightmare! longest-running and largest haunted attraction.

Besides attractions and haunted houses, you can take different tours! The Candlelit Ghostly Walking Tour in which you will walk the streets of Salem, visiting historical locations as well as the most haunted places. During the tour, the staff will talk to you about the history of Salem and the history of the many spiritual and ghostly activities.

“The tour guide will advise you on the best methods of ghost photography as well as the different types of spectral evidence that appears on people’s home photography. Some highlights of our tour are the Joshua Ward House, the Howard St. Cemetery and Old Salem Prison and the Lyceum.”

Within a Witching Hour Spellcasting, is a special presentation that occurs every October, where witchcraft lovers can enjoy a spooky spellcasting session made with practicing witches. 

“Spellcasting is a live presentation by a real practicing witch. She will take you through all the steps of a ritual circle from creating sacred space, to magical working to releasing your spells. Participation is welcomed. What we call infotainment. So come enter the temple. Followed by Q + A time permitting.”

Now, October is the best month to visit this place! during this month The Haunted Neighborhood is open daily with extended hours on the weekends plus several combinations of passes for the attractions are also available. In addition, they offer an amazing gift shop with authentic pagan and Wicca supplies and rare magical gifts such as costumed made wax hand and gravestone rubbing. 

Interested? you can purchase the tickets online! The Salem Wax Museum is celebrating over 25 years now, serving as a memorial of a village that is full of history and is totally worth visiting.

What do you think about Salem and the history behind this mysterious and magical place?

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