This goes for all the loyal fans of Tim Burton, and it is that they keep surprising us with their different thematic places related to the bizarre vibrations of the artist.

There is a bar called Beetle House, where you can enjoy Halloween all year round, a bar specially inspired by one of our favorite films “Beetlejuice” of 1988.

Not only does it have the same twisted and spooky atmosphere of the movie, but it also presents delicious dishes to delight the palate, different drinks and the most fun is that the place is full of actors dressed as your favorite characters and you can take photos with each from them.

A paradise of horror for genre lovers, not only will you have to wait year after year for Halloween to come to celebrate it, but at Beetle House you can enjoy this date all year…

The location of the place is located on East 6th Street New York, NY., With a schedule of 4:00 pm, until 2:00 am.

There is a Bettle House in DC and Los Angeles too, for more information you can enter its official website.

“Beetle House was created by Zach Neil and opened as an emerging restaurant in New York City in April 2016. Due to its demand and success after three years, Beetle House opened permanently in New York City.

It is a year-round Halloween celebration with an artistic and themed atmosphere inspired by the culture of horror, magic and artistic, literary and cinematographic works of Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, Bram Stoker, Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe and many plus.

“We are like an adult Halloween party with a Burtonesque touch, curated by Alfred Hitchcock, with a 90’s gothic band on stage and they all wear weird costumes. We are a safe place where every Gothic, punk, monster, weirdo, artist and visitor is welcome and celebrated”.

You can also listen to music related to Burton movies throughout the day. So what else can you ask for?

Music, food, drinks, atmosphere, all excellent, but the best part for many of the visitors are the actors who play the characters of Tim Burton.

So we can not wait any longer, we want to know Beetle House , would you go?

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