You can stay overnight night at Waverly Hills Sanatorium and do paranormal research with a tour

Everyone at some time in life has heard chilling stories about haunted places, and possibly the most popular stories talk about haunted houses but if you are interested in knowing about a next-level haunted place, you must keep reading…

This place has been named one of the most haunted locations in the world and it is the Waverly Hills Sanatorium located in Louisville, Kentucky. This place is absolutely spooky from the outside and even more from the inside, it has become a hotspot for ghosts and spirits to gather and manifest all kinds of paranormal activities, although it wasn’t always this way.

Dark story in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Back in the early 1900s, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was serving as a hospital center to treat patients with tuberculosis. However, at that time there wasn’t enough knowledge on how to treat it so thousands of patients passed away as a result.

After the epidemic came to an end, the hospital closed in 1961 and a year after, it became a geriatric medical facility. During this time they used to treat elderly patients but once again, due to a lack of trained staff and overflowing with patients, the state of Kentucky had to close it in 1982.

The walls of this hospital kept the suffering of thousands of people for many years, eventually turning into the jail of many ghosts.

Tours in Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Nowadays, the Waverly Hills Historical Society is responsible for maintaining and preserving this facility as part of a historic landmark of Louisville. Rumors easily spread and the Waverly Hills Sanatorium gained popularity fast enough to become a spooky paradise for paranormal fanatics. The sanatorium offers a variety of tours such as a 2-hour paranormal tour, a historical tour, a 6-hour ghost hunt, and some private tours among others, but take your time reserving your spot! because some of these tours are exclusive.

Only the bravest people have dared to complete one of the most exclusive tours, the private overnight investigation, in which you are allowed to stay an entire night at the sanatorium and have the ultimate chilling experience. Several people on the internet have shared their experiences with the overnight tour and shivering paranormal phenomenons occurred such as loud noises, slamming doors, sudden temperature changes and some even claim to have seen some spirit in the distance…

Timmy The Ghost

One of the most popular ghost stories of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is the one about young Timmy. He was one of the youngest patients that the sanatorium had, he used to play with other young patients on a swing set that was built within the hospital.

Rumors says he and other children still live in this place, visitors have told that whenever you leave toys such as balls laying around, the playful spirits of these children, including Timmy, will move them around and even make them disappear.

Which tour would you dare to take?

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