Immerse yourself in all the feelings Halloween brings, in this creepy bar… Cocktails & Screams!

“If you ever make it to Orlando Fl and want to check out the coolest horror-themed bar ever… check out Cocktails and Screams…” Barbara Goolsby Bader

We love to listen to our follower’s suggestions! and so after reading this comment, we decided to take a look into this bar that seemed to be quite promising and… we were impressed!

Cocktails & Screams is indeed one of the coolest horror-themed bars that can be found in the energetic city of Orlando. From the moment you set foot inside this bar, you know you will have a unique experience. Not only is the atmosphere fabulous and haunting at the same time, but also the drinks and the food you will find here are out of this planet!

“Cocktails & Screams is Orlando’s ONLY Halloween themed bar. We want you to be fully immersed in all the feelings Halloween brings you from the creepy to the comical. We will create a fun environment for everyone with just the right wicked twist.”

One of the most creative and fun activities that this bar does is scavenger hunting. 50 amazing-looking keys are scattered around central Florida and they can be literally anywhere! Your quest is to go out and try to find them. The ones who were lucky enough to find one of these special keys had an entry to the Cocktails and Screams Grand Opening Event! 

There were also several special holiday and bonus keys, which were launched during the holidays and people loved so much the scavenger hunt, that Cocktails & Screams is constantly trying to make more activities like this one. 

But how can you find keys if central Florida is so damn big? for this, you must follow Cocktails & Screams social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram since hints are being dropped daily on these platforms and as soon as you get the clue, you must run!

Everything from this place is spooky, deadly and amazing: the staff, the drinks, the food, the ambiance and more. Live music with extraordinary performers will have you hypnotized, creativity and spookiness makes Cocktails & Screams one of the greatest horror-themed bars ever.

In addition, they host different events throughout the year, in last years edition they had events such as Vampires Ball, The 13 Days of Halloween Countdown, Thriller Dance Off and Cereal Killer Cinema, make sure to stay updated with their calendar and maybe you’ll be able to catch a nice event this year!

What do you think? you up for some drinks at Cocktails & Screams?

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