Mara Cifuentes is a Colombian model, who gained world fame by participating in the reality show “La Agencia”, since her appearance she has captivated men and women, because she is so beautiful and feminine, that in the program they did not suspect that she was born being a man

The young woman currently has 947,000 followers on Instagram, a social network where followers admire her and they give her full support, but not only for her attractive appearance, but for her cheerful personality and strength to show herself as she is, without fear of what they will say.

The influencer is breaking social stereotypes, so she´s considered an icon of inspiration for the LGBT community.

“I want that all the people who are looking at me, who feel like me, are not afraid of being told anything. Be strong, because we have to change the world and we have to take away all that ignorance from the world and show what we are made of, that we are strong, hardworking, that we study, that we are not objects” Mara said.

Here we show you some of her spectacular photographs …

One of the pillars that has supported Mara in her life and decisions, is her mother Claudia Lopéz, who is as beautiful as her daughter …

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