The Netflix series you must watch if you ever wondered… is there life after death?

What happens after we end this life? Where are we going after leaving this world? … If you are one of the people who have asked yourself the same thing thousands of times, this Netflix series is for you…

Surviving Death is the name of the series that we can already find on the Netflix platform. A series that reveals the mysteries “from beyond” based on science and the real testimonies of people who claim to have visited the other side either by minutes of dying or by astral travel to different spiritual planes.

But when we leave this world, do we completely lose existence? …

The answers are endless due to the diversity of opinions, theories, and even experiences, Surviving Death is willing to go deeper to reveal the truth to us.

“At this time when the world is experiencing so much death, my hope is that the series will speak to anyone who has ever wondered about a lost loved one” shared series director Ricki Stern.

The series is based on the investigative book of the same name “Surviving Death” by Leslie Kean.

“The question of what happens to us after we die is something we have pondered throughout history — confronting mortality takes us down a path to explore the possibility that consciousness might live on after the body dies” Ricky Stern said in an interview for the Hollywood Reporter.

“Reading Leslie Kean’s book Surviving Death, I was fascinated by the many scientists and doctors who have been studying this question, by the extraordinary cases where people have died and come back to share their experiences, and by the emotionally poignant stories of people seeking contact with their loved ones through mediums.” He explained.

“The series Surviving Death takes the viewer into the research labs of scientists exploring consciousness and into the lives of real people who have experienced loss and grief, seeking answers to the question, what happens when we die? Is there life after death?” Finished.

The interesting thing about this series is that we can hear the theories of scientists, mediums, spiritual and paranormal experts, psychiatrists and people who lived the experience of returning from the afterlife, or with memories of their past lives; all of them come together to analyze the subject in depth and try to decipher the truth.

Death … one of the greatest mysteries in the world, perhaps the series helps us understand more of the subject or perhaps it confuses us more, but without a doubt, Surviving Death is not an option to let it pass for those of us who are looking for answers…

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