Great news for fans, readers and writers! The horror director Stephen King’s mansion, located in Bangor, Maine, has opened the door for those who are looking for inspiration to write.

Although obviously the writer of the supernatural will not be in the mansion, the chilling facilities will be enough to immerse you in a spooky and unbelievable environment.

This happened when Stephen King and his wife Tabitha asked the Bangor City Council to establish their mansion as a non-profit organization.

This means that the huge house will have a part of King’s work, visits will be made by appointment and only up to five visitors will be allowed at a time.

“The King Family has been wonderful to the City of Bangor over time and have donated literally millions of dollars to various causes in the community,” one of the city councilors said.

He added: “Preserving his legacy here in Bangor is important for this community. The house will allow visits by appointment as King reportedly doesn’t “want the house to become a Dollywood or some kind of tourist attraction” as “that would bring all sorts of people to the neighborhood, and they have other neighbors that live there.”

As time has passed, the writer’s mansion at 47 West Broadway has become a tourist attraction in the city. His fans visit here to take pictures and videos in front of the big house.

This red mansion has a door adorned with all kinds of winged creatures that seem to welcome you to a place full of ghosts.

For those who are not writers, we have other good news … there is an official tour of the writer Stephen King in the city that takes you to the mystical world of Stephen King.

The tour costs $45 per visitor and includes: ”Some of the IT places you will visit are The Barrens, The Standpipe and Birdbath, the cemetery where Pet Sematary was filmed, places where Stephen King lived, including his current residence and many more!”

“We do 2 tours per day, the first usually starts at 9:00 am (but can start at 8:00 or earlier) and the second starts at 2:00 pm. (except in the winter when we need to start no later than 12:00 noon so we don’t finish in the dark)!

We pick up and deliver at all the hotels in the Greater Bangor area. We can take up to 6 passengers in a comfortable, air-conditioned Chrysler Town & Country van, or up to 11 in our new Ford E350 Van” this information is written in the website of SK Tours.

“You will see places that Stephen King has lived and worked, places that have inspired his stories, and actual film locations from his movies”.

The Owners of the tours said: “We have been Stephen King Fans since 1974 when Carrie was first published and have remained so ever since.

In 1990, we bought Betts Bookstore and always kept a complete catalog of both Stephen and Tabitha’s works in stock in hardcover and paperback for 20 years. Because of the help that the Kings gave us, we became well known throughout the world as the place to go to for Stephen King items”.

It is the opportunity for writers to get an inspiration from the mansion that has been inhabited by one of the best horror writers of all time. And if you are not a writer is your opportunity to see the Stephen King world.

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