Okiku «The Living Doll» who grows real hair

This is the story of “Okiku”, the possessed doll…

This tragic story dates back to 1918 when a young man bought a souvenir doll for his little sister in Sapporo, Japan. The doll was 40 centimeters tall, dressed in a kimono, her hair was short up to her shoulders, and her eyes were black as a moonless night.

Little Okiku, 2 years old, adored her from the first time she saw her, and together they spent the best year of their lives until a cold unfortunately made Okiku sick, taking her to her grave, separating from her best friend: the inseparable doll who she had named after herself… Okiku.

Her relatives made a shrine to Okiku and placed the doll on the altar, as a representation of the child, where they prayed to her every day for her eternal rest. As time passed, Okiku’s hair began to grow down to her knees, a sign that their deceased daughter had clung to this world and possessed her most precious doll to stay forever.

In 1938, the family gave the doll to the Mannenji temple, where the monks have cared for her as a deity, cutting her hair periodically and taking photographs of her with different lengths of hair. To this day Okiku can be found on an altar in this same temple.

There is no doubt that Okiku is a paranormal being since scientists have performed various tests on her and although they find no explanation for the paranormal happenings, they all conclude that the hair belongs to a real girl.

And you’d be able to visit Okiku?

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