Have You Ever Had Psychic Dreams?

Dreaming has always aroused the curiosity of scientists and by studying it, we have learned that dreams are the representation of our unconscious part. If we don’t sleep, we could not be able to comprehend or even learn. Also, if we don’t get that time for resting, we could also go crazy. However, there are many records that dreams can be more than a reflection of a person’s unconscious that show or connect us to something else. Some of them are quite common and you could have experienced one without even realizing it. They are known as psychic dreams.

Types of dreams

Psychic dreams

They are simply known as psychic dreams. It’s a kind of connection with another person that can only be reached by dreaming, like a parapsychological experience. An example could be when you dream of someone close to you who is in poor health or going through an emergency. When you wake up and later you check how that person is doing,  it turns out that he or she was actually going through something similar to your dream.

This is attributed to having a certain psychic ability to communicate with the consciousness of other people. The most common cases can be when you dream of someone and that someone dreams of you too.

Clairvoyant dreams

People who experience them tend to attribute these dreams to coincidences, but clairvoyant dreams can show us places that we will know before visiting them, events that we will carry out or even conversations that we have not yet had.

Besides from this, those with a psychic ability can experience full control of their dreams, that is, knowing that they are in a dream and doing what they want while asleep. It has also been said that through these dreams, people can talk and contact dead people.

Premonition Dreams

It may seem the same as clairvoyant dreams, but they are different. For being the ones closest to experiences and sensations, these dreams are about very specific events that are about to happen. To give an example, one of the most famous cases of these type was by Monsignor Joseph Lanyi’s dream about the death of Archduke Francis of Austria in 1914.

According to the tales, Joseph dreamt one night that he would arrive at his office in the morning to find a letter on his desk. It would be from the archduke and in it, he’d warned him that his life would be taken by a fanatic. He woke up very shocked and hours later, the archduke and his wife would be deprived of their lives in a parade. Just as it had happened in his dream.

Despite the fact that science hasn’t been able to explain these dream phenomena, it’s true that many of us have experienced these types of dreams at least once, so there must be something else in our minds that we still haven’t figure out yet.

Have you ever had psychic dreams?

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