The Real Story Behind Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary”

In 1989, one of the most iconic films in the history of horror cinema was released: “Pet Cemetery”, based on the chilling novel by the talented master of horror Stephen King. It surpassed the numbers at the box office and even though, the movie is terriyfing, there’s a true story behind.

Real Pet Sematary

Not many know this, but a pet sematary actually exists. It is located in a deep wooded area in Haldon Hills, England. It’s a cemetery entirely dedicated to the residents’ deceased pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, birds and even fish.

It is usually a quiet place to say your farewells to your best friend. However, it may not be the last time you see your pet, because legend has it that during the night, all the animals come back to life and wander around.

It is unknown what causes this or what’s on the ground to make this mysterious event come true, but there are countless stories about the resurrection of these animals.

Testimonies about the pet cemetery

A well-known story was about a family who lived near the forest.

One afternoon, they found out their dog was hit by a car and even when they tried to help it, it was too late because, their pet had passed away. The family was devastaded but decided to take the dog to the cemetery to bury and mourn their loss.

Weeks passed by and one morning, one of the sons left the house to play with his skateboard. Suddenly, he saw a dog identical to his, only that it looked dirty and somehow fuzzy. He decided to get closer bit by bit. The more he did, the more he was noticing how the dog would move his tail excitedly. He was doing the exact same movements his deceased dog used to do when receiving the family at home.

When the boy was really close to the dog, he realized that it was his pet. He was wearing the same necklace and nameplate. The boy really amazed by this, tried to take him but the dog ran away into the forest until he no longer could see him. The son returned home excited and yelling at his parents what he had seen. For hours the family looked for the dog but never found him.

While investigating through the cemetery, everything was exactly the same except that there were some footprints with the same size of their dog’s. They were found above the place where he was buried.


Story of Ghost Pets

There are many other stories of people who have seen ghostly-looking animals wandering through the forest. And they can tell they were domestic, because some of them wear necklaces.

Another story comes from a couple who was driving near the cemetery. When they were returning, appear out of nowhere, crossing the road. They thought they would run him over, however, the dog disappeared when having contact with the vehicle. Even if they witnessed this odd event, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The couple even got off of the car looking for the dog, but he was nowhere to be around.

The monster of the cemetery

The stories about ghost animals are not the most terrifying thing, if we compare those with the monster that lives in the area.

It’s been reported about the appearance of a creepy looking creature, on different occasions which looks humanoid but runs on all fours and it’s huge, hairy and dirty.

Since there is no other explanation yet, it is said that this creature is the caused of the pet cemetery coming to life. Also, by the fact that most versions are about seeing this figure walking through the dark forest that surrounds the cemetery.

One night, the car of a man broke down on the road near the area. He claimed to have seen a large black beast jumping among the trees and that in a matter of seconds , the creature went down and ran away.

Years later, the same man was walking through the cemetery, when suddenly, he saw again the creature while this one was digging up a little animal.

Another version tells the story of a teenager who was walking with his dog in the forest. When he arrived at the cemetery, he heard noises and the sudden feeling of being watched as if some animal was stalking him. When he turned back and saw into the trees, he found a creepy creature staring at him that ended up disappearing after being noticed. The boy described the creature like a furry bear but long tail.

“Pet Sematary” by Ramones

The story not only inspired the movie but also great bands like Ramones, named one of their singles like that, and the lyrics goes like: “I don’t want to be buried in a pet sematary, I don’t want to live my life again.”

For many, this place can be quite scary, which in fact is. But for some others, it would be a great place to see their pets one more time.

Despite all, this is a clear example that life exists after death. And maybe one day we will meet again those pets we loved so much.

Would you like to visit this pet sematary?

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