Salem is the best destination for Halloween

Salem, Massachusetts is one of the oldest places in the United States, and is famous for being the home of the witches.

Salem, is a city that every Halloween lover should visit, since the whole month of October is extremely celebrated.

Their houses are transformed with colors and decorations that are representative of the date, people dressed in spectacular costumes are walking in the street.

These days are full of parades, shows where witch trials are recreated, fireworks, magic rituals, dances, among several things.

This colossal event is called: “Haunted Happenings”, and welcomes visitors of all ages, and from all over the world to celebrate these spooky traditions, commemorating all the “witches”.

Starting from the first day of October with activities and tours, until the most anticipated day of the month, on October 31, since it is when Halloween is celebrated most intensely.

Salem is full of creepy places, and a lot of history. Many say that there are more ghosts wandering in these lands than people, so there are night tours where they illuminate the streets with lanterns while guides tell all these spooky legends and supernatural tales, visiting many of these mystical places.

There are also tours and characteristic places of Salem, the following are the best known …

“The House of the Witch”

Where many men and women were accused This place is so bewitched that the people who have visited it say they hear loud voices, regrets, and even manifestations of ghost women.

“Charter Street”

The oldest cemetery in Salem, where are the graves of the judges of the trials. And the scariest thing is that it is said that you can see wandering in this area to the spectrum of one of them.

“The museum of the Witch”

Where you will find life-size dolls recreating chilling scenes that the “witches” lived.

“Salem Galery Art”

It presents a Satanic Temple, which offers chilling rituals, exhibits and strange events, there you can find the infamous bronze statue of Baphomet 8.5 feet high.


There is no doubt that Salem is a mystical place full of magic, where you can also find psychics and mediums who will consult your future, among other things.


The exact night of Halloween is the most celebrated day of all, it is when the parties explode, as its streets are filled with crowds of people who come from afar especially to celebrate.

Haunted Happenings gives you a calendar so you can check all their events; musicals, concerts, dances, festivals, shows with fireworks and you can even be part of the magic rituals in the circle of the witches.

Salem is definitely the perfect place for Halloween lovers …

And would you visit Salem on Halloween?

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