Scary Netflix Series Based On Real Life Events That You Can’t Miss!

Netflix has another surprise for all horror lovers, a series that mixes supernatural events with a creepy and mysterious atmosphere…

If you liked series like Dark, Marianne or The Haunting of Hill House, then this one is actually for you because the series has come with great strenght, since it plays with the most common elements of the genre but in a unique way thanks to the plot being based on a legend of a real locality and it will probably make you not get up from the couch.

The Italian series is called Curon and it consists of a seven-episode season.

Curon is a town in Milan where Anna returns with her two children 17 years later, after escaping from a curse that covered the town. Rumor has it that the bells at a bell tower that floats in the middle of a lake, ring from time to time. However, the curious of this is that there are no such bells over, because they were removed from the structure 70 years before.

Everytime this phenomenon occurs, those who heard the chimes, will be victims of an evil that is located at the place, a terrifying legend that Anna witnessed after losing her mother. She returns to confront her fears, but disappears whatsoever and now her children are the protagonists of solving this mystery.

The scariest thing about the series is that not everything is fiction, as the plot hides certain pieces that are real…

Curon is a city that is located in the North of Italy, which is recognized by the bell tower found on the surface of a lake (the same symbolic picture used at the series). The bell tower was part of an ancient Roman church dating back to the 14th century, however it was submerged by water when the government thought it would be very attractive to build a dam for tourists back in the 1950s.

Despite the fact that the villagers were upset and tried to avoid the construction, the authorities didn’t listen to them and continued anyway with the project, even evicting the villagers themselves. This was how Curon became a ghost town totally submerged by water and only the surface of the bell tower is left as a memory.

It is said that the bells were withdrawn before the tower was submerged into water and ever since, during winter nights, the bells rumbling can still be heard.

The Netflix series was released in June and, as expected, it has been a total success thanks to the horror, suspense, mystery used. Together with the elements based on real life, Curon has the perfect combination for you to stay for hours in front of the TV.

If you are a horror lover, you shouldn’t miss this new eerie series brought to you by Netflix…

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