Surprise! there is a new “The Nightmare Before Christmas” teddy bear edition from Build-A-Bear

Growing up as a child you may have had different types of toys such as legos, board games, toy cars, or dolls. But one of the most emblematic toys since the late 90s is undoubtedly the ones from Build-A-Bear.

What makes Build-A-Bear so unique is that not only can you have a beautiful stuffed animal, but you can do it from scratch! Somehow being part of the process of creating these adorable dolls, makes people connect even more with them, plus they can be customized to represent your own personality, how cool is that?

If thinking about Build-A-Bear has already brought you a feeling of nostalgia, get ready, because the brand has decided to launch two Nightmare Before Chrismas plush bears and they are the best! Jack Skellington and Sally have become two adorable plush bears for you to take home for the price of $55 (Jack) and $53 (Sally) but beware! this offer is exclusively available in the online store.

The teddy bears come dressed in their characteristic costumes from the original film and as if that weren’t enough, they also include a song!

When you press Sally, you can hear her sing her iconic song from the Tim Burton movie, this brings back memories. On the other hand, when you press the Jack plush bear you can hear the catchy and memorable theme song from the movie!

There are different purchase options for both plush bears, for example, you can order them with or without their signature outfits and also, you could offer them unstuffed so you can enjoy the process of stuffing them at any local Build-A-Bear store.

Build-A-Bear continues adding more characters to their special Disney plush toys collection and hopefully, we get to se a plush bear version of more spooky characters, maybe Zero or Oogie Boogie would be great?

Which Build-A-Bear would you like to buy?

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