The month of October arrives, and everything around us begins to take an eerie, spooky feeling that’s how you know Halloween is approaching.

Some enjoy the trick or treat nights, others prefer binge-watching some good old horror movies or even go to a bar or some costume parties, but if you want to spice things up a bit this year you could consider doing something different, something unique for instance, some rituals?

A ritual can be defined as a practice regularly performed in a definite manner, and nothing sets the perfect mood for it than a Halloween night…

  1. Closing stages

This ritual is perfect if you ever felt like leaving behind the past memories such as lovers, possessions or jobs, you want to be reborn, to become better by giving up what you no longer want.

Take a moment, celebrate the cardinal points and the four elements (fire, air, earth, water) then, in a small cauldron, burn a paper that has old habits written on it, habits you want to leave behind. The fire fulfills an expiatory function, and the ashes are buried in the earth along with a seed. It is recommended to do this ritual accompanied.

2. Halloween walk through nature

This ritual takes you to the origin of Samhain, and also of Beltane, the spring/summer celebration of the Wiccan wheel, in which a walk in the middle of nature was performed. You can do this in your garden, park nearby or wherever you connect with nature. The idea is to contemplate colors, aromas, sounds and connect with them, be one with the season. We are part of the cycle of life, this deserves a reflection: dying in winter is what allows us to be reborn in spring.

3. Ritual for having an oracular dream on Halloween Eve

For this ritual before sleeping, you must take a purification bath, clear your mind of the day’s burdens and leave it blank for a moment. You ask yourself three times a question, to which you would like to know the answer. Then at night, the answer will be revealed to you during your sleep, in a dream. Remember, its important to formulate properly your question, in order to obtain a better result.

4. Ritual to honor the ancestors

This a simple ritual, it consists of preparing an “ancestor altar”, can be on a small table or any space available. You put a tablecloth that indicates that this place will be special and on it, you arrange photos or objects that remind you of them, objects they used to own or like.

You place the elements of the maternal lineage on one side and those of the paternal lineage on the other. In the center, you place a white candle that reminds us of the light we all come from and return to, after this life.

As it is located in the center, it unifies both lineages. A container with fruits and flowers, in front of the candle, will provide the energy of blossoming and rebirth, which is a way to remember that each experience lived by our ancestors was a contribution to the world they left behind.

5. Purification bath at 12 o’clock

According to European folklore there is a “witching hour”, it is quite mentioned and many people around the world wake up at night at this time without knowing what it is and yes… it is at 3 a.m.

It is said that at this time supernatural creatures wake up. For instance, during Halloween night when witches and wizards cast spells, some recommend bathing at midnight, as a purification ritual, with hot water, salt, a few drops of vinegar, bay leaves or lavender to maintain negative vibes away, on this haunting day.

Which was your favorite ritual?

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