The 5 most terrifying places in Alaska

In this geographical space, the cold is catastrophic. This coldness can go in tune with really scary horror stories, the climate is already suitable for destabilizing the senses, it is said that in Alaska there is a great amount of energy, reason why there is a huge paranormal activity. Besides being a country with the largest abandoned buildings in the world, as it is impossible to inhabit these spaces due to extreme weather, its desolation is a chilling scenario, then you can see 5 of the scariest places of America Ultima Frontera (Alaska).

5.- Motherlode Lodge Cabin

This place is terrifying, the locals claim to have seen a completely black entity in the surroundings, this is impressive when mixed with the snow. Inside people claim that in the mirrors you can always see a woman dressed in clothes from the time, poltergeists are a common activity at night, curtains are opened and closed, the most aggressive cases is that the glass is broken and the windows are opened to let in the cold end, even when they are tightly sealed, the strangest thing was a fire that ended with a certain part of the place, which was abandoned.

4.- El orphanage Old Jesse Lee, Seward

This abandoned orphanage opened its doors in 1926, received a large number of abandoned children and orphans. In the year 1946 with an earthquake this place was damaged, the few children who were there disappeared there were no records left. The elder people from the area say that they were killed in that place, so it is very common to see in the distance silhouettes of children looking out, at certain times you can hear laughter and steps, this says paranormal specialists who have spent the night in that place.

3.- The Igloo City Hotel in Cantwell

This original construction was destined to be a luxury hotel of 4 floors, it has the shape of an Iglu, but for an unknown reason, it was never inaugurated. On the freeway you can see this bizarre place, it is said that at night you can see lights of colors in its interior, in addition, people assure that a woman looks by the windows.

2.- Nightmute School

This school has a ghost in the bathrooms, usually, this little ghost girl turns off the lights in the toilets and plays with the doors. She has also been seen in the hallways and usually throws some balls around. At some point, paranormal specialists came to investigate due to the constant aggressive activity of this little girl, these professionals discovered some graves near the place, is the possible because of the great paranormal activity in this place.

1.- The Red Onion Salon in Skagway

This place is one of the most creepy in this country, has been used for various activities, from a bakery even to a brothel. Nowadays it is some sort of museum where tourists are invited to give a tour through its interiors and it is actually a popular attraction because of its great paranormal activity. The ghost that has made appearances has a name, since the same entity has stated that her name is Lydia, this is an entity that apparently does not know that she has died since she has been seen doing daily tasks such as watering the plants and cleaning. The most relevant thing is her aggressiveness with men and when she sees one she attacks immediately. It is said that she was a woman of the night, who kept company to the men on their lonely hours and who lost her life in that place.

If you ever go to Alaska, which place would you dare to visit?

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