The Spooky Case Of Violette, The Zombie Girl From New Orleans

This dark story begins in New Orleans, the most haunted city in the world… when Robert and Yvette, a high society couple, desperate for the blessing of not having a child, went to Dr. Gottschalk who helped the couple with a fertility method with some sort of occultism, through which months later a beautiful baby girl named Violette was conceived. 

The girl’s name was given in allusion to her dazzling violet eyes, which matched perfectly with a pair of amethyst earrings, a gift from Dr. Gottschalk.The girl brought happiness to her loving parents and to the servants who worked in the house.

Violette had a nanny, a mulatto woman, who was always on hand to make sure she lacked nothing, she was even so crazy that the girl kept throwing tantrums, but still, her tenderness delighted everyone.

Violette’s father had to go out frequently for work for several days, the girl always burst into tears to take her with him, but the mother would not let her because the place her husband was working was dangerous.

One day Yvette’s mother had a severe illness, and she had to travel to another city to take care of her. Robert had to go on another trip, but this time Violette would get her way, for by means of tantrums he managed to convince his father to take her to the nanny.

Sadly, with the trip, the days of happiness were about to end… Violette got a disease that led to her death. Robert took her to the eye doctor to see if he could do something for the child, but it was too late, so he had to write a letter to his wife announcing that their daughter had just left.

The parents were devastated, if it wasn’t for the servants, the house and the work would have fallen apart. A month passed since the girl had been buried but they couldn’t move forward, they didn’t want to have another child, they wanted their Violette back more than anything, so they decided to go beyond what human power can achieve.

They approached Dr. Gottschalk to bring their child back to them, but he refused because he said they should let their child rest in peace, even so, there would do anything to find someone who would help them.

With a large sum of money, a voodoo sorceress agreed to bring Violette back, they dug up the body on a full moon and during a moon cycle, the witch performed rituals to revive her. The next night of the full moon, Robert and Yvette answered the knock on their doors, it was Violette who was knocking, repeating the word: Mama.

Violette had come back to life and her parents were happy to embrace her again, but what they could not see, is that Violette was not the same, she was now a cold and expressionless child, she seemed to be always absent…

As time passed, the girl became wild, began to eat animals and raw meat, and grunted as if she was some kind of animal.

The servants knew that the girl’s return came from something dark and powerful. Her nanny could not bear to see Violette in those conditions, as if she was a zombie, so she, along with other servants hidden from their parents, took her to Marie Laveau’s daughter, a powerful sorceress who could help them.

The sorceress was beside the witch who resurrected Violette, who was ashamed of what she did for money, so she would cooperate in making amends for her sin, although unfortunately what is already dead cannot be killed, so the sorceress could not return Violette to her previous state.

So the Resurrecting Witch took responsibility and took Violette… The girl’s parents as if by magic overcame the second loss more easily and were then blessed with a baby.

Time passed and the witch who was looking after the girl died, but no one found out the whereabouts of Violette, until many decades later a family discovered something creepy in their home, which was that of the witch in ancient times, a mummy who had some violet stone earrings in the attic.

They said that at night they heard the mummy come to life, as they heard footsteps and grunts… but that which tormented them would be gone forever, when Hurricane Katrina arrived, taking the mummy away by its waters, so it is unknown where Violette lives today, who after so many years still cannot rest.

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