You Can Visit The Real Locations Where AHS Was Shot

In 2011 the first episode of one of the most popular and original horror series of the past decade was released. Not only did each episode of this series fill us with fear and anxiety, but each season provided us with a completely different story with an increasingly frightening twist, you know what I’m talking about?

American Horror Story became a very emblematic series because every season Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk surprise us with a new horrifying drama either with a haunted house, a couple of witches, even aliens! Well, every new story demands a new set change and if you were curious about the locations where AHS has recorded their terrifying scenes these are some of the places:

1. Alfred Rosenheim Mansion

You guessed it, The Rosenheim Mansion, also known as the Murder House from the very first season. This house was built back in 1902 by a German-American architect and believe it or not, its quite popular among different movies and tv shows such as The Twilight Zone, Six Feet Under and The Ghost Whisperer.

2. The Buckner Mansion

Welcome to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, a place that hides plenty of secrets, magic, and darkness. This astonishing white mansion is located at 1410 Jackson Avenue, New Orleans,  it is known as the Buckner Mansion was built in 1856 by a major cotton magnate and served for many years as a prominent business school. Some say that the mansion is allegedly haunted, by the spirit of Miss Josephine, a slave that has not left the mansion ever since the civil war ended. 

3. Orange County Courthouse

AHS’ second season was filmed on W. Santa Ana Blvd. in Santa Ana, California at the Orange County Courthouse and despite the fact that this was one intense, terrifying and disturbing season, the actual real spot is beautiful and even famous, serving as a perfect spot for couples to take wedding pictures. Another fact is that the actual story behind the second season “Asylum” where the hospital was run appallingly, treating its patients horrendously was based around the true-life events of Willowbrook State School in New York City.

4. The James Oviatt building

Season five was filled with mystery and is probably one of the scarier seasons since it was practically based on the Cecil Hotel, a place with a disturbing past, home to several inexplicable deaths and paranormal activities. Within this hotel, several scandalous events happened, such as the unsettling death of Elisa Lam: this case was so eerie that AHS creators acknowledged the strange and macabre situations that occurred in this place and created the fifth season: Hotel. If you are curious and brave enough to visit the filming location, the exterior and interior lobby shots of AHS´Hotel Cortez, you just need to go to 617 South Olive Street in L.A. to the James Oviatt building.

5. Longue Vue House & Gardens

Freakshow´s Dandy Mott, was probably one of the characters that we love-hated the most. He was a mama´s boy serial killer, with very disturbing fetishes and also, an immense beautiful house which can be found in New Orleans! The Longue Vue is a historic house museum and associated gardens, it is located in Lakewood neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana. Not too far from Dandy’s house, you can find the Camellia Grill, the dinner that many of the freaks used to go and grab something to eat while being silently judged by other clients…

Which is your favorite AHS season?