This wonderful pop-up pub in Chicago decorated all its walls, with Stranger Things theme

Stranger Things has become one of the most emblematic series in the last four years, and this series has the perfect combination of drama, fantasy, mystery, and comedy! Besides, it never fails to take us back to the past and fill us with a feeling of nostalgia with the outfits, the music, the overall 80s vibe, how could we not love this series?

During the summer of 2017, the series became one of the most popular themes, so much so that one of the most creative bars in Chicago decided to dedicate three months to the famous series, making the Emporium Popup in “The Upside Down” reference of this dark alternate dimension where different characters met their deepest fears, had all sorts of Stranger Thing related decor, food, music and even a screening of episodes.

This kind of thematic spaces works much better as pop-up phenomena, with a limited lifespan. The Upside Down was carefully designed, taking care of all the details of the eighties aesthetic, replicating furniture, objects and somewhat gloomy lighting very much in the tone of the series.

In between some of the scenarios that were recreated in this bar are the Beyer´s household, with that distinctive furniture and, of course, the alphabet of lights mural, the burger stand and the military zone from season one. Other decorative pieces were the drink machine dedicated to Barb and the tables that decorate the ceiling are very original details.

Not only the deco was Stranger Things themed, but also the drinks! the entire menu was also designed accordingly. There are several cocktails created for the occasion, but Eleven’s Eggo’s is certainly a winner, a glass decorated with, of course, a small Eggo waffle. 

The music was also a very important mood-setter and the nights were filled with special music sessions and performances by local artists.

It would be a dream come true if Emporium Popups decided to make a popup bar dedicated to Stranger Things again, now it could have the theme of the second season!

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