Paranormal activity in a morgue is captured on video

In the recording it can be seen how a door begins to whip itself as the lights come on and off in a morgue in Brazil


A video recorded by two security guards shows a paranormal activity in a morgue in Brazil, where a door began to whip itself.

The recording can be seen as a pair of workers who were checking the building, they are surprised when from one moment to another a red door begins to whip, while the lights begin to fail.


Upon noticing the door that was moving, men begin to approach the red door, when from one moment to another, the lights go out and the movement stops completely.

We can hear in the video that one of the guards says he saw a mysterious entity.

After the publication of this video, various social media users discussed the truth of the video.

Here the creepy video…

Do you think this video is real?

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