Who’s Smile Dog? – The scary story behind the creepypasta

Get to know about Smile Dog, the story about a curse picture…

Smile Dog is the name of a mysterious file that it’s been on the internet for many years. Nobody knows where it came from nor how it reaches to people. However, there are creepy rumors about those who saw the picture behind the file, have suffered terrible consequences.

The file is known as “Smile.dog,” and it shows the picture of a Husky smiling grimmly inside a dark room. A palm of a hand appearing to be drenched in red, can be spoted. It is said that the picture is so malignant that when you see it, it makes you enter into a state of shock, causing you to lose mental health over time or worse, your own life.

Living through the curse…

One of the best known cases is from Mary E. A woman who had a normal life and was married to a good man. One afternoon, while she was alone, a stranger knocked on the door of her house. When she opened, she only saw a package on the floor. There was no card, name or some way to identify the sender, yet she was still curious and decided to open it.

There was a floppy disk she had to download on her computer to answer her questions. Inside it, there was this file with the name of Smile.dog which opened it just for her to get a disturbing surprise, because it was that weird picture of the smiling dog.

As a consequence, this led her to a dark misfortune. From that moment, things started to change. She could not sleep or think straight, nor even eat because on her mind, there was always that picture of the dog, telling her to “share the picture with others or else you will suffer”. Mary refused to do it, and as time went by, things seemed to get worse and worse because not only she couldn’t stop thinking about it but she could see the picture in every corner of the house.

Her husband was concerned about her wife so he took her to visit some psychologists. However, the whole situation was too much for them that they were unable to help her and advised her a psychiatrist instead. Things went from one extreme to another and Mary was completely losing her mind to the point of completely isolating and shutting herself up for days in her room not able to see his husband’s face directly. No one knew what was going on.

Fifteen years later, Mary E. wrote an email to her psychiatrist. She with complete frustration open up about her feelings after staring at that disturbing picture and how bit by bit was ruining her life. It was the first and last time that she was able to mention about the topic, because she mysteriously lost her life that same day.

There were several testimonies of people who remained anonymous and told about the horrible curse that was persecuting them. It is unknown if they are still alive, though…

The origin of Smile Dog

It is said that the origin began a while ago. There was a 12-year-old girl obsessed with the idea of having a pet, but her parents always denied her such desire. She wished so much to get a pet that she decided to make a drawing that could portray her desired pet which was very similar to a Husky dog, but she imagined it with a huge smile. Excited about her drawing, she decided to take a photo with an instant camera.

But something evil took hold of it and the image in the photo became very gloomy and scary. It was no longer the cute drawing she did. There was something dark on it, a dog with demonic features and hypnotizing eyes. Since then, the girl completely changed. Her obsession grew and she couldn’t stop staring at the picture and hear a voice that called her every day saying “share the image”.

Since then, the picture has been circulating and reaching new victims to drive them crazy until they reach their last day of life. What was known later about the girl was that she completely lost her mind and was admitted to a mental hospital but up until this day, there’s not much known about her anymore.

There are many imitations and anyone can tell since they don’t have the same effect as the real one. The feeling of losing your mind and a severe anxiety that can lead you to lose your life. Though, the original picture may still be somewhere on internet…

Had you heard about Smile Dog before? Would you dare to stare into the real picture?

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