You won’t believe these registered cases of real witches

Meet three of the most terrifying cases of real witches, which unfortunately ended in a horrible way for those women who practice magic

Witches are part of the popular idiosyncrasy, these beings have great fame for making use of magic and invocations to do acts of good or evil, however, are almost always referred to evil. Horror films like “The Blair Witch” and “The Witch” have been responsible for fomenting a deep fear of real witches.

Since ancient times there have been cases of impressive black magic, although many times many people have been accused in a false way because for thinking differently it was quite regular that someone was considered a witch (or), in fact, the real witches were so wise, it was difficult to discover them.

There are hundreds of cases of real witches who had a terrible end, these stories refer to the great hunt that took place in the Holy Inquisition and particularly to the Salem witches.

Here the 3 stories of real witches

1.- The witch Ursula Southeil

This woman was a prophetess in the sixteenth century, Nostradamus style, this seer was able to predict the Black Death, the burning of London and the death of the Queen of Scotland, for her comments is that people began to call her witch, people said she was the daughter of the devil. She was considered the most respected clairvoyant in England, therefore, she became a legend, this witch also called “Mother Shipton” until she lost her life in the year 1561.

2.- The Witch Agnes Sampson

Agnes was a midwife in Scotland, in the year 1590, the story behind Agnes is the typical witch hunt when King Jacobo VI arrived from a trip with his wife Anne, they discovered a heavy rain which lasted a few days, his wife convinced him that the sky had been bewitched and then the witch hunt began, targeting Agnes and many other women who used herbs to heal the people of the village.

Agnes was accused by another woman; when she was captured, the witch Sampson was forced in a horrible way to confess her pact with the devil, Agnes denied all the time having participated in a witches’ coven to change the climate, however the pain broke her spirit, and she confessed, so that later they would take her existence away.

3.- The witch Malin Matsdotter

The case of this woman is much popular because her daughters accused her of witchcraft. Malin was Swedish, a widow, the great witch hunt in this country was between the years of 1668-1676, in all this period it was quite common to take women to the bonfire, women who people thought to be real witches, Malin’s daughters accused her of having taken them to a witches’ coven in the dark, for which she was condemned to the bonfire.

Malin is very famous since she was the only witch remembered from that country. When she was at the bonfire she didn’t say any word, she just stared at her daughters, later one of her daughters was accused just like her mother, and her life was taken from her.

Have you ever heard of these witch stories before?

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