You can take a tour and visit the real settings that inspired Stephen King’s classics!

Horror, supernatural fiction, mystery, and fantasy are all found within the amazing and unique novels of Stephen King which we have all come to enjoy! It doesn’t matter if you read the classic books or if you saw the latest adaptations in the cinema, his unique stories always keep everyone entertained, although sometimes there remains that slight feeling of wanting more, right?

You don’t need to worry anymore… if you are one of those fans looking for extra experience, then the Stephen King Tour is perfect for you. 

There is an official Stephen King tour in which you can see the places where the American author of horror was inspired and spent much time while writing the masterpieces that we all love today.

The tour can be taken in the city of Bangor Maine, which is the actual location of “Derry” the fictional city where Pennywise used to terrorize children, you can even visit the sewer where the creepy clown appears for the first time.

But this tour not only focuses on the locations related to the famous IT novel, but there are other places in the city that many fans will easily recognize… Pet Sematary, anyone?

“During a SK Tours of Maine tour, you’ll see about 30 places where Stephen King has lived and worked, places that have inspired his stories, and actual film locations from his movies. We have been Stephen King fans since 1974 when Carrie was first published and bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to every tour of Derry.”

To date, the Tour costs $50 for adults and children under 11 years of age can take the tour for free! The cost is really cheap for this type of tour, especially if you are a King fan, you will spend the whole afternoon traveling around Maine.

Who are the masterminds behind this tour, you may ask? Penney, Jamie, and Stu Tinker are lifelong residents of Bangor, Maine. The Tinker family has been a fan of Stephen King since 1974 when the novel Carrie was published, and since then their passion for King’s work has remained intact.

In 1990, the Tinker decided to buy Betts Bookstore, maintaining a complete collection of King’s work for 20 years. After selling Betts Bookstore, they decided to start the famous Stephen King Tours, driving fans around what is known in the film world as “Derry”. 

Penney & Stu

The Tinker family mentions this is a tour not only leaves the King fans amazed but also has surprised some non-fans who end up realizing that some of their favorite movies or novels are the very works of Stephen King!

“The non-fan usually are truly amazed when they find out that their favorite movie (usually Shawshank Redemption or The Green Mile) is a Stephen King story! it made us realize that there is more to our tour than just seeing some of the sights here in town.”

On the official website of SK Tours you can find more information about the tour, plus they offer an online store with great merchandise! And in case you are interested in learning more about the Stephen King novels, you can take a look at the Book Timeline, in Chronological Order, with his latest work along with the classic masterpieces. 

Which is your favorite Stephen King’s novella/book?

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