Zak Bagans The Haunted Museum is the place where the most diabolical objects in the world can be found

Imagine a place, where the most scary nightmares in the world and the most diabolical objects gather to commemorate everything paranormal, well that place actually exists and you can find it in Las Vegas.

Zak Bagans The Haunted Museum is composed of one of the most chilling and largest collections in the world, as a star of the program “Ghost Adventures” Bagans has always had a deep interest in everything paranormal and his passion for the diabolic is so big, that he opened a museum where people could admire some of the most haunted objects ever to exist.

“This isn’t your average haunted house in Las Vegas; this is the go-to destination for paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters wanting to see pieces from the “Demon House,” Dr. Kevorkian’s death van, and even the Dybbuk Box. Come take a tour of the Haunted Museum!”

Among Bagans extensive collection, you can find objects such as the Dybbuk Box, it is known that The Dybbuk is a demon of Jewish origin, which is capable of possessing a human being or any living creature and its Box has known to be the world’s most haunted object.

There is also a large collection of terrifying objects and pictures with haunting possession stories that you won’t even believe they happened. Due to a large number of evil objects, there is a high concentration of ghosts, making this museum a hot spot for paranormal activities to occur. 

For instance, the original staircase from Indiana’s Demon House can be found in this museum, apparently workers tried to install this piece but something happened that made them walk off the job and refuse to come back saying that there where several terrifying encounters in the room.

“No one should underestimate the energy, good or evil, that can reside in a physical object even after its owner is no longer living, especially something that played a role in a traumatic event.”

Another object that you will find in this exotic and horrific collection is The Haunted Rocking Chair, from the exorcism archives of Lorraine and Ed Warren. It is a relic of one of the most memorable and famous exorcisms in America, this object involved two demonic possessions.

It is said that the diabolical power that this object has is so great, that after adding it to the museum, both staff members and people who were visiting the museum came to have inexplicable and frightening experiences, which led Zak Bagans to temporarily close this exhibition around May 2019. Spooky enough?

The museum also offers tours, in which you’ll be able to hear the bone-chilling stories of the paranormal activity that lays behind these mysterious and eerie objects so if you are in the mood for an exciting and spooky vacation trip, you should consider visiting this museum!

In which exhibition are you interested the most? 

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