This Zombie Fashion Show in LA will blow your mind!

Fashion Shows are events that many people enjoy. Watching how the beautiful models move along the catwalk, showcasing extravagant and breathtaking outfits from outstanding designers, well the Zombie Fashion Show and Creature Art Exhibit is nothing like that, its better.

The Zombie Fashion Show and Creature Art Exhibit, is featured in the cities of Los Angeles, Denver, New York, and Toronto. It is an annual colliding of the fashion, makeup and effects industries in which the hottest of the alive are transformed into the scariest of the undead.

A crowd-immersed runaway creates a whole show to give the audience the opportunity to examine the corpses up close, how does this sound to you?

You can also compete in future Zombie Fashion Shows as a makeup artist! you just have t contact the staff via email: and ask for more details, this is a next level, massive Halloween-like event.

They have done over five fashion shows, in which more than 50 Hollywood Makeup Artists transform some of the sexiest models into the most terrifying and goriest zombies.

They all compete among, testing their best skills as the live audience watches the process from start to finish: you can see how the masterpiece is created and meet the artist in the end! 

In addition, The Zombie Fashion Show and Creature Art Exhibit includes over 100 local visual artists and vendors haunting you with their work of Monsters, Zombies and other wicked creatures. Live DJs, Photobooth and other tricks and treats are included.

The prices for this amazing, zombie event vary from $5 for early birds, $10 for pre-sale and $15 for in. door buyers. You must a legal adult, 21+, in order to be a part of this event which most commonly begins at 8 pm until midnight or 2 am. 

“I had such a great time at last night’s show!!! I loved every second of it! and I have to say I loved every makeup there, amazing job to each and every one of the artists.”

What do you think about this unique Zombie Fashion Show?

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